Red hair looks so cool on women, it shows a spicy and wild side of the person. In this list we will try to mention some of the hottest redhead pornstars in the industry atm.

Redhead Pornstars:

Summer Hart

Summer Hart is one of the hottest redhead pornstars in the business. Hart is what we could consider a very thick woman. She’s got big natural tits, a big ass, and fiery red hair that is all natural.  She’s most known for the massive E-cup knockers on her chest. 

And wow, she is hot and knows how to take a dick. She can ride them, suck them, put them in her ass, and fuck them with her tits. She’s amazing and a massively popular pornstar for a reason.

Natalie Lust

Natalie Lust is one of the top redhead pornstar with a very girl next door vibe to her. She’s average height with cute, perky tits and a nice perky ass. She’s an overall hot woman with a crazy hot face. Lust started her porn career at 19 and retired at 26 with 7 years in the industry. 

It’s not the longest porn career in the world, but it was certainly in her prime and she did a lot including gangbangs, anal, pussy pounding sex, and sloppy blowjobs.

Andi James

Andi James is a MILF, more like GILF, redhead pornstar with massive natural F cup titties. She’s a later comer to the porn industry getting her start at 50 years old (currently 56). 

But she’s no stranger to fucking. She’s got decades of experience and knows her way around a cock like the back of her hand. She really likes fucking younger guys and bills herself as a cougar that totally loves fucking younger guys. They’re the only ones that got the stamina to satisfy her MILFy libido.

Holly Lace

Holly Lace is one of the top redhead pornstar and the best way to describe her is classy. She’s got a slender frame, perky tits, and an ass for the ages. She’s not very old at 32 but still describes herself as a MILF. 

It does not matter to us. She’s smoking hot and really knows how to take some massive cock. This is one woman that knows exactly how to satisfy a man and has a super sexy body to turn any guy on.

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller is a total babe. She’s a redhead with a sexy face, sexy hair, and a juicy fat ass. Her tits are somewhat small at only a B-cup. She more than makes up for her tits with her ass. It’s unreal how such a slender woman has such fat, sexy ass. 

Oh, and her tits might be small, but they still look great. They’re the perfect size for grabbing and just look so sexy on her body when she’s getting fucked.

Marie McCray

Marie McCray was ranked as one of the hottest redheads by Complex magazine and that’s something that we agree with them on. She’s very slim at less than 100 pounds at a height of 5’4”. 

She’s been doing porn for a long time at 16 years and counting. You would think that would make her look old – it doesn’t. She looks just as good when she started. And now she has all the experience to really handle a cock like a pro.

Audrey Hollander

Audrey Hollander is a real redhead complete with freckles and super pale skin. She’s also smoking hot with some natural 34C titties and a sexy ass. She spent 12 years in the industry and in that time she did a lot of super sexy things. 

Fisting, anal, double penetration, and lesbian scenes were just some of the sexy things she did in her porn career. Now, she still has a website where she posts all kinds of sexy videos of herself and of her juicy ass.

Ashlee Graham

Ashlee Graham is a redhead (sometimes dyed blonde) pornstar known for having massive natural tits. Her tits are 34G, which is huge. She’s not a big woman either weighing in at just over 100 pounds. 

The combination of huge natural tits and a petite body make Ashlee Graham so sexy. She’s also a pornstar that has done a lot of crazy sexy stuff scenes including anal, double penetration, and bondage. She started at 18 years old and spent over 10 years in the industry, so there’s plenty of sexy videos of her all over the internet.

Lenina Crown

Lenina Crown has the body of a super model at a height of 5’10 and a weight of barely 100 pounds. She’s got massive fake DD titties that look very nice. 

Her natural red hair looks incredibly sexy on her and her tight body. Her ass is nice with lots of shape to it and perfect for taking dick. Her most defining feature, other than her massive tits, are her huge dick sucking lips. Lips like Crown’s are perfect for giving killer blowjobs.

Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot is a strawberry blonde 23 year old bombshell pornstar. She started at 19 years old and her insanely hot looks launched her career almost overnight. 32B tits aren’t huge, but they’re natural and definitely fit her body. Her amazing ass, sexy face, and tight body more than make up for her smaller tits. 

She’s stuck mostly to vanilla type porn with some lesbian scenes. But she doesn’t do anal or anything more extreme. That’s fine with us – she’s so sexy as long as she’s filming her fans are happy.

Lennox Luxe

Lennox Luxe is the perfect definition of busty and thick. She’s a redhead as well, which just makes her even sexier. Anyway, this babe has massive 34DD jugs that make eyes water and cocks hard. Her ass is even more juicy. It’s a nice, fat ass that is perfect for taking some cock.

She’s only 28 years old and has been in the business for 6 years, so there’s plenty of footage out there of her taking some massive cocks in her pussy and ass.

Amina Danger

Amina Danger is a redhead pornstar with fat titties and a fat ass and the skills to use them. This redhead bombshell has been doing porn for five years and is only 29 years old. Her tits are fake, but it really does not matter because they still look sexy as fuck and are big at 34D. 

Now, her tits are super big or anything. D cups are the perfect size where they’re big enough for some titty fucking while still looking somewhat normal.

Anna Bell Peaks

Tattoos, red hair, massive tits, and a fat ass are all things that Anna Bell Peaks has going for her. They all combine together on her body for one sexy looking woman. It’s no surprise that she got into porn. Her body is smoking hot and she obviously likes taking cock. 

Peaks is an absolute freak, too. She’s done double penetration, fisting, lesbian scenes, bukkakes, and bondage. She also has an impressive ability to squirt buckets of cum when she’s getting fucked. 


Siri, the pornstar, is known for her two things – massive natural tits and a massive ass. She’s a natural blonde, but has kept her hair dyed red for as long as we can remember. She mostly does bondage work these days for the BDSM Femdom Empire. Most interestingly, she has inverted nipples. 

However, her nipples go back to normal when she gets turned on when she’s fucking, which happens a lot. Anyway, her massive natural titties and massive ass are super fucking hot.

Maya Kendrick

Maya Kendrick has the body of a supermodel at nearly 6 feet tall and only 130 pounds. She’s a natural redhead, which is super hot. Her tits are not huge, and actually quite small, at only 36B. Fortunately, she has a banging body and sexy ass. She’s also done a lot of freaky, sexy stuff in porn over the years. Anal, interracial, and solo fetish work. 

She’s incredibly hot and at only 26 years old she’s got a lot of sexy years left in the industry.

Kendra James

Kendra James is one sexy woman. This redheaded dominatrix has been in the industry nearly 20 years and has focused mostly on BDSM in her role as a dominatrix. She does lot of sexy lesbian scenes. 

She does not appear to have done any straight porn instead choosing to focus mostly on lesbian scenes and BDSM scenes with other women. That doesn’t even matter because Kendra James is smoking hot with her 32C tits, sexy red hair, and thin body. 

Red Fox

Red Fox, also known as Michelle Starr, is one sexy babe. She’s got bright red hair and big natural titties that are just made for fucking. 

She mostly focuses on solo work doing webcam modeling. Fortunately, she has done some fucking over the years and it sure is hot. Her tight body, big ass, and tight body look super sexy when she’s getting fucked. She doesn’t do anal or anything super freaky. But that’s alright, she’s so hot just watching her get fucked is boner inducing.

Emily Blacc

Emily Blacc had a short career in porn at only 3 years. It was quite an exciting career, though. The redhead pornstar started at 20 years old and showed off her incredible skills with cocks by giving some of the best blowjobs and bouncing on cock like a pro with her juicy ass. She also squirts when she’s extremely turned on by some cock.

Her tits are also incredibly hot. 32C is a perfect for grabbing and big enough to titty fuck, which is something she did in her career.

Lucy Foxx

Lucy Foxx is another top redhead pornstar that had a very short career in porn – she did porn for one year when she was 19 years old. She was incredibly sexy, though. Foxx had some extra curves and a big ass perfect for taking cock. 

Her tits were a little small, but they looked sexy on her body and her booty makes up for her smaller tits. The only downside with Lucy Foxx is that she did not spend enough time doing porn.

Alice Coxxx

Alice Coxxx has an incredibly juicy ass. It’s just so fucking hot and does not match her petite body in a super sexy way. 

She’s got entirely natural, albeit smaller, 32B tits that look incredibly sexy on her. She started porn right when she turned 18 and has been doing it continuously for the past six years. We just hope she stays in longer because an ass like her ass should be causing boners for years and years into the future.

Ariel Blue

Ariel Blue is one thick redhead. She’s about average height with a few extra pounds making her thick, but not enough extra weight that makes her fat. And a lot of that thickness has gone straight to her ass, which has given her one incredibly hot ass perfect for fucking. 

The downside is that she only did porn for three years. That was a good three years in the industry and plenty of cum was spilled over this sexy redhead pornstar.

Isabella Lui

Isabella Lui has redhead hair, fake tits, and a juicy ass – perfection. Lui does a lot of cam work that involves playing with her outstandingly sexy pussy. She also has done plenty of fucking to satisfy her cock addiction. She can suck a cock, put it in her pussy, and put it in her ass. 

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And she really fucking loves it. Her big 32C tits really swell up when she’s taking some big cock in her ass or beautiful pussy.

Kassondra Raine

Kassondra Raine is just one sexy redhead pornstar. Her 32C tits and fat ass are just perfection. She’s got a slim, tight body that’s just made for fucking. She doesn’t do anal, but she does do bondage and wet t-shirt videos along with lesbian scenes and normal fucking videos.

She sure does look hot in those wet t-shirt videos with her nice natural titties. And she really knows how to take a cock. Sadly, she’s a retired pornstar, but there’s always the chance that she comes back to the industry.

Zara Ryan

Zara Ryan sure does look fucking hot. She’s got a slim build with nice natural titties that are perfect for grabbing or fucking. Her redhead is sexy along with her sexy face. 

Ryan’s body, however, is where it’s at with her. She’s incredibly thin while still maintaining a fat ass. We can’t understate how sexy Zara Ryan’s ass looks on her. It’s just so fucking hot and round.

Her tattoos make her pretty recognizable and sure do look fucking hot.

Lola Gatsby

Lola Gatsby has a lot of things going for her – she’s thin, has massive natural 34D tits, a thick ass, and sexy red hair. She started porn at 21 years old and has been going strong for the past 8 years doing a combination of solo work, straight porn, and lesbian porn. 

She does not do anal, but makes up for it by giving some awesome looking blowjobs. Again, we cannot understate just how sexy her tits look. 34D tits are huge natural tits and they have a fullness to them that is just so sexy.

Ashlyn Molloy

Ashlyn Molloy is a total babe. She’s got dark red hair and a juicy ass that is just begging to be fucked. Her tits are natural and really small at 32A. Those are some small tits, but it looks really good on her body because she’s so petite. 

Molloy mostly does lesbian porn. She’s also done a few bondage scenes as well as solo work. Her career was a little short at only 5 years. Thankfully she filmed a lot of scenes in that time and showed off her sexy ass plenty of times.

Miley Cole

Miley Cole is a redhead female pornstar that did porn for one year. She had relatively small tits at 32A. Though she made up for those small tits with a fat ass that would jiggle. Cole’s not a large girl. She’s actually quite petite with a relatively athletic build. 

It’s hard to believe that Cole only did porn for one year because she filmed a lot of scenes ranging from lesbian scenes to normal fucking scenes. It’s a damn shame that she only did porn for a year because she was quite good at it.

Zara Durose

Zara Durose sure does look hot. She’s got some sexy red hair, sexy tits, and plump ass perfect for fucking. Her tits really stand out as they are just massive at 32E. Yes, her tits are fake, but they look great on her and are more than big enough to titty fuck.

Now, her tits are obviously huge. Her ass, however, is just as impressive. If you are an ass guy or tit guy, then you will like Zara Durose.

Amber Ivy

Amber Ivy is instantly recognizable with some massive tattoos all over her body and stunning red hair. The tattoos look hot. And they look even hotter on her sexy body. She’s got some nice sized jugs that look alright. 

More notably, is that her ass looks incredibly juicy. It’s the type of ass that you just want to fuck when you see it. She’s also done a lot of freaky scenes that look hot including gangbangs and male-male and male-female threesomes. 

Katy Kiss

Katy Kiss is 29 years old, but you would never guess it looking at her. She looks very good for her age. She’s an all-natural woman. Of course, this means her tits are relatively small at 32A. We do not mind that in the least because she sure looks sexy. Her ass also looks super sexy. 

It’s very plump and the perfect ass for riding some dick, which she knows how to do very well. She also has some toe curlingly good blowjob skills.

Violet Monroe

Violet Monroe is a red headed freak pornstar. She’s also smoking hot and knows how to work her way around a dick like an absolute professional. 

We say Violet Monroe is a freak because she’s willing to do just about anything in porn. She’s done anal, double penetration, bukkakes, gangbangs, and fisting. Bondage and lesbian scenes are also things that she’s done. She’s only 30 years old and did porn for 11 years before retiring. 

She could be back in the future, but if she’s not, then she certainly will leave a mark in the industry for everything she has done.

Kattie Gold

Kattie Gold is one sexy redhead female pornstar with some nice knockers on her chest. Her tits look really nice and are 100% natural. They’re definitely big enough to titty fuck, which is something that Gold has done plenty of times. 

The Czech pornstar has done a lot of freaky sex acts in her career including anal and double penetration. She’s done some softcore lesbian scenes and plenty of solo work with dildoes and her fingers. She also has had an impressive bush at some points and a freshly cleaned pussy at other points in time.

Scarlett Mae

Scarlett Mae is one tall redhead female pornstar with sexy tits and a sexy face. Her tits are not huge at B-cups. But they look extremely sexy on her tall body. Of course, we can’t not mention Scarlett Mae’s ass – super sexy. 

Her face and body are also banging. She does a lot of lesbian scenes with other sexy women as well as plenty of straight porn. She doesn’t do anal, which is disappointing. She’s plenty hot in all her scenes, so it’s fine.

Farrah Flower

Farrah Flower is everything we love to see in a pornstar. Moderately big tits, a cute face, a slim body, and a juicy ass that is perfect for riding cock. Most importantly, she’s an absolute freak of a pornstar. She doesn’t mind having fingers or cocks shoved up her ass or if you talk dirty to her. 

She’s also been known to cum like a garden hose when she’s aroused by some cock. She’s one fun pornstar to watch and she certainly fits the freaky redhead stereotype.

Tana Lea

Tana Lea has natural red hair and green eyes. That alone is pretty hot. Her tits, however, are what makes her so popular in porn. They’re fake tits, but they’re big at 34D and some of the nicest fake tits you will ever see. 

Her ass, on the other hand, is not fake and one fat ass. She’s 34 now and mostly works as a MILF. Her red hair, fat ass, huge tits, and banging body make her one sexy MILF.

Mary Jane Mayhem

Mary Jane Mayhem is one of the juicier redhead pornstars that you will see. She’s got some curves on her that make her extremely sexy. She’s most well known for her natural 36D tits that look absolutely sexy. They’re perfect for kissing or for titty fucking. 

Mary Jane has not done anything super crazy or freaky in porn. She’s done some very softcore lesbian scenes, solo work, and normal fucking including blowjobs. That’s not a huge deal for us just because Mary Jane’s tits look so sexy.

Briar Rose

Briar Rose is a very sexy pornstar. She’s very petite at only 4’9” and far under 100 pounds. Her tits aren’t very big nor is her ass. However, she was extremely cute and could handle some big cock despite her small size. 

It helps that she entered the industry at 18 years old. That didn’t stop her from knowing her way around a cock like an absolute pro. She really knows how to turn a guy on with both her body and her skills.

Jaye Rose

Jaye Rose has sexy tits that look amazing. They are 100% natural and massive 32E tits. They are the perfect fun bags to watch while she is taking a dick up her ass or pussy. Rose is a somewhat thick woman and that thickness certainly goes down to her ass. 

Her ass is on point, too. It’s a very plump, juicy ass that causes instant boners. It’s also the perfect ass to pound from behind or for riding some dick.

Leanna Decker

Leanna Decker is one smoking hot woman. Her massive 34E natural tits look really nice, she’s got a sexy face, and a banging body. She was not exactly a pornstar as she was a Playboy model. But man, she’s sexy. 

She’s most famous for her tits. Her ass, however, looks just as great. She’s one of those women that just has it all when it comes to her looks. Ass guys and boob guys can find something to like with Leanna Decker.

Linda Sweet

Linda Sweet sure does look sweet. This Czech redhead has got a sexy body. She’s slim and has a very nice, heart shaped ass. Her tits aren’t massive. They still look good on her slim body. 

Sweet has a pierced clit, which is a sure sign of an absolute freak and also looks incredibly sexy when she’s getting fucked. She can take it up the ass like a champ and also does a lot of solo scenes. She will even do the occasional lesbian scene. 

Melody Jordan

Melody Jordan is a redhead freak with a fat ass and sexy tits. Her ass is unworldly good. It’s almost like all the weight in her body went straight to her ass. Thankfully, her tits also look quite nice and are natural.

She has also done a lot of sexy things in the industry including anal, double penetration, and cream pies. She has also done fisting in lesbian scenes along with some bondage work. She’s retired from the industry now, but her ass will live on forever.

Tessa Fowler

Tessa Fowler is a redhead female pornstar, but most probably don’t spend much time looking at her face because her 34GG boobs steal all the attention. Those massive jugs are 100% natural and are the perfect for size for a titty fuck or to slap on your face.

This big titted redhead only does solo work. As expected, the work focuses almost entirely on her massive tits. Though she will masturbate and dildo herself on camera. She will even give dildo blowjobs on rare occasions.

Alice Green

Alice Green is another sexy redhead pornstar. She doesn’t have amazingly large boobs or ass. What she does have is very sexy boobs that are natural. They’re the perfect size for grabbing with your hand or mouth. She has a very innocent look, which made her incredibly popular and sexy. 

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Don’t let that innocent look trick you, this redhead has some next level cock riding skills that would put any pornstar to shame. She’s also got mad dick sucking skills.

Kimberly Brix

Kimberly Brix is one sexy redhead with an ass for the ages. Seriously, her ass is one that ass guys all over will absolutely. Brix definitely is not a pornstar for a boob guy, though. She’s got very small 32A boobs. 

The ass of hers more than makes up for those tits along with her willingness to do a lot of wild, sexy stuff. She does a lot of solo work, fucking, lesbian work, and fetish work. Her skills around a cock are top level and she can satisfy two cocks at the same time.

Ava Sparxxx

Ava Sparxxx is a 100% natural redhead pornstar that looks absolutely adorable. Sparxxx started porn at the ripe age of 18 years old. You think that would make her inexperienced when it comes to fucking, but she definitely was familiar with cock and could handle some massive cocks despite her small size. 

Her tits definitely weren’t big. Her ass, on the other hand, was massive. And that really helps when taking some of the massive cocks that Ava Sparxxx has seen in her career. 

Anny Aurora

Anny Aurora is a complete babe. Her dyed red hair (natural blonde) perfectly suits her and her sexy face. Her tits are a respectable 32C – big enough to titty fuck and kiss. Her ass is alright and can definitely take a pounding as Aurora has shown many times. 

The best part about Aurora, however, is her extremely sexy body. She’s on the slim side while still having sexy boobs and a very sexy ass. She also loves anal sex and can do it better than most.

Dolly Little

Dolly Little is a petite redhead that loves to get completely destroyed by cock. You would never expect this 4’9”, sub-100 pound spinner to be able to take some of the massive cocks or dildoes that she has in her career. But she does and she absolutely loves it.

Anal is one thing she can’t do, which is a little disappointing because her ass is fantastic. She’s not shy about riding cock and that’s something we can get behind with an ass as nice as her ass.

Jenny Blighe

Jenny Blighe is a full-blown redhead MILF that loves to fuck. Her fake 32C boobs and insane skills with a cock give that way. She’s also smoking hot with a tight body and sexy ass. 

Unlike a lot of MILF porn stars, Blighe is a real-life MILF. This is all the more impressive because her body is totally hot. And nothing is hotter in porn than a sexy redhead MILF that knows her way around a cock the way Blighe does.

Lilith Lust

Lilith Lust is another redhead pornstar with a set of tits for the ages. Her tits are ungodly sexy and large enough to turn any guy on at a size of 32DD. Yes, her tits are fake, but they’re one of the better pairs of fake tits we have seen on a pornstar. 

She’s got hourglass curves alongside a fat ass and her gigantic tits. She has the perfect body to fuck from behind or from the front to see her tits. Lust is also an expert cock sucker.

Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal is one sexy pornstar. She’s normally a redhead though she has changed her hair color a lot of times in her long career. Her ass is what she’s most known for – it’s a spectacular bubble butt. 

Now, her tits are kind of small, but they fit her very fit body. Speaking of a fit body, she’s even had a six pack at one point in her porn career. She’s also a complete freak that does a lot of super sexy stuff. Anal, double penetration, facials, and hardcore lesbian scenes are all things she will do.

Gwen Stark

Gwen Stark has a super sexy body that looks so hot when she’s getting fucked. A natural redhead, fire crotch included, she has some sexy looking hair and a very sexy face. Her tits were also very nice. They’re not super big tits, but they’re decent sized and look sexy. 

Her porn career is currently over, which is unfortunate for all the fans of this sexy redhead. Thankfully, she starred in a lot of films during her time in porn and did lesbian, straight, and solo work.

Cece Capella

Cece Capella is a total babe with an insanely sexy ass. This redhead pornstar sure looks sexy and knows how to satisfy a cock. Her ass is insanely sexy of course and is one of the sexier ones in porn. 

Her perky natural 34D tits are almost even better than that, though. And to top things off, her body is tight and completely banging. Naturally, she loves anal sex with an ass as nice as hers. She’s also done lesbian scenes along with solo scenes and various fetish videos.

Elle Alexandra

Elle Alexandra is another redheaded babe pornstar. Her face and body are completely smoking hot. Alexandra’s tits are not massive, but we do not care since she’s so smoking hot. Her ass is fairly large and perfect for taking some dick. And she knows how to use her ass to ride some dick like a complete professional.

She also loves doing lesbian scenes with other smoking hot pornstars. She’s not shy about getting down and dirty and licking some sexy pussy to orgasm.

Sabina Rouge

Sabina Rouge is a petite redhead female pornstar with a sexy ass. She’s petite, as we said, but her ass is absolutely phenomenal. It’s mind blowing that someone as petite as Sabina Rouge can have such a spectacular ass. Even more surprising is that Sabina has large, sexy tits. 

She’s another one of those pornstars that ass guys and boob guys can find something to like about. Sabina also swings both ways and does super sexy scenes along with getting fucked by some massive cocks.

Syren De Mer

Syren De Mer is a MILF redhead pornstar that has been in the business for over 17 years. Syren is a real MILF as she’s a real-life mom and she is super sexy. Her ass is super round and juicy and perfect for taking dick. She’s got nice 34D tits to make things even sexier.

You might think a real MILF would be tame when it comes to fucking. Yeah, she’s not tame at all and is an absolute freak. Double penetration, fisting, bukkakes, anal, and bondage are just some of the freakishly hot things Syren De Mer will do. 

Maddy O’Reilly

Maddy O’Reilly is insanely hot and a self-declared sex addict. O’Reilly is a glamor model that made the jump to porn, which is a sure sign that she’s smoking hot. 

She’s definitely smoking hot with both a massive ass and sexy tits. A glamor model might not sound like the type of person to be a complete freak between the sheets. 

That does not apply to O’Reilly – she is a total freak. Bondage, anal, double penetration, creampies, and bondage are all things she has done and absolutely loved.

Luna Lain

Luna Lain is one classy babe. Her luscious red hair, fat ass, sexy tits, and hot body make for one hot babe. Luna does not do straight porn, though. She prefers sticking to lesbian porn and solo work. 

It’s super sexy watching her munch on some pussy, flash her sexy tits, or rub her clit until she cums. We did wish she did straight porn because watching that ass get blasted by a cock would be hot, but lesbian and solo is certainly hot.

Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan is one of the top redhead female pornstars. This total babe has been performing since she was 18 years old and retired at 27 years old. 

She’s well known for her smoking hot tits and just overall sexiness. She appeared in a lot of videos doing some very sexy, freaky stuff including fisting, bukkake, and bondage. She never did anal, but that doesn’t even matter because she did so much other sexy stuff. 

Her body is just absolute perfection with the perfect sized tits for fucking and an ass that’s big enough to make your jaw drop and your cock rise. 

Dee Dee Lynn

Dee Dee Lynn is tall, slim, with massive natural knockers that can knock you out if you’re not careful. Her tits are DDs and all-natural. They really are the best pair of natural tits you will see on a redhead pornstar. 

Her ass was also alright though a lot of attention obviously goes to the massive knockers on her chest. She was relatively adventurous doing anal, lesbian, and solo scenes. She’s also down for the occasional titty fuck, which is incredibly sexy with DD natural tits.

Misha Cross

Misha Cross is a total fucking babe redhead pornstar. This Polish pornstar is known for having a massively wide, round ass that can absolutely gobble cock. Obviously, she has insane riding skills with an ass as sexy as that. 

Misha can also suck a cock like a vacuum cleaner. She has some crazy good cocksucking skills that looks and feels incredibly sexy. 

She can also take it up the ass, which is almost assumed with an ass like the one she has got.

Ember Stone

Ember Stone is a super fucking hot redhead female pornstar. She’s one of those women that has a lot of natural beauty and has nothing fake about her – crazy sexy of her and her face looks amazing.

This makes it so fucking hot to watch her get completely blasted by some massive cock. She can handle it quite well and even enjoys it. That makes it so much hotter. She’s another one of those pornstars that loves the freaky stuff doing anal, creampies, and gang bangs. 

Alex Tanner

Alex Tanner has got natural red hair and is a classic redhead with tons of freckles. She’s very cute with nice tits and ass. She has a very “girl next door vibe” to her and looks incredibly innocent. 

She’s definitely not innocent and can be a bit of a freak between the sheets. Her cocksucking skills are a testament to that – she can suck dick like a seasoned pro. The same applies to her ability to take a cock up her ass or ride one.

Karlie Montana

Karlie Montana is an absolute babe with model-like looks. This makes sense because she worked as a model prior to entering porn. And wow, she’s hot – tall, slim, nice tits, and an ass you can write about. 

She’s relatively tame when it comes to sex because she does not do anal or double penetration. But she can sure handle some cock in her pussy and she has top-tier cock sucking skills. And with as hot as he looks, we’re glad that she can handle cock as well as she can.

Camille Crimson (Chloe Morgane)

Camille Crimson has been in the porn industry for nearly 20 years and counting. This busty redhead has some real nice 36D natural titties that look totally sexy and she sure knows how to show them off to make any boob guy horny.

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She’s also really well-known for giving sensual blowjobs. She can even take cock up her ass like a pro. At the moment, she mostly does solo work showing off the crazy sexy tits on her chest and masturbating with her fingers and dildoes.

Abbey Rain

Abbey Rain is a redhead female pornstar that has a nerdy look going for her. However, she’s one incredibly sexy nerd with nice 32C tits and a memorable ass. Don’t let her nerdy looks fool you, Abbey Rain is a complete freak and expert when it comes to cock. 

She can take some pretty massive cocks up the ass and seems to genuinely enjoy it. Girl on girl action is also something she does and really enjoys kissing and fingering some sexy pussy.

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is a busty redhead MILF pornstar that knows how to handle some massive cock. She’s also smoking hot because of her perfect hourglass figure and ginormous 32F titties. 

Lauren is one of the more popular redhead pornstars for two reasons: She’s smoking hot and will do just about anything. It’s easier to say the things she won’t do, which is pretty much nothing. 

Anal, fisting, double penetration, creampie, solo anal, lesbian anal, lesbian fisting, bondage, bukkake, and even transgender porn are all things she’s done and enjoys.

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain was a redhead pornstar known for three things: her beautiful waist length red hair, sexy titties, and her squirting. Veronica knows how to handle a cock like an absolute pro and loved using her tits to titty fuck massive cocks. 

She was a relatively tame pornstar as she didn’t do anal, but she did plenty of softcore lesbian scenes that were very sexy. Vain retired in 2018 to become a Twitch streamer and has no plans to go back into the industry, which is a shame because she was so sexy.

Nikki Rhodes

Nikki Rhodes is a redhead MILF pornstar. The trail of stars tattoo that stretches from her back to her stomach makes her instantly recognizable. That’s not to mention her super sexy C cup titties that are mesmerizingly sexy. Her ass wasn’t bad, either. It sure did make it nice to look at her ass and tits when she was getting fucked.

Nikki was in porn for 9 years and did plenty of sexy scenes. Anal and full-on lesbian scenes were both types of porn she did and really seemed to enjoy. 

Rainia Belle (Lilith Lust)

Rainia Belle is one sexy babe. This redhead has large, sexy knockers that are perfect titty fucking. Her face and ass are also both incredibly sexy – there’s a lot to like with Rainia Belle. 

That’s not to mention her insane skills between the sheets. She can suck giant cocks with passion and skill you don’t often see. Rainia also loves taking it from behind and in orgies. She’s been in a lot of orgies and bukkakes satisfying multiple cocks at the same time.

Arietta Adams

Arietta Adams is a relative newcomer to porn – she’s only 22 years old and has been in the industry 4 years. She’s totally hot with a juicy ass and cute, perky tits. Arietta might be a newcomer to porn, but she’s not a newcomer to fucking or massive cocks.

She can take cock in her ass or pussy without any issue. She even loves getting creampied and has done some lesbian scenes to satisfy her need for sexy pussy and licking tits.

Jessica Robbin

Jessica Robbin started porn a few weeks after she turned 18 and became an instant hit for one reason – her all natural 34F tits. 

Those tits look amazing for licking, grabbing, or titty fucking. She spent around 2 years in the industry and shot over 100 videos. She can handle some cock in her ass and even did some softcore lesbian scenes.

Speaking of her ass, she has a surprisingly sexy ass. She’s one big tittied pornstar that ass guys will love.

Dani Jensen

Dani Jensen has an amazing ass and even more amazing (and sexy) tits. It’s hard to say if her tits or ass are better because they’re both so sexy and she loves to show off both.

One thing is for certain and it’s that Dani will do just about anything to get some cock in her. She does anal, she gives great blowjobs, and she’s even done double penetration. It’s not all about cock with Dani, though, she’s also done lesbian scenes and can even turn herself on with her fingers or a dildo.

Lady Fyre

Lady Fyre has all-natural tits that you could write a book on because they are so huge. And that’s not even her best feature – her ass is just as sexy and large. She really knows how to use her ass, too. Her dick riding skills are off the charts and her ass jiggles as she’s getting pounded.

Her tits are huge and she sure puts them to good use. Titty fucking is something she loves along with shoving those natural knockers into the face of the hung stud she’s fucking.

Molly Stewart

Molly Stewart made the switch from modeling to porn to satisfy her craving for fucking massive cocks and munching on pussy. Her modeling career means she has some height and knows how to present herself in a super sexy way.

Her 34DD tits and fat ass certainly make looking sexy a lot easier for her. Molly bats for both teams but seems to prefer licking some sexy pussy. Don’t let her skills with pussy trick you, she definitely knows how to satisfy a cock and look sexy doing it.

The Red Fox

The Red Fox looks totally sexy with her long red hair and big natural tits. Her tits look extremely impressive and since they’re all natural they have a nice jiggle to them when she’s getting pounded by some cock. The Red Fox loves fucking guys with huge cocks and playing around with other sexy pussies. She can even satisfy herself with her fingers, dildoes, and even butt plugs when she can’t find cock or pussy to knock her socks off.

Jayden Cole

Jayden Cole is a redhead MILF that has a craving for young pussy. That’s right, Jayden only fucks women. And she sure does know how to fuck a woman whether it’s with a dildo or her tongue. 

She can even take a whole fist up her sexy pussy. 

Jayden has impressive natural titties that are just perfect for licking and a sexy ass. Her pussy is also super sexy, which looks great when a hot pornstar starts licking her pussy to completion.

Lola Fae

Lola Fae is a redhead pornstar and a very petite spinner at that. She’s less than 5 feet tall and well under 100 pounds. At first glance it does not look like she could handle a pencil dick. 

Looks can be deceiving, Lola can take some massive dicks in her tiny pussy. She can even deepthroat massive cocks in her tiny mouth. 

Now, Lola is fairly recognizable because she has heart tattoos around her nipples and she’s so petite. If you like redhead spinners that can take massive cocks, then Lola Fae will certainly be your favorite pornstar.

Penny Pax

Penny Pax is a redheaded babe. Her massive titties, long red hair, and creamy skin make her so sexy. Her love of getting fucked by some of the fattest cocks in porn combined with some movie appearances have made her an incredibly popular pornstar. 

Seriously, Penny is only 5 feet tall and can take massive cocks in her pussy and ass like it’s nothing. Her huge tits also look incredibly fun and sexy when she’s fucking. Penny Pax is one redhead pornstar we hope stays around for years to come.

Keely Rose

Keely Rose just started in porn a few years ago and has already made a name for herself. This is because this redhead pornstar’s tits are some of the biggest (and sexiest) natural tits you will find in porn at a boner-inducing 32E.

Those are some massive natural titties and they look so sexy as well. Keely Rose has put those tits to good use in her porn career making sure to constantly launch them into the face of her partners and wrap them around some of the cocks that she’s fucked.

Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward is a redhead pornstar and full fledged MILF at 45 years old. Her age has not stopped her from amassing over a million followers on OnlyFans and a huge following on Instagram. 

This is because Ward is insanely hot. She’s got nearly perfect 34F tits and an ass that even boob guys will love. 

She’s also quite adventurous about putting cocks into her body. She’ll put cocks in her ass, pussy, and mouth. She’s even put a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. Add in that she does lesbian scenes and can squirt like Old Faith and you will understand the popularity of Maitland Ward.  

Ella Hughes

Ella Hughes is a petite redhead spinner with a phenomenal ass. The ass on Ella looks incredibly sexy and jiggles when she walks. 

That’s so hot and very impressive for a spinner.

Her natural 32C tits are almost as impressive. And she puts both her tits and ass to good use by doing anal sex and titty fucks on a regular basis. She will even do double penetration when she can find two cocks to satisfy her. Lesbian scenes and bondage are also things she will do when she gets the urge for a rough fuck or some sensual licking.

Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon is a full-blown redhead nerd pornstar that just happens to be totally smoking hot. She’s got such a sexy face that you may not even notice because her ass grabs all the attention.

Yes, her ass really is that sexy.

It’s especially sexy because Lacy has a natural talent for riding on massive cocks and using her ass as a cushion to really pound cock. Lacy is super hot and that applies to her tits as well. We would not say they are massive tits, but they sure are sexy tits and big enough to suck.

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips shockingly red hair makes her a pornstar that you will probably recognize. If it’s not the hair, then it’s her massive 34F titties. 

You don’t see tits as big as Lauren’s that often. This redhead MILF does just about everything there is to do in porn from anal to double penetration to fisting to bondage. She even has some crazy good flexibility that allows her to do a split, which sure helps her take some massive cocks in her ass or pussy.

Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa’s red hair looks so sexy on her body. This newcomer to porn has one amazing cream colored ass that’s perfect for taking cock. Speaking of that, Jia can take dick right up her ass with absolutely no problem. 

That’s sexy.

What’s even sexier is that Jia loves licking some pussy or playing with toys on her pussy or other sexy pussies. This redhead pornstar certainly as the ASSets to become one popular pornstar with ass guys all over the world.


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