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Yeah. We thought we would start out with the typical Swedish hello. You are probably here because you know that Scandinavian babes are some of the sexiest women in the world. Tall, leggy blondes. Blue eyes. A bit of shyness to them. What’s not to love? Head to Sweden and everywhere you look there will be a sexy little hoe to feast your eyes on.

It is no surprise that Swedish pornstars are everywhere in the business. Here are thirty of our favorites. You may find a couple of other Scandinavian country’s babes mixed in here too. However, all of them have billed themselves as being from Sweden at least once.


We are going to kick off our list of Swedish pornstars with somebody a bit vintage. Houston started in the business in 1995 and called in quite in 2013. She went from a fresh-faced teen (well, she was 26 when she got started) all the way to a hot MILF. This means that you have a shit ton of awesome content to explore from this Norwegian/Swedish babe. Early content can be found from Metro (sadly, VHS) but her popularity meant that she worked for a ton of porn companies over the years.

Jenene Swenson

For some baffling reason, Jenene Swenson has also gone by the name Big Tits Malloy. The big tits part isn’t baffling. They are huge. It is just an overall crap name. Still, it doesn’t matter too much once you are watching her get her end away on camera. She is another vintage bird, getting started in the business in 1979. You will have to look at some old Swedish vintage stuff to see her content. 

Veronica Ricci

We have absolutely no clue whether Veronica Ricci has set foot in Sweden. She is just part Swedish, with her spending most of her life in America. However, just look at her. You can tell that she has Swedish blood rushing through her veins. You don’t get this damn sexy if you didn’t. Apparently, she has a dab of Russian in her too. Interestingly, you are never going to watch her get pounded by a dick. She is only lez and solo action.

Kai Nobel

Kai Nobel was only active in the porn business from 1992 to 1996, but she has fast become one of our favorite Swedish pornstars. We are suckers for the vintage look, and she rocked that 90s hairstyle well. She didn’t star in many scenes, and she only worked for European companies, but her porn was amazing. It was either lesbian or anal action. 

Emelie Ekstrom

Now, that’s a proper Swedish name. Emelie Ekstrom ditches the blonde hair that is typical for most Swedes and opts for darker-colored hair in the scenes that she stars in. We gotta say that it works rather well. Not that we give too much of a shit about her hair once those tits come out. As near as we can tell, she hasn’t done any guy-gal scenes. It is all about solo and lesbian action with Emelie. 

Maria Lind

Just one year (1996) Maria LInd was active in the business. She only starred in 3 scenes, but oh my were they good scenes. She probably would have had a stunning career if she managed to get to the US. She was doing DP like it was going out of style back in 1996, back when most pornstars wouldn’t touch the stuff (now it is everywhere). Her old scenes are mostly on VHS, but we are sure that you can find them online too. 

Angelica Guldlock

Another Swedish pornstar that was only active in the porn business for a year (2002) and just 2 scenes to her name, but man what a couple of scenes they were. Working for porn production company Max’s (based in Sweden) she loved to do her anal scenes. Sometimes, we wonder where Angelica Guldlock is. We would love her to come back into the porn business as a MILF. 

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Nicole Berg

While she is no longer in the business, Nicole Berg was kicking around in the porn biz for much longer than the previous two kvinnor (we are teaching you Swedish here! That’s women). She mostly worked for Max’s too. She did a ton of anal. She was famed (as much as one can be famed with this much unknown in the business) for her amazing shaved pussy. 

Sanna Rough

38-year-old Sanna Rough has only just wrapped up her porn career, so you have stuff a lot more modern than the other Swedish pornstars that we have covered. She got started in the porn business by producing stuff for herself at ManyVids.com. It wasn’t too long before she was picked up by famed Swedish porn production company Johan Vilde, who she pretty much worked exclusively for after that. She done a few fisting scenes that you really need to check out.

Kristina Svensson

When you have so many beautiful Swedish lasses out there, sometimes you need somebody that looks a touch normal (but still much more beautiful than your normal woman) and Kristina Svensson offers that. It is the real cute girl next door look. You know. The type of person that you would probably keep your eyes on from a distance wondering whether you should ask her out. Kristina Svensson was in 2 porn films for Razzel Video and Max’s. 

Nora Nord

If you had to imagine a classic Swedish look, then you would probably think of somebody that looks close to Nora Nord. This girl is perfect in pretty much every way imaginable. She only ever worked for Swedish Erotica when she was in the business, but she done a good mix of porn. You have some facial stuff, lesbian porn, etc. All with her great bald pussy on show. 

Barbie Swede

Barbie Swede also went by the name Diana Swede when she was kicking about the porn business. She only starred in a single clip (Sex Hunters for ScanVIP, but damn what a clip it was. This is a woman that could have gone places in the business, but we suppose she ended up getting cold feet. Not to worry. We still have that clip. 

Julie Couronne

Julie Couronne never quite got her big break in the porn industry, and it is really tough to see why. This is a girl that really knew how to play into the fetish porn. She would regularly do face sitting and a bit of femdom. We suppose living in Sweden really didn’t help. Still, while she has long since lef the business there are plenty of ways to enjoy her tits. 

Lynna Nilsson

Lynna Nilsson has ended up having quite a lot of success in the business, although this may be down to the fact that she is a half-czech babe. This sexy blondie started her career doing some creampie scenes for Accidentally Creampie, and now she is working with the likes of Mofos, Brazzers, and Babes.com.

Vicky Vette

Half Scandinavian, half Canadian, Vicky Vette has benefited from being in the country next to the one that offers the largest porn scene. She has hundreds of performances to her name, of them award-winning performances. She has worked with most major porn networks, although the bulk of her career has been with the VNA Network. She is coming up to 40, which means we can expect a lot of MILF stuff from her soon.

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Amina Axelsson

Amina Axelsson is drop-dead gorgeous. She is an up-and-coming star, so she doesn’t have a wealth of content out there. In fact, everything that she has starred in has been solo-produced stuff. She has done some good shit on the solo production front too. It isn’t just bate videos. She has even included a bit of DP in there, just to get everybody excited.

Vicki Valkyrie

Vicki Valkyrie has one of the most Viking names imaginable. Not bad for one of the Swedish pornstars, right? Sadly, that cool name didn’t last long. This redhead babe was only active in the industry for about a year, but man what a year it was. She worked on a couple of videos for Adult Prime, and they were stunning. They were hot bondage things where she was seriously tied up.

Uschi Disgard

Ushchi Disgard was active in the porn industry somewhere around the 1970s to 1980s. Her epic tits graced many people’s screens. She would even speak a touch of Swedish when she was fucking on camera (she mostly worked for American companies so this part really stood out). Tracking down her content shouldn’t be too difficult. Sites like PornHub.com will have copies of her old vintage stuff. 

Molly Bennett

If you have paid even the slightest bit of attention to the porn world over the years, then you may already have heard of Molly Bennett. She is only half-Swedish, so you may not even realize that she has some Scandinavian blood in her (other than the fact that she is drop-dead fucking gorgeous). She has worked for all of the big companies over the years. This includes Wicked Pictures and Mile High. She has a bit of Brazzers in there too. Swish!

Alena Snow

This sexy Scandi babe was only active in the business for a year, and she didn’t really produce a ton of porn in her time. It was mostly solo bate stuff that she sold clips of. However, she did have a bit of a dirtier side. As far as we can tell, Alena Snow is the first bird on this list to do a bit of pee porn. Perhaps not for everybody, but if you have ever wanted to see a Swedish babe taking a piss then check her out. 

Alexandra Stein

Alexandra Stein’s epic melons started to grace our screens in 2013, and they stuck around for a few years. Alexandra Stein has long since left the business, but she has left quite a legacy with the porn that she has produced. Most of her stuff is on Girlfriends Films, but she really went in on several companies. There was little mainstream stuff that she was afraid to do. Tons of DP, lez, cumshots, and BDSM. 

Miss Banana

Miss Banana is cute as a button. If you don’t want your girls to be too skinny (more of a normal size), then you will be pleased to know that Miss Banana has taken the world by storm. Almost all of the stuff that she stars in has been self-produced, and she has guys and girls queuing up to work with her. While her anal sex scenes are fantastic (her moans are out of this world), the pop shot vids are up there will some of the best we have seen. 

Julia Gold

We love our girls to have glasses. In our opinion, it makes them so much sexier. So, even though Julia Gold hasn’t produced a ton of porn, we had to include her on this list of the best Swedish pornstars. Her stuff can be tricky to track down, sadly. However, there are some good BJ scenes kicking about on Xhamster.com. 

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Tanya Hansen

Tanya Hansen got started in the business in 1996 and, almost immediately, people started to pay attention to her tits. In fact, one of the first films she starred in was for Elegant Angel and it was simply entitled “Big Titties of Europe”. In the short amount of time that she was in the business, she worked for many of the big companies, each time showing off those titties to the world. Anal was her forte. 

Linda Thoren

Linda Thoren got started in the business when she was 19, so if you are looking for a fresh-faced Swedish babe then you gotta check out some of her early stuff. She was sexy, but with the right amount of innocence and cuteness mixed in there. Jill Kelly Productions were the first production crew to pick her up, but it wasn’t too long before she was taking a tour of the United States, working with a treasure trove of porn producers. A lot of her stuff was non-sex or lesbian scenes, but there are a few anal shots in there too. 

Ingrid Frost

Ingrid Frost comes from the UK, but she has often presented as Swedish. This is a lass for those that want to check out a couple of the smaller BBWs. Ingrid Frost is the perfect amount of round. She is not afraid to get crazy with the videos that she shoots either. This is because almost everything is self-produced. 

Rebecca Rayann

At just 5 feet tall, Rebecca Rayann is damn short. Find that sexy? Great, because this filthy slut has a few videos that you can check out. She has worked for Brazzers and the Lethal Network. She has never done a guy-on-girl scene, though. It is all lesbian or bate stuff. Maybe one day she will come back into the business and take that plunge. 

Marina Lotar

Active in the porn business from 1976 to 1991, Marina Lotar is what you would call a classic pornstar. Despite being Swedish, most of her early work was in French (perhaps there wasn’t a huge number of porn companies around then?). Many of the porn companies that she worked for no longer exist, but if you want to see some real vintage porn from Marina Lotar then tracking it down is going to be a piece of piss. 

Uschi Digard

We have another vintage pornstar here. She got started in the business in 1968. For the 20 years that Uschi Digard was in the business, she became the Queen of Bate scenes. Most of her scenes were bate-only, with only a few guy on girl scenes. Since she quit the business in the 980s, she was never filming for any online companies. However, we will let you in on a secret. This hot babe can easily be found on many of the porn tubes. 

Ms Lynna

You may sometimes see Ms. Lynna referred to as Lynna Nilsson. This blonde babe is currently taking Europe by storm, mostly working for British porn companies. The likes of Babes.com have also worked with her. Most of her stuff is lesbian, but she does love a good cock in her ass and pussy too. 


Hej då

We hope you enjoyed our list of the hottest Swedish pornstars. Sure, we know that not all of them are 100% Swedish but, come on, there is no denying that every single woman on this list is sexy as fuck. 


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