Braces look hella cute. Let’s be honest. Most pornstars don’t have them, though. We suppose this is because many pornstars want to go down the more traditionally sexy route of massive knockers, a shaved pussy, and not much else. Thankfully, if you are a fan of braces, there are some stunning pornstars with braces out there.

It was tricky for us to put together this article (seriously, finding pornstars with braces is difficult), but we reckon you will love the women that we have included. 

Danny Love

Colombian lass Danny Love doesn’t really have that supermodel vibe about her, but we doubt that this is really what she is going for. Danny Love aims for a cute look. Sexy braces. Chubby cheeks. Nerdy personality. You know what we mean. She has only been in the business for a short while, so she has just a couple of indie films out (filmed in Colombia) but with the way that this woman swallows jizz, we see some big things coming for her.

Reese Robbins

Braces and glasses? Sign us the fuck up! Reese Robbins looks like the type of girl that would grab that front seat at school just to suck up to the teacher. However, when she is on camera being filmed, she is one of the filthiest mainstream pornstars out there. The viewers over at Team Skeet really love her as she is almost constantly starring in movies for them. 

Lia Ponce

We have another Colombian hottie for you with Lia Ponce. Weighing in at just 47kg, this girl is tiny. Although, we suppose that this adds to her charm. She has only been in the business for a few years, but she is already working with some of the big porn producers. Most of her best content can be found on 

Black Marcy

Black Marcy has gone by a couple of names over her years in porn. Stepmarcy and Marcy Black probably being the more popular of her other names. Yes. We know that they aren’t that much different from her name now. She has sexy braces and a couple of pierced nipples. She hasn’t starred in a lot of content for big porn companies. Nowadays, she is all about showing off her goods on sites like 

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Natasha Teen

At 32, we suppose that the ‘teen’ in her name may be a little bit misleading. However, she still has that youthful look, even though she has now ditched her braces for some scenes. This sexy milf has a bit of Colombian in her (we guess Colombia really is good at producing sexy pornstars with braces?). She has worked heavily with Evil Angel and, if you want to see her up close and personal, with a ton of VR porn sites too. 

Layla Rae

British lass Layla rocks both a set of braces and an epic set of tits. One of the great things about this filthy slut is that all of her porn is self-produced. She chooses exactly what goes on that screen and what to show off to her legions of adoring fans. We don’t know about you, but that just makes everything so much hotter. Of course, with how big she is getting, we can see her working for one of the big porn companies in the near future.

Haley Reed

This blonde babe has now ditched her braces. But, here is where the power of the internet comes into play. She may no longer be rocking that sexy piece of metal, but her videos are still out there. Reality Kings is where you want to be looking. That is where she filmed her first pro porn scenes. As you go through her content after this (particularly the Burning Angel stuff) you can see her growth as a porn star.

Misha Cross

American pornstar Misha Cross (sometimes billed as Mischa Cross) has been active in the business for a good while now. She is in her mid-30s, although you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at her. With 32A tits and weighing in at a shade over 50kg, this girl is tiny. But, as you know by now, this really lends itself to the idea of braces. Girlfriends Films and Evil Angel offer some of her best content, but she has been around the block a few times so you can find a ton more content without that much effort. 

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Aubrey Edible

You don’t get many Middle Eastern pornstars, and you certainly don’t get that many Middle Eastern pornstars with braces. We suppose that Aubrey Edible is incredibly unique on that front. With her jet-black hair and her lightly tanned skin, this girl is a true babe. She jumped into the business in a big way, with one of her first shoots being an anal scene with Evil Angel. Check that out if you want to see her rocking braces. 

Alicia Trece

What’s this? Yet another Colombian. Yeah. They really do make some sexy pornstars with braces. Alicia Trece broke into the porn business in 2019 and right away she was a success. This is a woman that really seems to enjoy her fetish porn. A good chunk of her videos are nothing more than her giving a foot job. Exposed Latinas will have her early stuff with braces. 

Athena May

Athena May is sometimes billed as ‘Athena the Slut’, and it really isn’t difficult to see why. She is only 23 years old, but she has been in the business for several years now. She has starred in some of the sexiest porn clips we have seen. If you want to see some of her stuff where she wears her braces then head on over to Mike Adriano or Hussie Pass.

Alina Lopez

Half Latina, Alina Lopez has a deliciously sexy look about her. She knows how to suck cock as no other woman does. Whenever she is in a scene, you can tell she pours a ton of passion and love into everything. It creates something so much more visually appealing (not that she wouldn’t be visually appealing alone). Femdom Empire shows what she is really made of. 

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Elizabeth Evans

Freckles and braces? Yeah. We know that there are some people that are going to go absolutely gaga for Elizabeth Evans. She even billed herself as YoungBlondeDaddy at some point, so she knows who her target market is. You can find most of her stuff at Nubiles, but her popularity does mean that she gets around a bit. 

Pristine Edge

She is sometimes known as Jane Doux. At 35 years old, you would think that Pristine Edge would be well and truly into the MILF category, but nope. She has retained ever-youthful charms and she is still passing as a teen. Her most recent stuff doesn’t have braces. Look at older stuff at Wicked Pictures and Nubiles for that.

Scarlet Skies

Scarlet Skies has always had that cute, nerdy look about her. Whenever this sexy redhead stars in a porn flick, you will often find her filling the role of some innocent schoolgirl. Her size 32A tits look sexy as hell too. She most does lesbian and incest porn, although she is still new to the business so we can see her branching out a little bit. Check out Girls Only Porn for some awesome stuff. 


Enjoy our list of pornstars with braces? We bet you did! We put a ton of effort into tracking down the women that we know can perform on camera. We know that you may not love everybody on this list, but we did try to ensure that there is a little something for everybody. We are sure that you will have fun with almost all of them! 


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