There are a lot of bloody awesome pornstars out there. Like, seriously. New pornstars are entering the business every damn day, and we fall in love with many of them. However, there are vintage pornstars that paved the way for the new wave of lasses. These retro pornstars may not have had the lavish bucks spent on epic VR or HD video, but without them, we wouldn’t have half the porn industry that we have today.

This is why we want to introduce you to the best retro porn stars. These are the vintage ladies that were putting on great shows earlier on in the video porn wave and created videos that are still enjoyable to this day. Let’s jump in.

Kay Parker

British pornstar Kay Parker was a porn megastar. It was John Leslie that brought Kay Parker into the business, and we are so glad that he did. It’s fair to say that Kay Parker was never really a looker when she was in the porn business, and that is fine. The 70s were a completely different time. All that really mattered is that she knew how to fuck when the camera was pointed at her, and boy oh boy did she do that well. As with most of the other vintage retro porn stars, almost all of her stuff was confined to VHS,. but we are sure that you can find it if you hunt around a bit. 

Bambi Woods

Debbie Does Dallas is one of the most influential vintage porn movies, and it is still watched to this day. At the helm of that movie was Bambi Woods, and porn audiences around the world instantly fell in love with her. Although, she didn’t have a massive career, disappearing shortly after (she is still alive, she just doesn’t love her porn background). Any porn lover needs to watch Debbie Does Dallas at least once. Sure, it is a little bit old now, but it is a cracking good time. 

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is a bit more modern than some of the other vintage pornstars on this list, but she has also had a big impact. She still does a lot of porn work to this day, although not so much on camera. She got her start in the business with Metro in the early 90s, and has had various stints in the porn industry since then (ultimately retiring from on-screen work in 2014). She is perhaps best known for her parody work of Sarah Palin, which she put to good use in many porn movies. 

Ebony Ayes

Ebony Ayes doesn’t quite have the extensive porn industry catalog that other stars that we have included on this list have. Back when she was getting started in the porn business back in the 1980s, there were not that many black pornstars around. There wasn’t much call for them. Remember, the US was still getting used to giving people equal rights. Still, the sexiness of Ebony Ayes was tough to ignore, and she was active in the business up until 1997. 

Darlene English

Just two credits to Darlene English’s name, but we loved both of the scenes that she was in, even though they are tricky to find nowadays (they were both filmed for Alpha Blue Archives in the mid-1980s). Still, this cute blondie had all the hallmarks of a more modern pornstar. We are talking gorgeous blonde looks and a rather big bust. It sucks that she didn’t stick around for longer. 

Laura Sands

Again, very little time in the industry, and not a whole lot is known about Laura Sands. However, if you are after that quintessential 80s look, then Laura Sands is the gal for you. We are talking curly, bushy hair, and a pussy that is just as bushy. All of the companies that she worked for have long since disappeared from the industry (or merged with others), so tracking down her work will probably be tough as much of it is now confined to VHS. However, Alpha Blue Archives is a great start. 

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Desireé Cousteau

While she may have an insanely French-sounding name, Desiree Cousteau is American through and through. This vintage pornstar had credits all the way from the late 1970s through to 2000, although the stuff from 2000 was mostly clips of her heyday. She was one of the more experimental of vintage pornstars, producing some fantastic cum swap clips in the 80s. Blue Vanities is where she did almost all of her work. 

Traci Lords

Traci Lords is one of the most well-known of porn actresses, despite having very little legal porn to her name. This is because Traci Lords entered the industry by lying about her age. This means that almost everything that she filmed has been wiped from the record. Traci, I Love You, remains her only legal porn film, with the rest now impossible to obtain. She transitioned into a mainstream acting career, of which she had a reasonable amount of success.

Pat Wynn

Pat Wynn was also billed as Aunt Jane, which should give you an idea of how old she was when she entered the business in the late 1980s, although we can’t 100% sure tell you her age. A lot of the information back then seems to be lost to the world. Just three credits to her name, sadly. However, she was worthy of inclusion because she was the first proper MILF of the modern age. Big Top Video were the brains behind the bulk of her videos.

Linda Lovelace

Linda Lovelace is perhaps best known for her role in Deep Throat. Although, sadly, her porn story is quite sad. Apparently, she was forced into her porn career at gunpoint. Shortly after she left the porn industry, she was a stark advocate against it, trying to encourage people not to sell their bodies. Whether you want to see her stuff in light of that is up to you. However, we do have to point her out because she is one of the more memorable vintage pornstars. 

Dawn Knudsen

She was (mostly) billed as Dawn Wallace. Dawn Knudsen was frequently claimed to be a Swedish lass, but she was an all-out American. Blue Vanities was the only place where she starred. She wasn’t a stand-out pornstar by any means, but she was one of the first pornstars to be filled on 8mm, which we suppose means that she played a major role in the industry. Her content wasn’t too shabby either, featuring a couple of good facials. 

Samantha Strong

From 1985 to 2002, Samantha Strong worked in the porn industry. It was very much a side gig for her, though. She only filmed 200 scenes in that time, which is nothing compared to more modern pornstars that are cranking out 700+ credits in just 5 or 6 years. She did do some great anal scenes during her time, though. Alpha Blue Archives offers some great content. 

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley has been described as a ‘porn legend’, and it is bloody tough to argue with that. She got into porn because she realized that being bi in her day was tough. It was difficult to meet like-minded women, so why not get paid to be shagged? She starred in a whopping 1,500 scenes in her time, finally giving up on working in the business in 2014. Now she works as a porn industry advocate and sex industry expert. You may even find her featured as a talking head on TV, from time to time. 

Little Oral Annie

You don’t get names like this in the porn industry nowadays! Little Oral Annie was a smash hit when she launched her career in 1980. There aren’t any prizes for guessing the type of work that she was putting in the business either. Almost all of her videos ended with a good facial, although she did love a bit of anal every now and then (who doesn’t?). She was a real cutie for her time too! She was billed as a Swede, but we have found no evidence that she was.

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Annette Haven

Annette Haven is a Mormon pornstar who exploded onto the scene with a role in Lady Freaks, and she managed to star in plenty of porn movies in the 70s and 80s. While she isn’t one of the biggest names when it comes to vintage retro porn stars, she has been much championed due to her acting skills. In fact, it has often been said that the acting skills of modern pornstars are nothing close to what Annette Haven offered. 

Bridgette Monet

From the 1980s, Bridgette Monet was a staple of Caballero Home Video, which is where you will have to head if you want to track down most of her content today. Facial, anal, and lesbian stuff was her forte. Again, another hottie that was regularly billed as being Swedish, but she wasn’t. Still, she does have those Scandinavian good looks, so we can’t complain too much. 

Chrissie Beauchamp

Chrissie Beauchamp is one of our favorites of the oldest vintage pornstars, mostly because we are suckers for redheads and freckles. Again, not a massive mix of porn in her career, mostly because back then, being in porn wasn’t a viable long-term career choice for the vast majority of people. However, she did star in some awesome scenes. Like Bridgette Monet, you would find a lot of her stuff with Caballero Home Video, but she certainly was partial to working with the likes of Blue Vanities too.

Constance Money

One of the most memorable porn movies of the 70s was The Opening of Misty Beethoven, and Constance Money played the lead role in that movie. She spent a good bit of her time hanging around the Playboy Mansion, and since the magazine was massive at that time, she managed to gain a bit of fame. However, she didn’t hang around the business for long. She wanted mainstream success which, sadly, she was never able to obtain. 

Desiree West

We have our second black pornstar here, and as we said before, the 70s and 80s were a bloody tough time for porn if you were black. There weren’t that many recruiters about. Desiree West succeeded, though. She managed to work with many of the top porn companies in her career, and now she sits in multiple halls of fame. 

Rebecca Brooke

There is a Rebecca Brooke that was kicking around in the industry in 2017, but I want to focus on the original. The one that started her career in 1973. Now, Rebecca Brooke wasn’t a remarkably prolific pornstar. In fact, almost everything that she did (and she didn’t do a lot) was non-sex stuff, so bate. However, she was worthy of an inclusion on this list because of something that she done in 1975 in a movie called ‘Punishment of Anne’ for VCA. While she never got properly banged on camera (she just gave a BJ), she did do a bit of pee porn for it, something which was insanely rare at the time.

Shauna Grant

There were a lot of sad stories in the early video porn industry, and Shauna Grant was one of them. This woman was beautiful. She had supermodel good looks, and she could have gone the distance in porn. However, after contracting herpes and needing an abortion, she cut her porn career short. She did pick up some awards in her time, but she never got back in. By the time she was 20, the depression really kicked in, and she committed suicide. 

Julia Perrin

Julia Perrin was one of the first French pornstars to make her way onto the American porn scene, and French people are a staple there now. She was conventionally beautiful, with all of her early stuff being primarily in the French language. By the time she was working with Caballero Home Video, she was working her way onto the American scene. Perhaps not the biggest name when it comes to vintage porn stars, but she did play a massive role in the early French industry. 

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Marilyn Jess

This is another French pornstar that really helped to bring the French porn industry into the modern age. Nearly everything that this cute blondie did was for French porn producers, with only a brief foray into the American porn scene. However, even though we can’t understand a word that Marilyn Jess said on camera, we always knew that she was going to put on a cracking good show. 

Victoria Knoll

Victoria Knoll was only in a few porn scenes, but she was known for her supermodel good looks. She really sucked cock well too, with most of her scenes ending in a bloody good facial. Blue Vanities offers some stunning lesbian porn scenes of hers, but unfortunately, she didn’t get around much beyond that. 

Kandi Barbour

AVN Hall of Famer, Kandi Barbour only had a short career in the porn business, but she was wonderful at what she did. Pretty much all of the scenes that she starred in had her putting those deepthroating skills to good use. Like most of the vintage pornstars, most of what she did can be found on Cabellero Home Videos. 

Jacqueline Lorains

Jacqueline Lorains is regarded as a pornstar legend, even if she never really took a lead role in anything. Instead, the bulk of her time was spent playing supporting roles, one of which she managed to win an award for (Beauty & The Beast in 1988). Still, she has almost 200 credits to her name, mostly covering lesbian scenes with a bit of blowjob action too. She is more than worth checking out. 

Hillary Summers

American pornstar Hillary Summers was a staple at Blue Vanities for a while, starring in over a dozen different videos for them. This blonde cutie boasted a proper 80s style (the short bob). While she didn’t star in a huge number of boy-girl scenes with full sex (she starred in a few), she was certainly partial to a good BJ and lesbian sex scene. 

Kristine Heller

Kristine Heller was perhaps best known for starring in the movie Babyface. In fact, she starred in a reasonable number of porn movies during the 1970s, and she was set to be big. Unfortunately, she committed suicide in the 1980s, so that big porn career was never to be. 

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers was active in the porn business from 1972 all the way through to 2007. You would think that she would have had a lot of scenes during that time, but nope. Just 40 scenes (she died in 2009, but she had plans to make more). She was one of the more prolific of anal fuckers, though. She filmed those scenes in the 80s with Callabero Home Videos. 

Vanessa Del Rio

And let’s wrap up our list of the best vintage pornstars with Vanessa Del Rio. This Puerto Rican babe was in the industry from 1975 to 1999, filming 311 scenes. So, she worked her way from a newbie all the way up to a proper MILF. She was filming DP, creampie, and anal scenes in the 80s, something which most other pornstars wouldn’t touch. She seemed to have a clip contract with Blue Vanities during the latter part of her career, which is where you can find most of her stuff.

So, what do you think? Agree with our list of the best 30 vintage pornstars? We bet you do! These women paved the way for the women that you know and love today. 

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