While it is always nice watching your favorite pornstars get their end away in some epic movies, sometimes you want to keep up to date with their lives or their projects. Social media is a fantastic place for this.

On this page, we are going to link you to the hottest pornstars on Twitter. All of the accounts of these Twitter pornstars are listed.

We are going to do things a little bit differently from our typical pornstar article here. We aren’t going to tell you about their work. You probably know this stuff already. Instead, we just want to give you an idea about the sort of stuff that you can find on their accounts. 

Sunny Leone: @SunnyLeone

American-Indian pornstar Sunny Leone is no longer active in the porn biz. Nowadays, she is a major star in Bollywood. This means that you won’t find much in the way of porn on her account. However, she is still one of the sexiest women alive so even her clothed pics are great. Her content is mostly her showing off great pieces of fashion, her upcoming TV shows and movies, and just general day-to-day stuff from her life. 

Tori Black: @misstoriblack

At the time of writing, AVN Hall of Famer Tori Black’s Twitter account was blocked. It still may be by the time you stumble across it. No idea what caused the blocking. As she is no longer in the porn business, she didn’t post many nudes. However, as you know, Tori Black is still a prominent figure (many reckon that she could be the next Jenna Jameson) and her Twitter was all about sharing her upcoming projects and mingling with her fans. 

Alexis Texas: @Alexis_Texas

AVN Hall of Famer and Alexis Texas does post nudes on her account. If you keep up with your world of pornstars, then you will know that Alexis Texas is doing a podcast (Private Talk) so she chats about this a lot on her account. However, she also shares some awesome photos of her nude. These are recent photos for a more artistic twang to them. Not quite like what you would be seeing if she was still massively active in the porn business. 

Julia Ann: @therealJuliaAnn

With over 750,000 followers on her account, this Twitter pornstar is all about drawing attention to other sexy women in the business. We suppose that when you reach the level that Julia Ann has, you kinda want to help elevate others. A good chunk of her stuff will involve her sharing Only Fans accounts of pornstars that she loves. The other half will be updates from her day-to-day life. You may even be able to enjoy a good nude here and there. She does post her pussy quite a bit although, sadly, by that, we do mean her cat. 

Jessica Jaymes: @jessicajaymes

Oh yeah. That’s what we are talking about. Jessica Jaymes is all about her OnlyFans nowadays and with 200,000 followers on Twitter, she wants to get as many of those followers onto her OnlyFans as possible. This means that you are going to see a ton of nudes shared by Jessica Jaymes. Like tons of them. Nothing particularly spicy, but they are shots that you won’t find anywhere else. You may also find a few other pornstar recommendations too. 

Lexi Belle: @OMGitsLexi

OMGItsLexy isn’t filming much porn nowadays (and she sometimes complains about the lack of dick that she is getting). She is fairly active on her Twitter account, though. Here, this lass will share NSFW pics of herself, hoping to entice her 400,000 followers to check out her OnlyFans. She doesn’t seem to post any full nudes on her Twitter account (a lot of Twitter pornstars steer clear of it), but she does post some great lingerie shots and maybe the odd titty pic.

Jayden Jaymes: @JaydenMichele

At over 800,000 followers, Jayden Michele is one of the more popular pornstars on Twitter. Sadly, she seems to have moved away from talking about her porn life (she has recently given birth, so lots of complaints about that). Still, if you dig far enough back into her post history she has some good stuff there. Nowadays, most of her NSFW stuff is on her OnyFans. 

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Priya Rai: @priyaanjalirai

This Indian babe sometimes goes by the name of Priya Anjali. This woman may have been born in 1977, but damn does she still look young. There aren’t that many nudes on her profile, but she gives a very good reason for this. She believes that it is better to see her on her OnlyFans. We suppose we agree. It does mean that she gets more cash for that deliciously sexy body. If you do head to her OnlyFans then you can enjoy solo bate content, etc. 

Dylan Ryder: @DylanRyderxxx

Sadly, Dylan Ryder’s account is currently private. Although, we hear that if you send her a follow request she may just let you have a peek in. It is mostly going to be stuff on her private life, though. There won’t be any nudity there. She is long retired from the porn business. Still, if Dylan Ryder has been one of your favorite pornstars over the years then it may be worth having a look at her page. You never know what awesome stuff may be there! 

Nicole Aniston: @XNicoleAnistonX

Nicole Aniston does share some nudes on her Twitter account (once again, this is mostly so that she can promote her OnlyFans). Still, if you want to see some never been seen before pics, as well as get a peek into the porn background, then it is worth checking out her account. She has 800,000+ followers for a reason. 

Sophie Dee: @sophiedee

Sophie Dee has always been one of our favorite pornstars. We love how fucking thicc her body is. She has a cracking set of tits and, damn, those hips would blow minds. We are glad that her 1.5 million followers on Twitter agree with us. This woman is a tease, though. She loves to tempt you with those tits but you won’t see them. Oh no. If you want her latest content then you will need to hop on over to Sophie Dee’s OnlyFans account. Of course, she does have porn on other sites for you to discover. 

Brandi Love: @brandi_love

At the time of writing, Brandi Love just picked up the MILF of the month award at MYLF.com. So, y’know, she is a pretty damn big deal at the moment. At almost 50 years old she still has a cracking body. This is why we are including her on this list of the hottest Twitter pornstars. Most of her Twitter content is going to involve Brandi Love being in increasingly skimpy lingerie, but there will be some nudes thrown in for good measure. The rest is her talking about her personal life which, surprisingly, is very interesting. 

Phoenix Marie: @PMarizzle

As one of the top lasses at Brazzers, Phoenix Marie has fast managed to cultivate a following on Twitter. She has an eye-watering 740,000 followers, no doubt hoping to catch a sneaky glance at a new pic so they can have a wank over her cracking body. That’s why we follow her. Every so often you may get to enjoy a sneaky nude from this blond bombshell, but the vast majority of her content is her posing in lingerie hoping that she can entice you in with her paid content. Still, as a big name in the porn business, you may catch a couple of cool pics of her hanging out with plenty of other sexy fuckers that you love. 

Madison Ivy: @Madison420Ivy

Oh yes. We love Madison Ivy and we can 100% see why Brazzers wanted to snap her up on an exclusive contract. Those 32DD tits are out of this fucking world. Because she is under a Brazzers-exclusive contract, you won’t see her post full porn to her Twitter profile (unless she is promoting Brazzers, we guess). You will see a sneaky tit pic every now and then, though. She is best friends with some hotties in the porn business and she regularly tweets about the work that goes on in the background with pornstars. 

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Asa Akira: @AsaAkira

Asa Akira, an Asian-American pornstar, is rapidly closing in on 1,000,000 followers. It isn’t tough to see why either. It was just a few short months ago that she started picking up awards for how fantastic her asshole is (to be fair, it really is fucking fantastic). She does post full nudes every so often. While she does do a bit of teasing with those cracking tits, she does whip them out and even shows off her pussy on Twitter. She is a must-follow. 

Holly Halston: @xxxhollyhalston

South African babe Holly Halston has recently retired from the porn industry to give birth. This means that you won’t find any nudes on her Twitter profile, but don’t worry too much about that. She has a good life and we love to read her tweets (sometimes you don’t always want to look at the nudes, right?). She does still have an OnlyFans that she promotes, but she doesn’t go all-out to promote it. 

Kortney Kane: @K0RTNEYKANE

At the time of writing, this is another Twitter account that ahs been suspended. Apparently, somebody impersonated Kortney Kane. However, this was her Twitter account at one point. Most of the stuff would have been nudes (it was mostly an image share of some of her older content). We have no idea if it will ever come back, though. This is a huge shame because we love Kortney and it sucks she is no longer active in the porn business. 

Christy Mack: @christymack

Christy Mack used to be a highly active pornstar but, like many women in the business, she eventually realized that she could make a shit ton more cash working as a cam girl. This bodes surprisingly well for those looking for those Twitter pornstar cuties. It means that Christy Mack is on her when it comes to promotion and she shares some incredibly risque content on her Twitter account. Think soaking wet pussy in lingerie. Makeout scenes with other women, etc. Hot shit. 

Sasha Grey: @sashagrey

Everybody knows Sasha Grey, right? When it comes to porn she is hot shit. Just look at the 1.5 million followers that she has on Twitter for proof of that. She isn’t active in the porn business now (she has billions of videos out there, you can still watch them) and her porn life barely seems to get a mention on Twitter. Still, we admire the transition that Sasha Grey has made to the mainstream and we always have a peek at her latest tweets to see how her life is going (it is going really fucking well, apparently). 


Latina MILF Sienna West is a tweetoholic (yeah, we just made that word up). Barely a waking minute goes by when she isn’t sharing updates with the world. You know, just the way that Twitter is supposed to be. She rarely shares nudes. When she does, it is mostly to promote her OnlyFans. Still, we follow this babe because we have always loved her pornos. Gotta show your support, right? 

Kelly Divine: @kellydivine

In her early years, Kelly Divine was a good catholic girl. Then she realized that sex was probably a lot better than that. Now she is one of the top fetish models in the world. If you love your redheads, and girls who aren’t afraid of a good gangbang or two, then you are going to love Kelly Divine so fucking much. Her Twitter account is basically an account of her day-to-day life with a smattering of classic photos from sets thrown in.

Dani Daniels: @akaDaniDaniels

Half German, Half Czech, Daniel Daniels exploded onto the porn scene a few years ago. She managed to pick up a ton of followers due to her real 34D tits. Hell, that is how we discovered her (and you may find her featured on a few of the lists that we have on this site). Because she is still heavily working in porn, she does post a ton of nudes on her Twitter account. In fact, just a couple of hours before we wrote this article, she posted a great pic of her in the shower with that bushy pussy. 

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Kiara Mia: @mysexykiaramia

After being out of the porn business for a while, Latina babe Kiara Mia came back into the industry in a loud way. It seems that thousands upon thousands of people had been waiting for this chubby milf to get fucked on camera again. Weirdly, you will actually get to see some of that fucking on her Twitter account. She won’t ever post the videos, but the pics that she shares of her being fucked in the ass are sublime. She also shares some cracking lingerie shots.

Alison Tyler: @iam_alisontyler

Alison Tyler’s account on Twitter is temporarily suspended. We guess that Elon Musk and his crew couldn’t handle her amazing 36F tits. We hope that she comes back soon as we are seriously missing them! Her Twitter account was mostly photos of her tits coupled with some pics of her life in porn. You wouldn’t see any fucking, but she certainly let you know where you could track down these pics if you wanted them. 

Bridgette B: @iamspanishdoll

Bridgette B. absolutely isn’t the biggest pornstar in the world. She doesn’t even come close. She has under 40,000 followers on her Twitter. However, we felt that we needed to include her on this list. This is because she is a bombshell. In her porn movies, she regularly fills the role of that feisty school teacher that wants to sleep with her students. She regularly posts nudes on her Twitter account. Give her a follow because she deserves to be so much bigger than she is. 

Veronica Avluv: @veronicaavluvxx

Veronica Avluv is rapidly approaching 300,000 followers on Twitter and we can’t say that we are surprised. She bills herself as a porn legend and that is exactly what she is. She cares about her performances and it shows with the tweets she shares. Think along the lines of seeing pics of her fucking herself in the ass with a dildo, or with a bloke getting ready to cum over her. Her tweets are hot as fuck. 

Jada Stevens: @jadastevens420

Jada Stevens is coming up to 500,000 followers (even though she is temporarily suspended from the platform). Jada is 34 (at the time of writing) but you wouldn’t be able to tell from her pics. She looks 20-25, at a push. She has natural 34C tits and she couldn’t help sharing them on Twitter. While her Twitter is down, you can catch Jada Stevens on OnlyFans. 

Jynx Maze: @JynxMazeCutie

Shh. We won’t tell if you won’t. We have managed to track down the private Twitter account of Jynx Maze, one of the hottest brown pornstars to come from California. You aren’t going to see nudes here, but you will get to see more about her daily life. If you want to see the nudes of one of the hottest Twitter pornstars then there are plenty of major sites that host Jynx Maze content. 

Ariella Ferrera: @ariellaferrera

This Colombian MILF is a massive hit online. You probably only needed to look at her 500,000 Twitter followers to know that, though. You will find a ton of awesome stuff if you give her a follow on Twitter. This includes some great tit pics, and a bit of fetish stuff every so often. She also shares nudes and recommendations of other porn stars. 

Ava Addams: @avaaddams

Ava Addams has recently launched her own porn production company (where she is the star) and she is more than happy to talk about it on her Twitter. While she doesn’t post any nudes, she does give some great behind-the-scenes shots of the porn production process. Every so often you may also catch her sneaking in a pic of her rocking a sexy pose or two. 


Karen Fisher: @sexykarenfisher

Rachel Starr: @rachelstarrxxx

Crissy Moran: @realcrissymoran

Ashlynn Brooke: @ashlynnbrookie

Lela Star: @lelastartm

Samantha Saint: @misssaintxxx

Janet Mason: @janetmasonxxx

Nikki Benz: @nikkibenz

Shyla Stylez: @msshylastylez

Audrey Bitoni: @audreybitonix

Shay Laren: @shaylaren

Hanna Hilton: @thehannahilton

Luscious Lopez: @luscious_lopez

Holly Michaels: @hmhollymichaels

Malena Morgan: @malmorganxxx

Capri Cavalli: @capricavanni

Cody Lane: @codylanewicked

Alektra Blue: @msbadgirlblue

Jenni Lee: @jennileeonline

Chanel Preston: @chanelpreston


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