We understand that they might not be for everybody, but midget pornstars are surprisingly well-watched online. While you probably wouldn’t have found VHS and DVDs promoting midget pornstars back in the days of seedy adult stores, the internet has allowed people’s wildest fantasies to come true. Now midget pornstars can be found on all the major porn websites, and there are even subscription services dedicated to them.

On this page, we are going to introduce you to nineteen of our favorite midget pornstars. This isn’t a complete list, but if you are looking to dive into the world of midgets for the first time, then it is a cracking place to get started.

Hellen Renata

We are going to kick off this list with a real doozy. One of the hottest midgets working in porn. If you love your women to have a bit of bush on their pussies and be nice and thick, then Hellen Renata is probably going to be right up your street. This filthy little hoe isn’t afraid to do anything on camera. Anal. BJs, you name it. She is going to take that cock like a real champ.

Twidget the Midget

Let’s be honest, when it comes to midget pornstars, Twidget the Midget has literally the best name ever. She probably would have been included here even if she weren’t a babe. Twidget the Midget filmed her first scene back in the Summer of 2000, and damn was it one of the most epic midget scenes ever. She was fucked like she had been doing this on camera for years. This brunette babe is now one of the most famous brunettes on the porn scene.


Asian midget pornstars are as rare as hen’s teeth. They are barely anywhere to be found. We are glad that we have Akina there for us. This cute midget fucks like an absolute goddess. If you prefer your women to be on the trim side, then Akina is going to be perfect. This babe is incredibly slim, and her body is close to perfection. 

Karina Lemos

We suppose this is going to be a list of rarities in the porn world. Not only is Karina Lemos a midget, but she is also a working model. There are some people who even claim that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. You know what? It is damn tough to argue with that. She is certainly up there when it comes to looks, and she would probably be dominating the mainstream market if more people opened their minds up to midget pornstars. 

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Alexis Devell

Yep. More rarities for you here. You rarely get busty midgets because, well, the growth tends to be quite hindered. You rarely get milf midgets either. We suppose the market doesn’t really cater to them. Alexis Devell has said “fuck you” to all those people that want the small-breasted, younger midgets. This woman is busty as hell. It is awesome to see her tits jiggle when she is being rammed like the filthy slut that she is. 

Chloe Foster

This blonde shortie is an absolute stunner. Chloe Foster has regularly worked for Sweet Sinners, and it is not tough to see why. This sexy piece fucks amazingly well. The moans that come out of her mouth are going to absolutely blow your fucking mind. So much raw passion there. Oh, and yes, we have to mention the looks again. However, this woman has an almost supermodel quality to her. One that is worth checking out. 

Madison Scott

Alright. Madison Scott isn’t going to qualify as an official midget. She is just really short, standing at just 5 feet tall. Although, we are sure that you are bound to forget that she isn’t a real midget once you see how beautiful this babe is. She has a rocking pair of tits, with the rest of her body being nice and trim. She is incredibly pleasing on the eye. She hasn’t done much mainstream stuff, but she would easily be a success if she did. 

Alyssa Chase

We know that there are some people that will say that Alyssa Chase barely qualifies as a midget. Yes. We get that she is a bit taller than some of the other women out there, but who the hell cares? She is short. She is a babe. She is a brunette. What more could you possibly want? Because Alyssa Chase doesn’t quite look like your typical midget pornstar, she has managed to work her way into a whole host of videos in the mainstream. 

Jessica Bangkok

This half-Asian bird has been sucking cocks and draining man juices for a good few years now and, we must say, she is one of the midget pornstars that only seems to be getting better at what she does. This proper cum guzzler knows how to put on a performance. She isn’t the shortest midget out there, so you may want to steer clear if you are into that. However, if you are looking for a highly attractive babe that is going to get you horny as fuck with a single glance, then Jessica Bangkok is your girl. 

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Sunny Lane

5 foot tall Sunny Lane may be the most prolific of the midget pornstars. She has a whopping 200 scenes to her name, and there is no sign that this strawberry-blonde cutie is going to be slowing down any time soon. While she is a midget, she is just tall enough to have managed to garner acclaim in a multitude of major mainstream productions, so you may even see her kicking around some of your favorite porn sites.

Angel Smalls

Holy shit, this girl is tiny. She barely weighs anything either. Again, not legally a midget, but damn is she close enough. There is a lot that Angel Smalls likes. Like, a shit ton of it. However, based on the videos that we have seen of hers, there is nothing that she enjoys more than a good cock in her backdoor. Her ass must be tight as fuck. It must cause her a huge amount of pain to have it stretched in countless porn videos but, you know what? She doesn’t care. She is going to scream in pleasure every time anyway. 

Aleena Jonez

This lady is not only one of our favorite midget pornstars, but she has fast become one of our favorite milf pornstars. It is probably down to her cracking tits, or maybe the fact that her body looks normal. She isn’t ashamed of it. There are a couple of scars here and there, but she embraces them. Her tits may be a bit on the saggy side, but she embraces it. This results in videos that just feel so much more passionate. 

Kalfari Karina

Kalfari Karina is a Hungarian pornstar. You are unlikely to find her on any of the major porn websites. This is because she is a little bit frigid about what she does. She spent the first chunk of her career sucking cock on camera. That’s all she did. No sex. Nothing. Now she does sex, she insists that a condom is worn. Although, this does give her whole fuckfest life a bit more of an amateur feel, which we do love ever so much. She is great to watch if you want some of that Eastern European beauty. 

Rei Minami

At under 5 feet, this Asian pornstar is coming up on being a legal midget (although, she isn’t quite there). As you probably know by now, there aren’t a whole lot of midget pornstars in the business, so we have to look to people like Rei Minami who end up coming damn close. Her tits are big, and her body is 100% natural. She hasn’t been in a lot of porn, but if you can catch her riding a cock then we reckon that you will love it.

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Another Asian pornstar that is almost a legal midget, but not quite. Fuko has a very cute look to her. Whenever she is on camera she always has a hint of playfulness with a dash of naughtiness. We love it. She is included on this list because of her massive natural tits. They are so big that Fuko could probably use them as a flotation device. She may just need it too. Especially with how wet she can get (yes, we know that is corny as shit). 

Alyssa Moore

Blonde hair. Check. Blue eyes. Check. Midget. Check. We are pretty sure that we have found your ideal pornstar here. This bitch loves to suck cock. Like, she really loves it. There is barely a video where she isn’t guzzling cum. She hasn’t done any anal scenes, yet. Although, we have no doubt people are trying to convince her. Still, at least you get to see that clean-shaven pussy as she rides dick after dick. 

Aiden Starr

We don’t know about you, but we love our midget pornstars to be a bit on the chunkier side. To us, it seems so much more natural. Now, Aiden Starr isn’t a real midget…although she comes pretty close. If you love a bit of meat on the body (but you don’t want it to go overboard), then she is worth checking out. We reckon that you will only need to have a peek at her tits and you will just fall in love. 

Jessi Palmer

Nope. She isn’t a teen. We know that she looks like it, but Jessi Palmer is now deep into her 30s. You probably won’t see her being snapped up for MILF porn any time soon. This redheaded babe is absolutely perfect. We love her bushy, little pussy. It looks fantastic with a cock buried in it. We even love her pigtails. We always pay attention to them when that luscious mouth is wrapped around a throbbing cock. 

Amee Donovan

Amee Donovan probably has the second-largest rack on this list (she is just beaten by Fuko), but she is probably the best fucker here. Her ass may look tight, but she has taken so many cocks up there that they just slide right on in. She gives some of the best anal scenes in the business, and it is a massive shame this midget pornstar hasn’t won awards for it.

That’s it. That’s our nineteen best midget pornstars. Which hoe was your favorite?


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