Many of the top pornstars in the biz are small and petite. We suppose it is what people like. But, what if you want somebody on the taller side? Who do you turn to? Who are the tallest pornstars? The ones that have a good bit of length on them?

Well, if you are looking for tall pornstars, we certainly have you covered here. We have twenty of the top tall female pornstars.

We know that you may have your own favorites that you just wish could have been included on this list of the tallest pornstars. We apologize if we didn’t include them. However, we are confident that what you do see here, you are going to love. Think of this as more of a few ideas to point you in the right direction.

Tall Pornstars:

Sybil Stallone

It’s a bit tough to know where Sybil Stallone comes from. Some of her videos claim she is from Romania, and others claim that she is from Brazil. Still, it doesn’t really matter. At 5 feet, 8 inches, Sybil Stallone is one of the sexiest and tallest pornstars in the business. Interestingly, she has dated a famous musician in her past (a Grammy award-winning one) but doesn’t talk about who that is. So, basically, when we watch her, we are seeing a sexy lass in the same way that one of the most famous musicians on the planet saw her. Cool, huh?

Bridgette B

Coming in at the same height as Sybil Stallone, Bridgette B is a damn cutie. This Spanish lass is one of the more famous Spanish porn exports, and there have been a lot of them over the years. Born in 1983, Bridgette B has really fallen into the MILF category as of late. She has that commanding attitude to her. We love it. We suppose how tall she is really helps on that front. Toss in her epic tits and the fact that she is one of the leading Brazzers’ girls, and you have a lady you will want to watch again and again. 

Luna Corazon

We can’t find that much information about Luna Corazon. Not how tall she is, nor where she comes from. All we know is that this filthy ebony babe is tall…and she loves to fuck outdoors. What we really love about Luna Corazon is how natural she is. She doesn’t have the biggest tits in the porn biz, but she has had no surgery on them. This means that she is sharing her God-given body with us. Anybody who has been with her is lucky as shit. 

Eliza Ibarra

Eliza Ibarra has that whole sexy girl next door look to her. She measures in at a rather hench 5 feet, 10 inches. This is a lady that got started on OnlyFans (and still spends most of her time there), but people fell in love with this brunette. Now you can find Eliza Ibarra working for all the big companies in the business. Most of her work has been with the Dogfart Network, with a smattering of Twistys in there too. She works with both guys and gals.

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Reagan Foxx

We love our tall MILFs. Reagan Foxx is a MILF you may have heard of. She has pumped out a ton of videos, and she is still doing it. At 5 feet, 9 inches, she is damn tall too. If you love that Southern accent, you are going to love her. She splits her time between Arizona and Kentucky. Her tits are fake, but they come in at 34DD, so you aren’t gonna care too much. They are far too mesmerizing. She does most of her work for Mommys Boy and MYLF.

Sofie Marie

Sofie Marie is a MILF and a half. She has been in the business long enough to be famous enough to have her own porn production company. She is churning out a lot of epic stuff under the Sofie Marie XXX name. She comes in at 5 feet, 10 inches. She only weighs 60kg too, which gives her a much skinnier look. As near as we can tell, this MILF is 100% natural. She loves a good fuck too. You can tell she is enjoying it when she is being raw dogged.

Savana Styles

Canadian beauty Savana Styles is 5 feet, 9 inches. Not much is known about this blonde babe (it seems as if she keeps herself to herself). What we do know is that she is hot, and she only seems to be coming much more popular in the world of porn. She is shooting up the most watched stars ranks on In recent years, she has started to dabble heavily in POV porn (great if you want to see those tall pornstars up close and personal). Some of her best work can be found on POV Mania. 

Allie Eve Knox

Georgian-born cutie Allie Eve Knox has been causing massive waves in the porn business. She comes in at 5 feet, 9 inches. She is only just starting her career, which means that she hasn’t worked with a huge number of companies. However, we feel that they are just right around the corner. If you want to see Allie Eve Knox at her best, then you need to see the stuff that she has done for My Doll Parts. Some of the sexiest lesbian scenes that we have ever seen. 

Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor comes in at 5 feet, 9 inches. Getting started on OnlyFans, Courtney Taylor has been one of the tallest and hottest sluts in the porn biz for a while now. She can suck cock like no other, and she isn’t afraid of a bit of pussy action too. Pornstar Platinum and Family Hookups offer some of the best stuff she has done. However, we also encourage you to subscribe to her OnlyFans. Her POV stuff is just as awesome. 

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Ana Foxxx

We have another ebony hottie with Ana Foxxx. This babe comes in at 5 feet, 7 inches. This means that she is one of the smallest chicks on this list so far, but don’t worry. She is still much taller than many of the other whores in the porn business. Hailing from California, Ana Foxxx got started in the porn business as soon as she could. Now you can find her working for the likes of Brazzers, MYLF, and Lesbian X. 

Madison Rose

Madison Rose is the first British lass we have included on this list. Although, with Irish and Italian blood, she doesn’t look quite as British as one may expect. She didn’t get started in the porn business until she was 24, which was a bit later than many other lasses. However, she felt she had no choice. A lot of people had been complimenting her ass for years, and she eventually bit the bullet. We are glad she did, because we love seeing her 5 feet, 10 inch body on camera. 

Jelena Jensen

With tens of millions of people watching Jelena Jensen in her hundreds of videos each year, this babe is a big deal. Such a big deal that she actually now runs her own porn production company, which we love because a lot of the stuff she does there is amateur in style, which makes it so much hotter. Almost all of Jelena’s stuff can be found on her own website.

Annette Schwarz

Love your German blonde cuties? Cool beans. We wanna introduce you to Annette Schwarz. She comes in at 5 feet, 11 inches. This means that she is the tallest woman on this list so far. Cool, huh? Yeah. We said cool twice. We are kinda at a loss for words now, because we can’t take our eyes off Annette. She looks so great clad in tight spandex. Check her out. 

Bianca Breeze

You don’t get anywhere near as many Swiss pornstars nowadays. Bianca Breeze comes in at 5 feet, 11 inches. If you look at her, you wouldn’t believe how old she is. She is coming up to her 40s now, but she doesn’t look anywhere close to being out of her 20s. If you want some awesome content from this Swiss brunette, then check out the stuff that she did for Tushy RAW. 

Sophia Wilde

Sophia Wilde is another one of those tall pornstars where there isn’t much information about how tall she actually is. All we know is that she dominates most men in her videos, and that is fine with us. It can be tough to find this cutie’s videos. If you want some of her best work (although it is still hard to track down) then look at Hard Sex Adventures and Passion HD.

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Nikki Eliot

At 6 feet, 1 inch, Nikki Eliot is the tallest pornstar on this list. You won’t see her in any videos where she is fucking somebody else, though. Despite being one of the most watched pornstars in the world, Nikki Eliot only does solo videos. Some of the hottest solo videos that you are ever likely to see. If you love tall chicks with glasses, you’ll fall in love.’

Zoey Paige

Teen pornstar Zoey Paige is new to the biz. However, based on how sexy this blonde minx is, we reckon she is going to get really damn famous. Companies are already throwing a ton of cash at her to perform. We are glad that they are because Zoey Paige is producing some of the best lesbian porn right now. Her videos have that romance about them, which makes them so much hotter.

Angel Long

This British babe comes in at 5 feet, 11 inches. She bills herself as a tall, leggy blonde and we ain’t gonna disagree with that. It seems that Angel Long never made the move over to the US, which means that she is mostly sticking with European porn production companies. However, European porn is great. Check out the stuff she did for Babestation and Girl Grind.

Kitty Jane

Czech pornstar Kitty Jane comes in at 6 feet. If you love your Eastern Europeans to have tiny tits, then you will love her. The problem with most taller pornstars is that their tits tend to be on the larger side. Kitty bucks that trend, and it makes us excited. We do love ourselves a smaller, perkier set. Kitty Jane gets pretty damn kinky on camera too, with some of her most popular videos involving watersports. 

Lena Anderson

Cute. Slim. Blonde. Pretty much the three things most people look for in their pornstars. There isn’t much out there about Lena. She is damn new to the business (some of her films have even been in Taiwanese, although she absolutely isn’t Asian). While we can’t tell you much about who she is right now (she only got into the business in the last couple of years), we can tell you that if you love your tall pornstars, you will find her to be one of the best of the best.


So, there you have it. A list of the best tall pornstars. Which ones do you love? Got any suggestions of your own? Let us know! We always want to hear about taller pornstars. 


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