Who doesn’t love a good teen pornstar? The hottest teen pornstars are entering the business with a fresh face. The world is their oyster.

While they may be inexperienced and amateur pornstars when they show off on the camera, they want to perform the best performance they can. There is something about it. Those legal teen pornstars are just pure passion.

None of that stifled acting feel that you get when you have been around in the business for a while.

Obviously, new legal teen porn stars are entering the business each and every day. We figured that we would introduce you to the best teen pornstars in 2022. We have a lot to cover, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


First up on our list of the hottest teen pornstars in 2022 is a Ukrainian (you are going to see a lot of Ukrainian girls on this list!). Shaky was born on the 1st January 2003. She first entered the business when she was 19 (so she is still pretty fresh as we write this!). This stunning blondie boasts an amazing 34C natural pair of knockers, and a closely shaven pussy. She even has a couple of tattoos if you are into that sort of thing. Shaky has gone by many different names in the business, but most of her work is under the Shaky name, so she shouldn’t be too tricky to find. 

Katarina Meis

More natural 34C tits for this lass. Katarina Meis was born in 2003. This Ukrainian blond beauty hit the ground running when she entered the industry at the age of 18. While she has now been in the business for about a year (at the time of writing), she still has that raw passion for the business. Her sex scenes are some of the best we have ever seen. If you are a person that loves the look of a good pair of puffy nipples, then this lass may be for you. She has only worked with the indie porn companies so far, but we see a big future for her in this business. 

Gracie Mayy

A lot of the biggest pornstars in the business rock blond hair and a massive pair of titties, so let’s give you something that is completely opposite to that in Gracie Mayy, shall we? This brown-haired cutie doesn’t have the largest tits in the world, but when it comes to putting on a great show for the camera, she knows how to make them work for her. Born in 2003, this American lass has only done a couple of glamour shoots and some fuck scenes with some smaller companies, but word on the street is that many of the big porn production companies are seriously interested in her. We don’t blame them, either. We doubt there are many that would turn down showing off that tight little snatch to the world.

Molly Little

If you had to say that just one of the lovely ladies on this list was conventionally beautiful, then it would probably be Molly Little. If she weren’t in the porn business, we reckon that this 19-year-old American lady would easily be showing off as a supermodel or something. We are just glad she entered the porn business. It means that we get to enjoy that stunning body. Her 32A cup size may not be the largest, but damn does she make it work. She is causing huge waves in the porn industry too. This dirty little minx managed to snatch a Nubiles award for being one of the hottest lasses in the business. 

Milana Taylor

Ukrainian model. This means that you have that Eastern European beauty. On top of that, you have some cute, small (and puffy) tits. Entering the porno business at the age of 18, Milana Taylor has been around for around a year now. She has certainly been working hard in that time too. You get to enjoy everything from aa good sex scene, to solo bate sessions, and some of the hottest lesbian sex scenes that you are ever going to see in your life. Great lass. 

Britt Blair

Do you love your short, cute blonds? Turns out a lot of people do. As soon as Britt Blair entered the business, you knew that she would be making the big bucks. She regularly stars in Naughty America videos, but her sexiness can be found all over the porn producers. Her body is absolutely banging too. We are talking the type of body that you would be telling everybody about (kinda like we are). Her perfectly shaved pussy looks great when she has a great, throbbing dick forced deep inside of her.

Kimberly Snow

Got a good pair of 32c natural tits on this 2003-born American beaut. At the time of writing, she only just entered the porn industry, so this one of the hottest teen pornstars doesn’t have a ton of work behind her, but she will. If you want to check out her best content, then you need to head on over to My Pervy Family, where she fills that step-sis role pretty well. One of the things that we love about Kimberly Snow is just how good of an actress she is. Coupled this with her unrefined passion and, boy oh boy, does it work. 

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Sylvia Buntarka

Coming up to 6 feet tall, Sylvia Buntarka is very slender, and we know some people love that. Her A cup tits may not be the largest in the world, but you are going to love that perkiness when she is riding a massive cock. This Russian babe seems to have got into the business at the right time for both her and us. She has been making a shit ton of VR porn, which means that you get to see this babe up close and personal. There are a good dozen videos of Sylvia Buntarka out there right now, and every one of them is amazing. 

Hyley Winters

Hyley Winters is a real cutie pie. This 19-year-old Las Vegas-born minx has been in the business for about a year now, and it has been interesting to see her growth. We remember when she was a fresh-faced legal teen, wondering whether this business would work for her. Now? Well, she is splitting her time between doing some of the most hardcore anal scenes we have ever seen, a dash of VR porn, and a heap of taboo stuff. Outside of that, you will see her kicking about on cam, showing off the goods. 

Aria Valencia

American-born Aria Valencia has that whole Italian-American vibe about her, and we love it. Her 34C tits look amazing on camera (especially when she is doing the whole ‘step-sis rides cock’ thing). She is a natural when it comes to getting railed by guy after guy. Some of Aria Valencia’s best stuff has come alongside working with Evil Angel. However, as she has won several awards from various porn sites for being one of the hottest teen pornstars, we are positive that you will find a ton of her work elsewhere too.

Monika Jelolt

Russian babe Monika Jelolt really got into the business in a big way. For starters, she (reportedly) filmed her first time having sex for Defloration TV, which is a great start for many. Shows your commitment to the porn business. Then she started jumping from porn producer to porn producer showing off just how much she fucking loved being rammed in that tight, little snatch. Monika Jelolt has that whole hot girl vibe to her. The sort of woman that you would dream about. Sadly, because she is from Russia, she didn’t really enter the business at the best time. She is finding it difficult to work with American porn producers, but there is still tons of her work to watch.

Maria Kazi

You know, if we could pack this list of hottest teen pornstars with redheads, we probably would. We absolutely love ourselves a good redhead, and Maria Kazi is one of the cutest redheads we have ever seen. This American babe has 34D knockers had has been starring in a ton of VR porn as of late. However, if you aren’t a fan of her VR porn stuff (i.e. you don’t have a headset), then you can still enjoy her sexiness in tons of different ways. She loves dom-sub stuff, and she loves the whole “fucking a stranger” scenario. Great stuff.

Angel Gostosa

Brazilian ladies are some of the sexist in the world. Angel Gostosa is one of the sexiest Brazilians. You do the math. With 30B natural tits, this South American cutie has been causing people online to go absolutely stir crazy at just how sexy she is. We don’t know about you, but we love a good couple of curls on a lady, and her hair is absolutely stunning. Badmilfs and Cum4K are where you can find some of her best work, but she has also experimented with some facials too.

Corra Cox

We know that there are going to be some people that claim that Corra Cox isn’t all that…but wait until you see her riding a dick or having her pussy munched on by an equally beautiful legal teen. Corra Cox knows how to rock her body no matter the situation. She has that cute smile that you can just tell is begging for a good dick inside of her. VRPorn is where she has been doing most of her work, but she hasn’t been afraid to film a couple of solo videos for the whole world to see too.

Miss Olivia

More redheads for you (we told you, we could have made a list of them alone!). This Ukrainian redhead has that Eastern Europe cute look to her. The smile on her face is just ravishing. Seriously, it is one of the most beautiful smiles that we have ever seen…and we review pornstars for a living. Her cute puffy nipples are where this lass really shines. By all accounts, she even lost her virginity for the camera too. You can view that video online.

Mel Wood

This Colombian banger has a whopping pair of knockers. An enhanced 34E (many of the hottest teen pornstars are natural, so this is a big change from the others on this list). At the time of writing, she hasn’t done a whole lot in the porn world. She is just starting to get her big break. However, there are a couple of awesome lesbian threesome videos out there that you can sink your teeth into…and fuck are you going to love them. She loves to do MILF threesomes. Although, we are sure that it won’t be too long before the whole porn world is clambering for her body.

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Do you love your hottest teen pornstars to have that cutesy look to them? Fantastic, because SexiLexiCB has cutesy looks in droves. She is a natural when it comes to posing in front of the camera. Her facial expressions are so damn dynamic. In the porn world, she hasn’t actually filmed any scenes with people. This is because SexiLexiCB is a cam girl. You can find her on a couple of cam porn sites. We have no idea if she will ever make the jump into full porn, but that is fine with us. You can always watch her on camera touching herself, anyway.

Dakota Tyler

Dakota Tyler is tiny. Like real tiny. It is almost as if she would break if she had a massive cock rammed deep inside of her. Although, we know that this American babe would not break. We have seen more than enough cocks inside that tight pussy to know that. While we don’t know for sure, we believe that this flexible slut has a bit of Native American in her, something which seems to be sorely lacking in the porn world at the moment. 

Crystal Chase

Crystal Chase. 32DDD tits. Yep. You read that right. We didn’t make a typo. These things are 100% real, and they are waiting to bounce up and down for your viewing pleasure. This isn’t the only thing that she brings to the table either. She is one of the few of the hottest teen pornstars that has a bushy pussy, so if you are in the mood for a bit of hairiness down there, then Crystal Chase has got you covered.

Alisa Rocca

38B tits on this Romanian teen Goddess. Her brown hair and brown eyes are just so damn captivating to the camera. You can’t help but look at her and drink in that raw beauty. At the time of writing, she is pretty new to the porn business, which means that she hasn’t done much outside of some sexy glamour shots. However, we have some high hopes for her, and we are sure that Alisa Rocca is a name that you are going to be hearing a lot about over the years.

Molly Evans

You love yourself a pair of bangers larger than most tits you have ever seen? Molly Evans knows you do, and she is more than happy to show off her 34JJ tits. We know that there are going to be some people that turn their nose up at the fact that we have included a chunkier teen on here, but our whole aim with this page showcasing the hottest teen pornstars in the world is to show off every beautiful lass, and we know some people love their chubby teens. We certainly do. Whether she is in a lesbian sex scene or riding a cock, you know Molly Evans is going to be damn hot doing it.


There aren’t enough Latvian babes in the industry. We don’t know why. We wish there were. We don’t think we have seen a single Latvian porn star that we haven’t fallen instantly in love with, and Baiba is absolutely no exception to that rule. The second this rockin’ lady pulls out her C-cup tits on camera, you know that you are in for a treat. She always does it with a smile on her face, and you can’t help but have your heart skip a beat as she does. A good chunk of her more recent work has been for Naughty Bunny.


You want a tiny Colombian-Asian babe? You got it! Although, this girl really is tiny. Another girl that looks completely breakable, but you just know that she isn’t because you have seen her do some of the filthiest, sluttiest things for the whole world to see. She doesn’t do much in the full porn world. She is a cam girl, and you can almost always catch her putting on a show. When she isn’t putting on a show, she is showing the world her tits and stunning body in the solo clips she throws together.

Daisy Valentine

Another beauty on the chunkier side of things, but this is raw natural beauty right here. 36DD tits on a blond American babe. Who the hell can say no to that? We certainly can’t. That’s why we have included her on this list of the hottest teen pornstars in the world. Daisy Valentine is a new-entrant to the porn world, so she hasn’t done much. You do need to check out some of her glamour shots, though. They will show you why this girl is going to be a massive, massive success.

Eden West

We don’t believe we have gone this long without including a good Black pornstar, so let’s throw Eden West out there. Truth be told, she probably deserved to be much higher up on the list. This cute babe has been causing men to feel a stirring in their pants for a good year now. Her slim body pairs up with her C-cup tits well. FamilyStrokes is where she is doing most of her work, with a small smattering of solo clips for good measure.

Ella Elastic

This baby-faced legal teen pornstar is the perfect example of how somebody can head into this business nice and innocent, but then they are suddenly dealing with stuff that they may not normally have considered. Seriously. Ella Elastic gets proper filthy. You may not like your golden shower stuff, but damn does this lady. Lots of BDSM porn too, and even more when she can show off just how flexible that tight body is.

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Emily Ratakovski

This Russian babe has 34C tits that she just loves to show off to the world. She is cute, with that smouldering hot look about her. Since she is Russian, she has yet to work with many of the biggest porn producers in the world, but we reckon it is just a matter of time. We can’t imagine that there are too many people that want to keep this babe away from us for too long.

Kaelyn Fox

Kaelyn Fox is a Colombian bird. By now, you already know that we have a proper amount of love for Colombians. They have that sexy look about them, and they are not afraid to get experimental on camera. You may have to hunt around a bit if you want to find the best of what Kaelyn Fox has done but, believe us, when you find it, you are going to fall in love with her. We certainly did. Now, if you excuse us…we need to go look at her pics again!


No. Not the dog. A sexy Russian lass who has been spending a good chunk of her days working for Nubiles. Her natural 36c tits light up the camera whenever she is on it, and we love the combo of brown hair and hazel eyes. Always enough to put a smile on her face. Since she was hot enough to be picked up by Nubiles, you can imagine that she is going to really go places in this business. Big places. 

Lilith Grace

Lilith Grace seems to love her family porn. We are talking sex with step-brothers. Sex with step-fathers. The works. She has really found her niche, and her tremendous acting skills really help her there. Us? Well, we just love looking at the melons on Lilith bounce she is pounded by a cock for the umpteenth time. 

Lena Ashworth

Do you enjoy yourself some puffy nipples and a slightly geeky look? Bloody awesome! Lena Ashworth is waiting for you. We know that there are some people that will say that she isn’t conventionally beautiful, and we would agree. However, there is just something about her personality whenever she ever performs on camera that really screams at us. 100% worth checking out (and probably having several wanks to)

Lisa Schubert

This German babe is tall. 6-feet tall, and damn would she be the perfect dominatrix, although we don’t think she has quite dabbled in BDSM porn. If you are reading this Lisa; you really need to dive into BDSM. If you love your blond German babes, or girls on the taller, more dominating size, then you are going to watch as many of her videos as you can. Like, you owe it to yourself.

Lola Johnson

Did somebody say 36D natural tits on a Ukrainian Goddess? Yes. Bloody. Please. If you love your babes with that whole Kardashian-style look, then Lola Johnson is amazing for you. She hasn’t worked with many of the big guns in the porn business, but she seems to be producing enough content with the indie lads to keep you salivating for years.

Luana Honey

Luana Honey is another tiny lass, and yet another that is destroyed by cocks on a regular basis. You can tell how damn tight she is every time a cock even gets close to her. This Colombian babe is mostly dealing with VR Porn right now (which is great, cos you get to see that tight pussy up close), but she is starting to expand into a lot of different types of porn. She seems to prefer those big cocks inside of her. The way that they stretch her is great. 

Maria Lee

Maria Lee really plays into the whole cutesy teen look. We are talking rocking pigtails and just smiling for the camera. The bulk of this American pornstars work is with Nubiles at the moment, but we have no doubt that when she breaks free from the teen porn ranks of Nubiles, she has a major career ahead of her in the porn business. She will probably retain that cutesy look for years.

Medusa Banks

Let’s up with Medusa Banks, another huge lass (but not chunky) that we reckon would be a good bet for BDSM stuff in the future. She has that whole dark “I want to control you” look about her. Crackin’ rack too. Great if you want a lass with slightly tanned skin. She is mixed race (lives in the US), but is primarily Latina. 


So, that wraps up our list of the hottest teen pornstars in the world. We are confident that you saw more than a couple that caught your attention. Why not check them out? Even if we didn’t include your favorite here, we have no doubt that who we did include is up there with the best and sexiest on this planet. You will agree. 


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