Young pornstars are pretty much everywhere you look when it comes to porn. They earn the big bucks because everybody wants to see people under the age of 40 get fucked. A great shame, really. In our experience, mature pornstars tend to be the best. They are sexier, and they have a shit ton more experience. 

To prove this, we are going to share with you the names, of over 40 of the hottest mature pornstars in the world. Look at them. Watch their videos. We guarantee that each and every one of these fucks so incredibly well on camera.

To make things a little bit more convenient for you, we have ordered these from oldest to youngest. This way you will be able to find the mature pornstars that suit your tastes with ease.

Mature Pornstars:

Sally Dangelo (1954)

Sally Dangelo got started really late in the business. Most people are getting started in their 20s. Sally waited until she was in her 50s. Although, we suppose it is better late than never, yes? It is likely that somebody told her that the world would be more than happy to look at her 42GGG tits and she just rolled with it. She is mostly working in grandma porn, but every so often she dabbles in a bit of MILF stuff, just because she looks young enough to pull it off.

Erica Lauren (1954)

GILF Erica Lauren has spent a whopping 19 years in the business, almost all of it has been either as a MILF or a GILF. While she is almost in her 60s, you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Her boobs are damn perky, and she has that smile on her face that just screams that she is cock hungry. Yes, she has had a bit of work done, but most pornstars at this age have. They feel compelled to do so. You probably won’t even care once you see her riding a cock for God knows the number of times in her life. Karups offers some of her best content. 

Dana Hayes (1954)

You don’t get that many chubby matures, so for our third lass on the hottest mature pornstars, we are going to give you something of a rarity; Dana Hayes. SHe isn’t the ost stunningly attractive woman in the world, but we feel this makes her so much more endearing. She looks like a sweet, younger grandmother. She isn’t going to give you cookies and hugs, though. Oh no. It is all about sucking on that cock. If you’re lucky, she may even let you cum over her natural melons. 

Nina Hartley (1959)

Nina Hartley has been in the business for a good long while now, and it is safe to say that she is a damn legend. She has entered countless porn halls of fame, and she is still racking up awards to this day. We reckon that she is going to be the type of woman that you want to watch if you are interested in the sexy schoolteacher vibe. She looks ready to punish you…and you are probably going to be more than happy to accept whatever punishment she is willing to dish out! 

Deauxma (1960)

When she entered the business in her 40s, people were instantly enamored with Deauxma’s amazing tits. They are enhanced 32G, but damn do they look natural as hell. She is one of the rare matures (at least at this age) that even rocks a navel piercing. How cool is that? As an award-winning pornstar, she has the luxury of being famous enough to run her own porn production company (which is wildly successful). You can check her out at other sites like Milfed, though. 

Tia Gunn (1960)

44K tits. fucking huge. Enhanced, but still fucking huge. One of the cool things about Tia Gunn is that she didn’t enter the business late. She got started at 19, so if you really love her as one of the mature pornstars, then you can easily track her path from being a fresh-faced teen not having the foggiest what is going on all the way through to one of the most experienced pornstars in the business. She originally worked as Pamela Stacks. Look at Naughty America for some awesome content. 

Lacey Starr (1961)

She may be in her 50s and slightly chubby, but Lacey Starr has all the energy of somebody much younger than her. Even though she has been in the business for almost 20 years, she still has that smile on her face which shows that she genuinely enjoys what she does. She genuinely loves having cocks buried inside of her and other women licking her pussy. Check out some of her solo bate videos if you want to hear so damn hot moaning. 

Karen Summers (1962)

Karen Summers got started in the business when she was 19, which means she is now a solid 40 years in the business, and she claims that she isn’t going to be giving up anytime soon. Thankfully, we are not in a hurry for her to go anywhere either. Her 40DD tits are natural. They aren’t as firm as they were back her younger days, but which woman has the firm tits of a 19 year old once they head past their 20s? None. They still look amazing. 

Sexy Vanessa (1963)

Hailing from Argentina, Sexy Vanessa is the first Latina on our list. She has 38DD tits. If you love your mature women to have red hair, then you are probably going to love her. It is very clearly dyed, but sometimes you just want that pop of color in the porno that you watch. Even in her slightly more mature years, there are still plenty of people hailing her as one of the best redheads in the business. Pornstar Platinum offers some of her amazing work. 

Rachel Steele (1963)

You would think that with 37 years in the business, Rachel Steele would be starting to get tired of it all. However, it appears that she loves cock just too damn much. While we are never going to be lucky enough to shove our cock into Rachel Steele, we do feel that we are lucky enough to live in an age where we can see her 38DD tits bouncing about on camera. She is a huge fan of anal videos, so keep an eye out for those when you are diving into her extensive back catalog. 

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Jodi West (1964)

Jodi West is easily one of her favorite ladies on the Karups website. She is just so damn filthy. Whether she is working with a cock or another pussy, you know that she is going to give it her all. If you are lucky, you may even catch her cumming more than once! She sounds so beautiful when she does it. If you want to see her and her 34D tits in all her glory, then check out her porn production company. This is where all her mature work can now be found. 

Lady Sonia (1964)

Lady Sonia often fills the roll of busty mature secretary, which should probably give you an idea of the sort of vibe that she gives off. Sexy. Mature, and very soft-spoken. However, if Lady Sonia is allowed to shine, then it won’t be long before she is diving into BDSM. She loves to punish! She is one of the hottest MILFs in the business right now, and her solo bate videos are some of the best we have ever seen, mature or not. 

Wifey (1965)

Wifey (sometimes billed as Sandra Melchin) has been active in the porn business for 24 years now. She got started pretty late, not taking her first cock on camera until she was 33. She was a real natural, though. It wasn’t long until guys and gals were feasting their eyes upon her natural 36E tits. You won’t find much of her stuff around the major porn sites. Instead, she runs her own porn production company and has done so since 19987, all with the help of her husband. Search for Wifeys World. 

Andi James (1966)

More redhead goodness for you here! Pair her red hair with her 38F natural tits and you pretty much have our dream mature woman. As with most of the lasses that you will find on this list, the best work she has done in her more mature years has been alongside Karups. although she has some cool MILF Hunter stuff too. Whatever you see her in, you can guarantee that you are going to see one of the best mature BJs that you have ever seen in your life. 

Darla Crane (1966)

Darla Crane is the Queen of fetish porn. Before she started acting in the biz, she actually wrote scenes for other porn stars. Turns out that she wanted a piece of the action too, so it wasn’t too long before she was filming a few bondage scenes of her own. Her place in the industry was cemented shortly after that. She has worked with Evil Angel Video, but we love some of the work that she did for Big Top Sin too, even if it comes from her younger days. 

Kelly Madison (1967)

Kelly Madison is known for her FF tits and her eternally youthful looks. honestly, if you look at her, you wouldn’t even think that she was in her mid-50s. When we first saw her, we swore she was in her 30s. We thought we had made a mistake while researching this list of the hottest mature pornstars! Most of Kelly Madison’s more recent content has been for Team Fidelity. In these videos, she pairs up with her husband to go and fuck new entrants to the porn business. So, you get a bit of straight sex and some awesome lesbian sex rolled into one. Cool, huh?

Janet Mason (1967)

Janet Mason claims that one of her specialties is Bukkake. Although, we suppose that this is pretty much a given for any mature woman working in the porn biz. Most of them love one cock cumming over their face, so it only makes sense that the more cocks, the merrier. She doesn’t really get involved in the whole shagging on camera thing nowadays, though. Instead, this redhead MILF is doing most of her work on webcam sites, She works closely with her husband. 

Payton Leigh (1967)

Payton Leigh is another mature woman that seemingly doesn’t age. She looks like she is perpetually in her 30s, which is quite alright with us. As a blonde with natural 34C tits (and those youthful looks), you can bet your bottom dollar that pretty much ever major porn company in the world has attempted to hire her. Why wouldn’t they? Somebody that looks this great is virtually guaranteed business. You can find her porn across dozens of sites including Hush Pass, MotherFucker XXX, and Smut Puppet. 

Tara Holiday (1967)

Born in Chile, this babe has been in the business for several years now (and she shows no sign of slowing down). We love the fact that Tara Holiday has a shit ton going for her. As you can tell, she is sexy as shit. She has a great rack and an even better ass. It is no wonder that she has worked with all the big guns from Ass Parade all the way through to Bang Bros and New Sensations. 

Taylor Wane (1968)

Born in England, Taylor Wane made a beeline for America as soon as she was old enough. Not to become a porn star, that came much later. Instead, she wanted a modeling career. She had a decent amount of success with that too. Eventually, the call of being paid to take a cock deep inside of her for cash became a little bit too intense. She started working in the porn business in 1992, picking up awards almost instantly. Her best mature content has come from working with Brazzers and Primal Attraction. 

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Zoey Holloway (1968)

Oh boy. Zoey Holloway has won way more awards than we can count. She wins pretty much every award that she has been nominated for, even as a mature pornstar. This woman is well-respected in the business. She is billed as a BDSM artist, which means that she is pretty damn good at BDSM. She draws the line at anal, though. She has only ever filmed one anal scene in her life (for Elegant Angel) and she swore never to do it again. Still, at least that video is still online, right?

Josephine James (1968)

We don’t think anybody could possibly look more British than Josephine James. L.ike, her entire look screams “I am British” and, you know what? We bloody well love it. We love her 34J natural honkers to (who wouldn’t?). She hasn’t worked with a huge number of companies, opting to spend most of her time in England. However, you can see some great stuff on the Naughty America network of sites.

Julia Ann (1969)

This AVN Hall of Famer looks like she is in her 20s. Look at her. How does she keep that body so toned? What is this filthy slut’s secret? Perhaps it is the lashings of cum that she has had all over her body. She got started in the business in the early 90s and, like many women who entered the business at this time, she did so with Vivid. She dropped that contract later on. Her mature content has been with Elegant Angel, New Sensations, and Evil Angel. 

Brooke Tyler (1969)

You know what? Not enough mature pornstars have pussy tattoos. We are glad that Brooke Tyler breaks that trend. Because, y’know, we really needed something tor remind us to look at one of the hottest mature pussies around. If you love your large melons, then she is the woman for you. She is constantly getting upgrades, with her latest ones capping out a GG cup. Watch her stuff at Brazzers and MILF Hunter. 

Shay Fox (1969)

Shay Fox has the vibe of an older Kardashian. She oozes class, and she has done so ever since she entered the business over a decade ago. She has had a lot of work done over the years, which we know that some people do not agree with. But us? Well, we find that it just makes her so much sexier. If it makes her happy, then it makes us happy. Look at Naugty America XXX for some of her more recent and, in our opinion, best work. 

Syren De Mer (1969)

Syren De Mer has been in the business for around 15 years now, but she hasn’t filmed anywhere near as much content as some of the other ladies on this list. Just a shade over 100 videos. This is because this babe is only willing to shoot a scene if she is looking for a bit of sex. It isn’t about the money for her. This mature babe loves a good DP or creampie (sometimes even both!). She has worked for all the major porn companies, but we suggest looking at her stuff at Brazzers. It is up there with some of our favorite mature content. 

Kianna Dior (1969)

Canadian-Chinese bird Kianna Dior has been damn popular for several years now. We have always watched her videos whenever they have popped up, even if they have started to become a little less frequent. She is one of the few mature babes engaging in watersports and bondage, even if she isn’t doing the former anywhere near as frequently as in the past. She is a Brazzers girl, but she is willing to head wherever the money is, so you may find her content in countless other places.

Samantha 38g (1969)

No prizes for guessing why this woman has 38G in her name! We have no idea if Samantha will ever change her name if she gets a titty enhancement. We doubt this Texan blondie is planning on giving them an upgrade any time soon anyway. If you love your BBWs (i.e. a few rolls around the stomach), then you will fall in love with Samantha. She is purely natural. Naughty America plays host to a lot of her content. 

Reagan Foxx (1970)

Reagan Foxx didn’t get started in the porn business until her mid-40s. Back then, she was just a cam girl, though. It wasn’t until she was 47 that porn companies started to pay proper attention to her, with Forbidden Fruits providing her gateway to real porn. It seemed to be a good decision on her behalf, because she has been nominated several times for MILF of the year (although the actual wards still elude her). Pure Taboo and PornStar Gold offer her best content. 

Kailani Kai (1970)

Latina babe Kailani Kai is tall and dark…just the way that we like it. She is damn sexy, and she only seems to be improving with age (a rather cliche saying, but she is like a fine wine). She has 38K tits, and she certainly loves a good bit of anal sex or creampie. She does both straight and lesbian porn, with the latter offering some damn sexy performances. Bang Bros offers some awesome content. 

Ava Lauren (1971)

You may also see Ava Lauren billed as Lana Lotts. It is hard to pinpoint her ethnicity. Even she doesn’t seem to know. It seems to be a mix between caucasian, Italian, and a sprinkling of Italian. You probably won’t care when you are looking at her 40DDD tits anyway. She works with both males and females, but some of our favorite content from Ava Lauren is her masturbation videos. You can find her content pretty much anywhere, but Brazzers is one of our favorite places. Digital Sin and 3rd Degree also offer some great stuff. 

Ryan Conner (1971)

You may have heard of Ryan Conner’s daughter (Dylan Phoenix). They both look roughly the same. Both have some awesome tattoos. Of course, Ryan Conner is the much older of the two. Ryan Conner is very much in the MILF category of things nowadays. She produces her own porn (and some of the porn for her daughter), but Ryan has also worked with the likes of Sara Jay and POV Mania. 

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Tiffany Mynx (1971)

Tiffany Mynx was highly active early on in her career (she started in her 20s). People loved her and we have no doubt she was making buckets of cash. Of course, as with most pornstars, eventually, they need to take a break from the industry. Porn can be heavy-going, and you need to take breaks to raise a family, etc. Everybody thought that Tiffany Mynx would be gone from the business forever. There was much fanfare when she returned a few years back. She now works for Bang Bros. Brazzers, and pretty much every other major porn company. 

Lisa Ann (1972)

Italian babe Lisa Ann has won awards for being sexy. Honestly? We would probably invent an award-giving company if it meant we could give her more accolades for the joy that she has given us. She was retired from the industry for a while, but she made her big comeback with the critically acclaimed porn parody where she played the role of Sarah Palin. She now works solely with Evil Angel. 

Amber Lynn Bach (1972)

German-Irish babe Amber Lynn Back claims that she is the filthiest MILF online. While we are not 100% sure that this claim is accurate, we can tell you that there are very few people filthier than her online. We doubt there ever will be. This busty MILF just loves the cock. You best keep your speakers turned down low when you watch her stuff, because those moans are gonna be LOUD. Brazzers and My Friend’s Hot Mom host her more recent content. 

Africa Sexxx (1973)

We don’t think we have included a black mature pornstar on this list yet, right? No. We don’t think we have, so here is a treat. One of the best black mature pornstars in the business right now. Her 40M tits are 100% natural, and fuck me do they hang so great. They are the sort of thing that you would love to have flopping over your head as you fuck her shaved pussy. We wish it were us starring in content for Score and other companies alongside her.

Diamond Foxxx (1973)

Christ. You would never believe that DIamond Foxxx is as old as she is. This lady has been in the business for a couple of decades now, and it seems as if she just doesn’t age. While she does pretty much anything on camera with people, her lesbian sex scenes are some of her best content, particularly if you catch her in a lesbo gangbang. She has even won awards for it. Whether she is rocking blond hair or red hair in one of her videos, you know that you are in for a real treat. 

Brandi Love (1973)

Half English, half Polish, Brandi Love really goes in deep on that European vibe. She is almost 50s, but she is still fucking like a much younger woman. So much energy. So much passion for that cock and pussy. While she has worked with both Brazzers and Bang Bros., she runs her own porn production company (found at where you can find her best content. 

Claudia Marie (1974)

She started life as a semi-successful rockstar. After posting a ton of pictures to her band’s website, it seems that people really wanted her to dive into the porn business. She was happy to oblige because she really wanted the rest of the world to see her 50J tits. While she does sometimes work with the likes of Naughty America, almost everything that she does nowadays is solo webcam work. 

India Summer (1975)

India Summer is an award-winning pornstar and director. She is an interracial MILF, but is mostly white. She doesn’t actually talk about the other side of her heritage. You would think that it is Indian, but apparently not. This woman is pretty much everywhere online. As with most mature babes, she spends a lot of time with Brazzers. However, we have recommended Brazzers a ton on this page so far, so we suggest that you head to one of her other sites. Perhaps check her out at Twistys?

Alexis Fawx (1976)

Ukrainian Alexis Fawx won the AVN award for MILF Performer fo the Year almost as soon as she was eligible. It seems people knew that they loved her, and they want to give her the votes to show just how much she is appreciated. Alexis Faux does your typical porn. Bit of straight. Bit of lesbian. Nothing too crazy, right? Oh, yes. There is. She also enjoys being fisted, something which we don’t think we have seen with other mature pornstars. There are tons of videos out there across dozens of different porn companies.

Cherokee D Ass (1976)

Oh boy. What a woman to wrap up with. If you want women that look like they can break you in half if you say no to them, then you are going to love Cherokee D Ass. This woman is a real dominant one. She loves her BDSM, and she loves to tell others what to do. Sadly, this bubble-butted woman has retired from the industry, but you can still see her being fucked as a mature bird.


Phew! That’s a lot of mature pornstars. We hope that you have spotted a couple that you liked. Sorry if we missed your favorites. We know that there are tons of hottest mature pornstars that we could have included. We only had a limited amount of space. However, we reckon that we have included more than enough women to cover just about everybody’s mature fantasy. 


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