Want our opinion? Pornstars over 50 are the hottest and filthiest people in porn. Why? Not only do most of them boast ravishing good looks, but they have a ton of experience under their belts. This creates an experience that those porn newbies struggle to replicate.

There are a lot of pornstars over 50. A lot of them. Here are 30 of what we believe are the hottest pornstars over 50. You may not agree with every woman on this, but we reckon a good 50-75% of them are going to be perfect for you. 

Kay Kummingz

Kay Kummingz (sometimes went by the name Hot Wife Kay) was only in the business for a few years, but god damn was it a good few years. She jumped right in with the good stuff, offering some of the best GILF facial scenes that we have ever seen (check out SP Media Entertainment for those), later on she jumped into anal, something that you rarely see with the older pornstars that enter the business late. If you want a cute, older blondie then Kay Kummingz is one of the best places to get started.


De’Bella probably isn’t the most attractive woman in the world. In fact, we know that she isn’t. However, anybody that has ever paid attention to porn knows that you don’t need to be a stunning beauty to be famous. You just need to be good at fucking…and boy does De’Bella deliver on that front. Right from the get-go, she was delivering some of our favorite GILF lesbian scenes with Channel 69. It wasn’t long before she joined Evasive Angels and anal became her forte. If you have always dreamed of fucking your best friend’s mom, then De’Bella may be right up your street.

Sofia Stacks

Ok. So Sofia Stacks looks like a bargain basement prostitute. Sometimes she rocks a rather makeup-heavy look. But, you know what? That’s cool with us. She fills a role…and she lets many men fill her too. She lives up to her name too with a cracking set of 45H melons. She has shown them off for the likes of Naughty America. If you are into your fetish stuff, you may even be pleased to know that Sofia has even knocked it out of the park with a dab of pee porn. 

Karen Kougar

Oh yeah, baby. If you had to pick up a cougar at a bar, then you would hope that it is a woman like Karen Kougar. Considering she is in her 50s, she has a decent look to her. Cutesy, but also with a dash of experience behind it. She only starred in a few scenes when she was in the business, but she did like to get experimental. There is plenty of anal and creampie porn for you to explore. Check out Naughty America for some of it.

Vanessa del Rio

Latina babe Vanessa del Rio got started in the business in 1975 and didn’t leave until she it was 1999. So, if you want to see the growth of a pornstar, then you have Vanessa del Rio’s entire porn portfolio to get your jollies away to. Because she got started in the business pretty early on, she has been in well over 1,000 videos. The latter part of her career was filled with creampies, anal, and whatever else somebody asked her to do. 

Norma Stitz

Ebony over 50 Norma Stitz was only in the business for a couple of years, and she had just 2 films under her belt. She didn’t really take the mainstream by storm, but we still remember the girl. She founded her own production company ‘Norma Stitz Productions’ did a couple of scenes, mainly lesbian and bate, and disappeared into the night. Tracking down her content is hard, but damn is it worth it. 

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Ginger Lynn

From 1984 to 2013, Ginger Lynn was highly active in the industry. Back in the day, she was regarded as one of the hottest pornstars in the industry. Sadly, her hairstyle (which she never really ditched) never left the 80s. Still, there is no denying that Ginger Lynn is gorgeous. You will fall in love with her 34B knockers too. The best stuff in her 50s was for Hustler Video. She did a few scenes for them, and they are still heavily watched. 

Vanessa Videl

Vanessa Videl entered the business when she was 42 and quit just as she was coming up to 60. This means that you have almost 18 years of content of hers to explore and, against all odds, it only gets better the more than you watch. Naughty America filmed some of our favorite scenes, but head to anything that stars Vanessa Videl and you will be watching one of the best over 50s pornstars. 

Cala Craves

Cala Craves was once touted as one of the top 10 sexiest MILFs in the US, which should give you a bit of an idea about what to expect from her. She started her career working with the likes of Girlfriends Films but, as she went on, she really opened up to the companies that she would work with. Her granny porn videos with Rookie Nookie Productions are extreme amounts of fun. Almost all of her content is lesbian or bate content, but every so often you will find a good creampie squeezed in there.

Raquel Devine

Starting in the business when she hit 30, Raquel Devine went straight in as MILF. As she got older and much more experienced in the business, she started to dabble in GILF porn, and that is where we discovered her. She does a great squirting video (something that you rarely find with pornstars in their 50s), and her anal videos are just as good. In fact, this woman was such a special MILF that she was working with Brazzers up until she left the business. She worked with a ton of porn production companies over the years, though. 

Bridgette Lee

You know that sometimes you get those eternally youthful people who never even so much as look close to their age? Well, Brigette Lee is one of those babes. This blondie entered the business when she was 38, and she seemingly never aged in the 62 movies she starred in over the next decade or so. Even coming up to 60, this filthy minx is still selling clips of her body. People fell in love with her when she was active in the business. Can you blame her?

Demi Delia

You know what is rare? When somebody enters the business as late as Demi Delia does and still makes their very first scene an anal scene. She must have been paid a fucking bomb for that. That was when she was 38. Over time, Demi Delia started to age rather gracefully and you could find her in a whole host of different porn scenes. Reality Kings is one of our favorite places for Demi Delia. We just can’t get enough of her lesbian sex scenes.

Emma Starr

Somewhat unsurprisingly, there have been a few people that have worked in the porn business under the name Emma Starr. Here, we are referring to the blonde stunner born in 1971., She got into the business when she was in her 30s, so it was straight to the MILF porn. It wasn’t long before the mainstream started to pay attention to Emma Starr. She ended up working with both Naughty America and Brazzers.

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We are resisting the urge to make some sort of ill-timed Disney joke here. Anyway, the wonderful thing about Tiggers (damn, we couldn’t do it). is they fuck so well on camera. That last bit may not be Disney-friendly. Tigger got her start in the porn business back in 2015 and filmed a few scenes over the next few years, mostly for Danish companies. She never hit the mainstream, it won’t be too difficult to find content featuring this big-bosom wonder. 

GILF Molly

Before we even wrote this article on the best pornstars in their 50s, we had seen GILF Molly a fair number of times scattered around a variety of websites. She is a British woman who regularly fucks younger guys. She hasn’t ventured into the American mainstream porn world, but that’s cool. She is still pumping out tremendous content and she does love a good bit of anal. 

Marina Beaulieu

French babe Marina Beaulieu is nowhere near being one of the most attractive people in the world. She does have a fair number of wrinkles on her skin but, do you know what? We love it. We have fallen in love with damn near every French pornstar that we have come across and Marina Beaulieu is absolutely no exception to that rule. Started when she was 55 too, which means that you have a crap ton of her porn to start enjoying. Check out her squirting videos for Evil Angel. 

Granny Jewel

Tracking down Granny Jewel is hard. Not surprising, really. Tap her name into a search engine and you will be greeted with a ton of Etsy websites aimed at those who want to buy cheap, tatty jewelry for their grandparents. Thankfully, if you head to any reputable porn site and tap her name in, the results will be different. You get a woman in her 50s (and later in her 60s) who enjoys sucking a good cock. 

Rita Daniels

Many of the top pornstars over 50 seem to be white Americans, so let’s spice things up with Rita Daniels. She has a touch of Cherokee and French in her too, just for good measure. This one may be cheating a tiny bit, though. This is because Rita Daniels started her career in her 60s. However, we won’t tell if you won’t. She was only just 60 and, in all fairness, she did look in her 50s. Score is where you will find some of her best porn work. 

Cammille Austin

Camille Austin was launched onto our screens as part of the Dog Fart Network. She went right in hard with her very first shoot being a creampie video. it is no surprise that people in the porn business ended up loving her a ton. She later done some anal scenes for Dogfart, but we have always been a fan of the stuff that she ended up doing for Score. 

Annellise Croft

British cutie Annelise Croft was only in the business for a year, and she only filmed four scenes. All of them were for Score. However, those scenes have been firmly etched into our brains. She done anal in her second video, and she wrapped up with one of the best facial videos that we have ever seen. We can guarantee you that anybody that sees Annellise Croft will fall in love with her.

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Chery Leigh

Just 21 titles to her name, but man they were some damn good titles. Good titties too. They come in at 36C and, as near as we can tell, they are 100% natural. The interesting thing about Chery Leigh is that she doesn’t actually say where she comes from. We are under the assumption that she is in her 50s, but who the hell knows? She certainly looks good for her age. Most of her stuff involves her playing the role of a sexy aunt that just needs to fuck her nephew. 

Auntie Lexy

Auntie Lexy is a real tough cookie to track down, and you may struggle. However, it is worth every single second that you spend searching for this hot piece of milf ass. We think she is British, but she could just be putting on an accent. Like many of the other pornstars in their 50s, Auntie Lexie often fills the role of a sexy aunty that needs to be smashed.

Janet Mason

With almost 400 acting credits to her name, and several directing credits, Janet Mason is a real top draw in the world of porn. She started in her early 30s, but by her 50s she was pumping out a ton of awesome content. Most of it is self-produced (found under Janet Mason Productions) so you can really enjoy tapping into some proper filthy shit there.

Gina Milano

When everybody thinks of old Italians, they think of some sweet grandma in the kitchen slaving over some sort of pizza or pasta dish. Us? Well, we think of babes like Gina Milano. How could you not? She may be old, but she oozes that sexy Italian charm. Just look at those lips. We bet you wouldn’t mind having them wrapped around your cock, right?

Farrah Dahl

You may also find Farrah Dahl credited as Farrah Foxxx. This is a babe that really hit the ground running when she got into the porn business. Her very first scenes were with Brazzers. Normally people have to ply their trade in the indies before they even get close to that. Sadly, this woman hasn’t filmed any anal scenes, but there is a ton (and we mean a metric ton) of great content to explore.

Darla Crane

Darla Crane, and her 36DD tits, are best known for the work that she carried out for Naughty America. She was often starred in their ‘My Friend’s Hot Mom’ videos. She did get around the business quite a bit, though. Some of the anal scenes that she did for Pure Play Media are absolutely golden and worth checking out. 

Sally D’Angelo

Sally D’Angelo often fills the role of a busty stepmom, and damn does she do it well. Active in the business for a decade or so now, you can catch Sally working with a treasure trove of production companies including Brazzers, Perv Nana, and Charlee Chase. This little slag loves anal! 


We want to wrap up this list with Deauxma, a sexy Texan with a whole load of attitude. Across her 226 porn movie credits, Deauxma has seen it all. Most of her later years have been dominated by lesbian porn (normally with a younger woman), but she has a good number of solo bate vids, foot jobs, and squirting in there too. Girlfriends Films offers some of our favorite content.

Why not check out a few of these over 50s pornstars today? We are sure that you will fall in love with every damn one of them. 


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