Whatever you’re into when searching for porn, you should be including some of the shortest female pornstars listed here!

Each of these pornstars is under 5 ft 2, with the shortest only standing 4 ft 4 tall! Fulfilling the teen or step-relation fantasies of their fans, these pornstars know how to maximize their small frames! And, of course, Big Dick porn fans will definitely get their rocks off seeing these hotties being easily flipped into different positions.  

So why not explore these pornstars and discover a kink you never knew you needed?

Shortest Pornstars:

Penny Pax

Born from Irish and German heritage, Penny began her pornographic career in 2011. Even though she’s the first on this list of short female pornstars, she’s been making massive waves in the porn industry since her start. 

Penny stands at 5 ft but still has a sexy curvaceous figure with a full D bust. 

So far in her career, she’s appeared in over 1000 credited films and has numerous nominations and awards for her fabulous work. 

Jynx Maze

Jynx Maze made the most of her career from 2010-2021, earning numerous nominations. In particular, being nominated for over 11 ass/anal awards. And with her cute butt and love of anal, it only makes sense. She’s no stranger to DPs and says her favorite position is doggy style. 

Standing at 5 ft 1, Jynx uses her natural tits and sexy figure to entice her co-stars into amazing sex scenes. During her career, she worked for Hustler and many other magazine spreads.   

Trinity St Clair

Also known as Taylor Jean, Trinity shows off her slim frame at 5 ft. She has been in the industry since 2010 and has earned herself many nominations and awards, including Spank Bank Technical Award for Top Spinner in 2013. 

In that same year, she got a boob job bumping her chest from an A cup to a C. Trinity is another short pornstar that is a big fan of using her cute butt in anal scenes.  

Jade Kush

Originally from China, Jade came to America when she was a child. After being discovered in 2017 through webcamming, Jade has built her adult entertainment fanbase quickly. 

She’s been nominated for several awards out of her 220 credited films, including best tits, which makes sense with her natural DD breasts on her slim 5 ft frame. 

Jade enjoys appearing in lesbian porn, making the most of dildos. And in heterosexual films, taking part in interracial and blowjob fun.

Rachel Roxxx

Staring her career in 2007, after learning how profitable the porn industry could be, Rachel has gone on to appear in over 600 films and scenes. 

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Another pornstar to only stand 5 ft tall, Rachel’s enhanced D-breasts stand out on her slim frame even more. 

Rachel appears in lesbian and straight porn, thoroughly enjoying the use of dildos and dicks. Plus, she loves to include bondage scenes when she can for all her kinky fans.

Dolly Little

Being one of the shortest female pornstars on this list at 4 ft 9, Dolly Little makes the most of her stage name. She appears in many shoots looking like a lifeline china doll, showing off her porcelain skin and fiery red hair. 

Even though Dolly retired in 2021, she earned a few nominations during her porn career, including Fun Size Fuck Toy. She certainly knew how to fulfill all her fans’ fantasies booking like she could be easily thrown around. 

Briar Rose


Using her petite 4 ft 9 frame, Briar Rose is working at breaking into the porn industry. Although she’s appeared in 11 films since her start in 2017, she’s eager to make a bigger impression on her growing fans.

She’s making a great start with her hairy bush, hoping to bring back the nostalgic days of porn. One of her favorite fetishes is being eaten out in the woods. She’s worked with notable porn studios so her career is promising. 

Penny Nichols


Another cute short pornstar is Penny Nichols. Just like her 4 ft 9 height, her career was just as short, only lasting a year. 

However, because of her mixed race, she has appeared in Arabic porn (wearing a hijab) as well as more Latin-themed porn too. Her versatile heritage was something she might have been able to capitalize on before she retired from the industry. 

And her tattoo ‘make a little happy mess’ would’ve been an amazing tagline to her name.

Luckey Ross


Even though many of the shortest female pornstars on this list started their careers before they hit their 20s, Luckey began hers when she was 30. 

Making the most of her youthful face and small 4 ft 9 body, Luckey has only appeared in several films since her start in 2007. 

As part of her small portfolio, she has worked as a solo star and part of lesbian porn. She has yet to feature in any anal or interracial porn, though. 

Karla Ambrosia


Standing at 4 ft 8, Karla’s career and height are both the shortest on this list so far. She entered the porn industry back in 2016 but retired within the same year. 

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Even though she was 20 years old, she fulfilled all the teen fantasies of her fans. Her slim frame and youthful looks were topped with her wearing braces

Between that and her Latin olive smooth skin, she had the promise of being something great in the industry. 

Mini Vanilli


Hungarian-born, Mini did the bulk of her work with popular Hungarian studios. She started her career in 2018 but seems to have retired in 2019. Hopefully, she’s just making the move to the US. 

Along with being 4 ft 8 like Karla, she’s also similar in that she brings her European slutty beauty to her films. She had a great start, featuring in an old vs young movie with an older BBC guy. If only she kept going! 

Alice Merchesi


Being the shortest of the list of shortest female pornstars so far, Alice only stands at 4 ft 6 tall. She started her career in 2017 and is still going strong, building her fanbase with every film she’s in.

Also going as Alice Cheshire or simply Alicia, Alice has appeared in over 55 films and loves to show off her cute butt. She loves taking part in anal films and lesbian porn where she’s thrown around by her taller co-star.  

Luna Bright


Taking the mantle of the shortest pornstar from Alice, Luna is only 4 ft 5. Another pornstar with a short career, Luna appeared in 14 films in her year-old career back in 2018. 

Like Karla, Luna had braces throughout her career, which added to her teenage look. But her teenage look ended when it got to her C-cup breasts and all the piercings she had (including a clit piercing!). She loved interracial porn and liked being thrown about. 



Not to be confused with the same-named Shemale pornstar, Thainee is perfectly named. She shared the title of shortest female pornstars (so far) with Alice standing at 4 ft 5.

After being discovered in Thailand, she’s made the most of her Asian beauty and only shoots porn that’s exclusive to her own website. It only adds to the exotic nature that comes with Asian pornstars

Thainee shoots a lot of her scenes in Thai villas starring in interracial and outdoor porn. 

Kaylani Lei

Another Asian exotic beauty, Kaylani started strong in the porn industry back in 2002. Standing 4 ft 11, she makes the most of her petite body in straight and lesbian porn. Nothing is off-limits! And as she gets older, she’s making the most of her older status as an epic MILF pornstar

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Also going as Kalani or Keilani Lei, Kaylani has appeared in over 360 credited films and has been inducted into AVN’s Hall of Fame. 

Aspen Romanoff

Aspen Romanoff is from Russia and brought her enhanced DD chest to fans in 2017. Unfortunately, she only stayed in the porn industry for about four years. Another short career to appear on this list of shortest female pornstars. 

Aspen’s 4 ft 11 frame was perfect for taking a favorite role of stepsister or stepdaughter.

During her career, she appeared in over 50 credited films and was even nominated for Spank Bank’s Slutty Step Sister/Step Daughter of the Year 2019. 

Lilly Ford


Also known as Lilly Lit, Lilly started her career with a bang in 2016, getting straight to hardcore porn within six months of starting. Her 4 ft 11 petite frame makes her a perfect choice for teen or step-relation porn. 

Always wanting to please fans and build her catalog of work, she’s appeared in over 220 films and has been nominated for nine awards so far. Including Spank Bank’s Most Luscious Labia three years in a row. 

Sheridan Love

Even though Sheridan is on this list of shortest female pornstars, she’s definitely not short of amazing tits. Although she’s another 4 ft 11 beauty, her natural H-cup breasts literally make her stand out from the rest!

Starting in 2011, Sheridan has appeared in over 100 credited films. She’s a versatile busty beauty appearing in straight and lesbian porn. Even though she retired in 2020, she earned six nominations for her work, including (understandably) Inked’s Best Tits Award 2019. 

Joanna Angel

Also going as Joanna Mostov, Joanna makes the most of her Middle Eastern dark features in all of her impressive catalog. Appearing in over 650 credited films, she’s definitely a fan of every aspect of porn. She has been nominated for well over 40 nominations, including anal and transgender awards. 

Although she’s a director of over 700 films, she still loves to appear in front of the camera, showing off her DDD tits on her petite 5 ft frame!

Mini Stallion

Mini Stallion takes the gold medal for shortest female pornstars in this list, standing at 4 ft 4. Although she’s one of the newest shortest pornstars here (starting in 2020), she’s making the most of her African-American beauty, appearing in over 30 credited films so far. 

Because she’s so small, Mini is perfect for BBC or Big Dick porn. Any of her fans can easily imagine her being flipped into every position showing off her small tits and cute butt. 


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