You know us. We aren’t afraid of putting together a really controversial list, and this list of the ugliest pornstars is probably going to be the most controversial that we have ever thrown together.

We know that none of these people are really ugly by any stretch of the imagination. They wouldn’t be successful in the business if they didn’t have a bit of eye candy. These are ugly pornstars simply because they are not the most beautiful or handsome in the business.

We have 24 people here, both men and women, so let’s jump right into the list of the ugliest pornstars, right?

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is one of those ugly pornstars that you may have heard of already. She almost brought down the entire Trump administration. Her name was slapped all over the media for years. She is a bit on the older side of things now, and her looks haven’t really stayed the same since her younger days. Still, if you want a lass that some of the richest guys in the world are willing to pay to sleep with, then surely Stormy Daniels is it?

Kelly Devine

Kelly Devine is the perfect example of how even the ugly pornstars are going to look better than the average person in the street. She isn’t an absolute stunner, but we doubt that you would be saying no to her if she asked you if you wanted some. It is probably the structure of her face that doesn’t allow her to cross right over into the stunning category. She was only in the porn business for a short while, but there are some great lesbian and anal scenes to explore. 

Ron Jeremy

Alright. Ron Jeremy is nowhere near a looker. Hell, you would probably genuinely call him ugly. Even if you didn’t know about his personality (which is fucking awful), he has never been great looking. However, he fucked well, and he was able to keep a boner on camera. This means that he has starred in thousands of pornos and quickly became one of the most successful male pornstars to ever grace the screens. 

Priya Rai

There are a lot of gorgeous Indian women in the world of porn. Priya Rai isn’t one of them. Although, just look at her picture. While she certainly isn’t the most stunning babe, there is no denying that she at least looks half-decent. Far better than the average woman. You are probably going to toss those ‘ugly’ thoughts to one side once you see her perform on camera anyway. She loves her hot squirting and facial scenes.

Ryan Smiles

Ryan Smiles is just so damn close to become a stunner, but her facial looks are a little bit off. We probably aren’t ones to criticize here, but her forehead is on the larger side. Although, we doubt this has mattered too much when it comes to porn. It is just more of a target for that man juice during one of her many, many facial scenes. Her 36D tits, fully natural, means that she was signed up by the likes of Reality Kings so we doubt many people cared too much about her looks. 

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Mya Blair

We think Mya Blair is one of the first women on this list who we would say doesn’t really come close to being beautiful. She looks like that weird secretary that collects weird shit like pony dolls or something. Weird glasses. Puffy hair. You know what we mean. Still, she fits a niche and we know that there are many people who are huge fans of Mya Blair. We can’t possibly say they are wrong, can we? She started in the business doing solo clips, but it wasn’t long before she was on Plumper Pass and Reality Kings. 

Mandy Majestic

The very first scene this BBW starred in classed her as gross. Although, we don’t really think one would go to this sort of length while they are describing the looks of Mandy Majestic. This Canadian girl is cute. She is a BBW, and she is completely natural, but you really wouldn’t want to kick her out of bed. You certainly wouldn’t be kicking her out of bed when you realize just how fucking well she sucks cock. Almost all of her content has been for Sensational Video. 

Kandi Kobain

Kandi Kobain has a nose that is a bit on the larger side of things, which is how she managed to work her way into this list of the ugliest pornstars. However, she has just enough flair about her that Reality Kings were willing to sign her up for a rather lengthy contract. If you want to see some of Kandi Kobain’s best stuff when she was a BBW pornstar, then Sensational Video is another place to check out. 

Kara Price

We think that Kara Price has one of the most vacant expressions that we have ever seen in a pornstar. She just stares, seemingly oblivious to whatever is happening in the world. This gives her a tinge of ugliness. Thankfully, all of those thoughts will start to disappear once you catch her riding yet another cock or licking another pussy. Evil Angel and Devil’s Film will have most of her content. She did work for a few indie companies too.

Bridgette B

Bridgette B is a blonde babe who comes ever so close to becoming beautiful, but not quite. We figured that we would give you a nice little surprise with her as we inch closer to the halfway point on this list of ugly pornstars. She has over 1,000 credits, so we can’t imagine that there are too many people out there complaining about this Spanish babe. She loves her anal scenes, particularly when she is working with Wicked Pictures.

Evan Stone

There are a couple of Evan Stones that have worked in the porn business. Here, we are talking about the cut-rate Ron Jeremy. You know, the type of guy with long flowing locks of hair long after that has stopped being close to trendy. Buck tooth. A weird facial shape. Hell yeah, Evan Stone is ugly. This hasn’t stopped him from getting all the pussy that he wants.

Cotton Candi

You just know that somebody with the name Cotton Candi isn’t going to be a porn stunner. You probably can assume that she is a BBW too. You would be 100% right. Cotton Candi is. However, that hasn’t stopped us from having a whole load of love for this ebony lass. She has 58M tits (yeah, we didn’t know that was a number either) and spent most of her time acting for places like Sensational Video.

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Carmella Bing

We are really hesitant to call Carmella Bing really ugly. She isn’t. As we said, there are very, very few true ugly porn stars. Carmella Bing just isn’t as beautiful as most of the other stars that you will encounter in the business. Her 34DD tits are something that you certainly won’t be turning your nose up at. One of her first scenes with Reality Kings, so you just know that people around the world have fallen in love with her.


There have been a few Belladonnas that have worked in the porn business (although, they normally have a variant of this name e.g. Black Belladonna or Bella Donna). Honestly? None of them are what you would class as sexy. The one that we are talking about is likely the ugliest of them all. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder. Her unattractiveness certainly didn’t stop her starring in a ton of scenes over the years (399 of them), working with the likes of Jill Kelly and Suze Randall. 

Audrey Hollander

We love our redhead girls. If you have ever read one of our lists of the top pornstars in the world, then you will know that redheads are pretty much everywhere on them. Audrey Hollander will never make a list of the hottest redheads. Why? Because she is an ugly pornstar. We think that the way that she wears her hair isn’t the most attractive in the world. Big, puffy, and red. Sort of like an awful 90s hairstyle. Still, over 500 videos with many of them featuring DP. We can’t complain. 

Nina Hartley

There are hot milfs and then there are…well, Nina Hartley. She certainly isn’t one of the hot milfs. She probably isn’t even one of the slightly warm milfs. She has a bit of a cross-eyed look to her, even when she is trying to look like an absolutely stunning babe. She was active in the business until her late 50s, and with 1,500 scenes to her name, we are sure that some people saw an appeal in her. She wasn’t for us, though.

Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels looks alright, and you would be hard-pushed to say that at first glance she is unattractive. She really isn’t. We certainly would give her a couple of glances in the street. It is mostly her pussy that gets a lot of criticism. While most people in the business have gone for the neatly shaved or the completely bald pussy, Gianna Michaels has kept a completely natural bush. You really have to see it to believe it. 

Sara Jay

We reckon that any makeup artist is going to have an exceedingly tough time making Sara Jay look respectable. She has hair that pretty much looks constantly greasy. Still, since she has starred in 1,500 scenes in her time, we doubt that there are too many people out there complaining about her. She takes a dick well, and she does some great lesbian scenes. Naughty America offers some of her most amazing content. 

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Lena Paul

Again, an ugly pornstar that isn’t necessarily ugly. It is just that her facial proportions are ever so slightly off. It means that she doesn’t quite enter the realm of stunning babes, but we reckon she could be close if there was a little bit of a rejiggle of the way that she looks. Lena Paul has only starred in 4 scenes. All of them were for Digital Playground. 

Naudia Nyce

At the British would say, Naudia Nyce isn’t ugly. She is just ‘bang average’. She is the sort of girl that you would probably pick up at a bar, but you would need a drink or two inside of you before you done that. Still, she fucks incredibly well. She has starred in over 400 scenes and the vast majority of them are anal scenes. 

Ava Devine

This half-Asian babe worked in the porn business for almost 20 years. She started when she was 29. She didn’t even start off good-looking. She has always had slightly odd facial features. Although, we suppose they weren’t odd enough to keep her out of regular income for a good 20 years. Almost 700 credits to her name, with her best stuff coming from Lethal Hardcore. 

Ryan Conner

There was a time that Ryan Conner would have been regarded as beautiful. Even now, if you squint a little bit, she looks alright. However, sadly, as she got older, a lot of those looks were lost. She mostly tried to keep her looks stuck in the 90s when the rest of the world just moved on around her. Still, she is a pretty popular milf now, working for the likes of Naughty America. 

Leslie taylor

We have another dude for you here. Leslie Taylor has the look of a douchey stockbroker or something. Just look at that shitty goatee and that slicked-back hair. He entered the business at 21 but, even then, he just looked fucking old. Still, you should know by now that you don’t have to be sexy to be a guy in the business. Leslie has worked in countless scenes, many of them for the DDF Network. 

Alia Janine

Alia Janine is the sort of woman that you could imagine being your best friend’s mom. Not attractive, but she had tits so you dreamed about her at night. She is just average. She is in her 40s but looks like she is in her 60s. You know, that sort of thing. The perfect woman to wrap up our list of ugly pornstars. You can check her out at Devil’s FIlm and Tug Pass, to name but a few.

So, what do you think? Have we put together a list of the real ugly pornstars, or were there other uggos that you would have wanted to include? Let us know. 


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