If you’d think about pornstars, you’d probably imagine the most hardcore scenes, gangbangs and blowjobs. This is all part of the deal, but some actresses are so beautiful that you simply cannot ignore their stunning presence. The most beautiful pornstars are appreciated for their performances, body assets and also facial features that make them irresistible. Some of them could genuinely be candidates for the Miss Universe contest.

Keep reading to discover a few beautiful pornstars that will simply make you fall in love with them instantly. Most of them do boy/girl scenes also, so you can explore all their juicy material for weeks to come.

Anisa Kate


Anisa Kate is a gorgeous French pornstar. Anisa is so beautiful, you can hardly take your eyes off of her. She has exotic features and looks like she would inherit beauty aspects from any continent. This stunning babe has tanned skin, a dark seductive look, and plump lips you cannot resist kissing. The rest of her body is hot and sensual like her face. Her boobs are big, perky, and sensual while her ass is perfectly rounded making her a full-package babe.

Maria Ozawa


Maria Ozawa is a superb Japanese porn star. Maria looks incredibly hot and beautiful from head to toe. This Asian girl has big dark eyes, perfectly contoured lips, and a smile that will turn your world upside down. Her boobs are of a perfect size and her sexy ass makes it hard for any man to not be hypnotized. On top of her stunning appearance, Maria is also very feminine, her moaning during sex is sexy and sensual, and you just can’t resist her.

Jynx Maze

Jynx Maze is a super hot American porn star. Turning all heads of Long Beach streets, Jynx is a beautiful babe with brown hair, big brown eyes, and silky tanned skin. She has a provocative look that invites you to all sorts of nasty scenes and a smile that can trick you into doing anything she wants. This babe, even if young, is a master of pleasure. On top of being extremely beautiful, Jynx is also sex hungry and she is open to experiencing sex scenes of all kinds. 

Tori Black

Tori Black is a super hot babe from the USA. This babe looks amazing from any angle you’d watch her. Her face and body are the perfect mix between sexiness and elegance. She is tall, has a thin figure, brown hair with some blonde highlights, and full lips. In bed, Tori is provocative and she knows exactly where to touch to drive men crazy. This babe has a reputation of being a sexy dancer so there is no wonder where she learned the art of seduction from.

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Megan Rain

Megan Rain is a hot American porn star. She joined the porn world shortly after her 18th birthday. This babe looks like an angel, having good girl features, but as soon as she starts stripping, the vixen smile and curvy body show up. Megan has long hair that often gets a color change, cute little freckles, and plump lips that make her extremely hot. It is hard to pick a single attractive feature of hers because both her face and body look amazing from every angle.

Malena Morgan


Malena Morgan is a super hot pornstar from the USA. Malena joined the porn world after dropping her decision to be a supermodel. This girl is the real deal, she is tall, slim, sexy, and incredibly beautiful. Her face is perfect and can be put on any cover. Malena has medium sandy-blonde hair that oftentimes she wears with natural curls, foxy eyes, plump lips, and silky skin. This beautiful girl likes being fucked by the big guys and she also loves hardcore and gangbangs.

Tera Patrick


Tera Patrick is a stunning Italian pornstar. This Mamacita is the full package anytime in the day. Tera has long red hair, elongated eyes, tanned skin, and a sensual smile to die for. This bombshell always kept her status high, being one of the most desired babes on the internet. She is so famous because of her perfect appearance, massive perky boobs, and her sex appeal. There is no wonder why even if retired, Tera is still one of the most attractive and desired pornstars.

Leah Gotti

Leah Gotti is an American pornstar. She started her porn career at 18 after she won the Exxxotica contest. This babe is so sweet you can barely imagine her being the porn star she is. Leah has dreamy features, green eyes, long dark hair, a sweet smile, and creamy skin. When we are talking about her body though, things get very hot. Leah has big boobies, a rounded ass, and beautiful feet, due to her sports experiences from high school. 

Eva Angelina

Eva Angelina is that Californian girl that will make her presence feel even in a full crowd of people. This girl has beauty and sex appeal that can hardly be found. Eva is extremely attractive and pretty. She has full lips, a sensual smile, big brown eyes, and medium brown hair. Her skin is always tanned and her curves are just too hot to handle. On top of her highly appreciated sex performances, Eva is loved for her sex energy, beauty, and charisma.

Scarlit Scandal

Scarlit Scandal is a jaw-dropping American porn star. This babe is incredibly beautiful. She has dark chocolate skin, feminine and seductive facial features, and dense curly hair that makes her look like a doll. Scarlit is petite but has an amazing body, bubble but and a tiny waist. This beautiful girl has no chance of being unobserved, her presence would make the sun turn for her. If you are looking for an exotic Mamacita to leave you breathless, Scarlit is the one.

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Stacy Cruz

Stacy Cruz is a Czech babe that looks ravishing. Stacy has a dominant posture because she is tall like a model, her attitude is sexy, intimidating, and elegant. This babe can make any man dream of her beautiful face. She has plump lips and a very charismatic smile, a seductive look, and long blonde hair. Stacy is the type of girl that knows how hot she is and how to use seduction as her lethal weapon. Watch out to be blown away by this attractive woman.

Gianna Dior


Gianna Dior is a delightful presence. Gianna is so beautiful she could be Miss Universe. This leggy beauty has exotic features that blend with her seductive attitude. She is tall, slim, and busty while her ass is perfectly round. Her face is of an angel, her big eyes and plump lips can make a dick wet in seconds. Gianna likes to keep her long silky hair straight so that she can be grabbed from behind while riding a cock or eating pussy.  

Freya Parker


Freya Parker is a charming porn star from the USA. This babe looks so damn good that men and women hardly can resist her. Freya has amazing blue eyes, milky skin, and pink contoured lips that beg for hot kisses. She is a true freak and she often describes herself as being an exhibitionist that likes to try it all and fulfill all her nasty fantasies. Freya is a chameleonic presence, she likes to change her looks, but whatever she chooses to do, she still remains ravishing.

Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa is a Russian porn star. This babe is so cute, sweet, and beautiful, you may think she is unreal. Jia is extremely beautiful, she has orange hair with milky skin, full lips, and kitty eyes. Jia enjoys watching porn movies as they always have happy endings. What we know for a fact is that every scene with Jia will have a happy ending. If you are looking for a nasty girl with an angelic face and attractive body, pick Jia for yourself.

Sara Retali

Sara Retali is a hot Venezuelan babe. This Mamacita is wildly beautiful. She is curvy in all the right places and her overall look is of a strong woman. Her body is perfectly toned and well shaped while her face is feminine and delicate. Sara is brunette, has big dark eyes, an innocent wide smile, and inviting lips. Sara is known for her tongue skills. She likes using her tongue as a recognition tool for pleasure. Watch out Sara for some seduction lessons.

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Lily Lou

Lily Lou is a gorgeous American babe that joined the porn world as an amateur, but she quickly reserved a safe place for herself in the big league. She is so delicate and fragile that you could barely imagine what she is capable of doing in bed. Lily has long brown hair, brown eyes, creamy skin, and also a very charismatic smile was blessed with. Lily is also a fan of playing with sex toys in front of the camera, don’t miss this out!

Madi Laine


Madi Laine is a jaw-dropping beauty. This babe has no other option than to go up in any porn rank because of her beauty and sex appeal. Madi has superb features that will take your breath away. Her hair is long and dark, her eyes are elongated, but still big and her lips are plump and well-defined. Her overall look has Asian influences that make her mysterious and special. Madi is also a busty lady that looks incredibly hot posing in her provocative lingerie.

Charlotte Sins

Charlotte Sins is a lovely presence. This babe has all the glamor of LA, where she comes from, and the mysterious look of a geisha. Charlotte looks ravishing from any angle you’d watch her. She is leggy, her boobs and ass are so squeezable and her well-shaped waist makes her look like a goddess. Charlotte also has a perfect face, with very well-defined cheekbones, plump lips, and wide mysterious eyes. This girl is the real deal, watch out for her content to be amazed.

Jasmine Wilde

Jasmine Wilde is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. This babe is all-natural, vegan, and jaw-dropping. She is the lucky owner of a double Ds, bubble ass, tiny waist, and toned body. Besides her smoking hot body, Jasmine is very beautiful and nerdy. When she is not riding a cock or eating pussy, Jasmine enjoys reading so she can keep her imagination hot. Our girl has unique gray eyes, defined cheekbones, and a beautiful mouth that asks for exploration.

Bella Luna


Bella Luna has a smoking hot appearance. This babe is a jaw-dropping porn star that is just too good to be true. She has medium curly hair, big brown eyes, full lips, and a Hollywood smile. Bella has a tempting body with big perky boobies, a round ass, an overall toned body, and soft skin. Any part of Bella is worth watching, so you’d better not miss out on her pictures, videos and social media accounts.


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