We know what you’re in the mood for. A little lesbian action, right? Well, tremendous! Because we are about to share the best lesbian OnlyFans accounts with you. Twenty of them, in fact.

These OnlyFans accounts feature real lesbians getting their groove on. While many of these are more than happy to have men following them, they absolutely love when women get themselves off to that hot lesbian action. So, if you’re a lesbian (or a woman that fancies being a bit experimental), then you’re going to love this list.

Let’s jump right on in because we absolutely cannot wait to share this list of Lesbian OnlyFans with you.


We don’t think we could have had this list of the best lesbian OnlyFans accounts get off to a better start. This real lesbian couple is more than happy to fuck each other for you. They are bloody hot lesbians too. They include a ton of awesome photos and videos on their profile, and there are even daily posts. On top of it all, these sexy lesbians are more than happy to answer any questions you have about their lesbian fun. The subscription price ain’t too bad either.


Teeezme is just a single lesbian, but don’t worry. She does get a couple of women in, on occasion. A woman has needs, you know? If you hop on over to her OnlyFans page, you can enjoy tons and tons of solo bate content, sex content, and more. She is one of the only Black lesbians on ONlyFans too, at least on the list of the most popular profiles list. So, if you are into your ebony lasses, then check Teeezeme out, just like hundreds of other OnlyFans users have.


Woah! Lesbian MILFs? Where do we sign up? Actually, you know what makes it better? Their account is (currently) 100% free to sign up for. Not many PPVs either (they seem to rely on tips), so as soon as you’re in, you get tons and tons of sexy lesbian goodness. Pussy shots. Tit shots. You name it, and you’ll find it on the Hotmomlove profile. If you do sign up for one of those PPVs (and you will almost certainly do that eventually), then you’ll enjoy even more sexy lesbian content, with some of the hottest squirting action in the world.


Apparently, this real lesbian couple on OnlyFans met in a strip club and very quickly started to hit it off. Not too long later, they fell in love and now they are producing sexy OnlyFans content. Once you’re in, you get to enjoy all the hot New Zealand lesbian content that this couple has been dishing out to their fans for years. They run the odd PPV (for some fun pussy licking…fun) but almost everything else is going to be free (with your subscription), and there is almost 1,000 pieces of content to consume.

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Marianamartix is what we would call ‘gay for pay’. She is a Colombian porn star (you may have seen her before), who dabbles in both boy-girl and lesbian content on her OnlyFans. We don’t think she is a full-blown lesbian, but when we watch her get freaky on her lesbian OnlyFans profile, she certainly fools us! Since she is a porn star, she obviously really knows how to move her body on camera and deliver those amazing porn star moans. We have been turned on by MarianaMatrix more than our fair share of times.


We move along to bi-sexual Daintywilder who, in our opinion, is one of the sexiest women on this list. She has looks that would put a supermodel to shame. Not that she could be a supermodel. When she says dainty in her name, she really does mean that she is dainty. She posts daily nudes on her profile, and you’ll get to enjoy all the lesbian and boy-girl content that you could ever possibly want to enjoy. She has over 3,000 posts on her profile, so we think she is one of the most prolific OnlyFans performers too!


This woman has absolutely no PPVs. It is her pledge to the world. It is also her pledge that she will post more lesbian and boy-girl scenes than any other girl on OnlyFans. Based on what we have seen of her so far…she is doing a bloody good job keeping to that promise! She has anal scenes, cream pies, and a whole lot more. If you want to see a beautiful woman eat another beautiful woman’s ass, then this is where you need to be. Considering the amount of content that you get for your subscription (over 3,000 pieces of media), we don’t think there is a better bang for your buck.


When you land on Ambsofficialxo’s profile, she makes two promises; big tits and hot lesbian content. Luckily, she meets both of those promises. Her tits look amazing, and you are guaranteed to pop a chubby within seconds of her going down on another woman. Although, you get so much more than a lesbian OnlyFans here. You get an OnlyFans where the woman experiments with men, and herself.. Tons and tons of content, all waiting for you to enjoy it!


You already know by now that we are really into our lesbian couples on OnlyFans. Most of them enjoy bonking each other on camera, and this top 5% OnlyFans couple is no exception to that rule. Their OnlyFans is free to subscribe to, but you aren’t going to get much for nothing. You can pay per piece of content that you want, and they are normally damn affordable. We are talking just a few bucks for a full sex scene or an epic squirting video. 

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This is a lesbian couple that loves to post full-blown sex videos directly to their OnlyFans wall. Although, despite them being OnlyFans lesbians, they know that their fans want more than lesbian sex scene after lesbian sex scene. You’ll also get to enjoy some amazing threesomes, foursomes, straight sex scenes, and more. Although, it is mostly about the lesbian sex, and these ladies know how to get damn kinky (seriously if they post anything related to scissoring…watch it!)


Charliebhustle_ is certainly up there with the top lesbian OnlyFans accounts. She posts daily pics and videos to her profile, and rarely are they going to be PPV. So, for the price of one sub, you could have instant access to over 200 videos! Most of her content is going to be solo bate, etc. However, she does like to throw in some great lesbian scenes with other OnlyFans lesbians. When she isn’t doing that, she is being bounded by a BBC. 


Colombian babe Annabgo claims that she has the most explicit ass on OnlyFans. Truth be told, we don’t have a clue what she means by ‘explicit ass’, but we must admit that it looks pretty damn tasty….especially when she is having it eaten by one of her cute lesbo friends. Her content is varied (some BG stuff in there), but always amazing. Check out some of the most hardcore lesbian scenes on OnlyFans with annabgo! 


If you want a cute 19-year-old lass that dabbles in pretty much everything, and we mean everything, then check out Izzybunnies. When she is not in the midst of a solo bate session, or being DPed, she throws together some damn hardcore lesbian sex scenes. A sub to her OnlyFans will give you daily nudes, but you’ll need to pay if you want to see the sex. Although, that’s the case with pretty much every lesbian on OnlyFans. 


This Latina has picked up awards from both xBiz and AVN, so you know she is going to put on a good show. She is so confident in the quality of the content that she pumps out, she’ll even give you the first 7 days on her profile for free. Here, you’ll get to experience pics of her amazing ass and tits. While it isn’t common, she’ll also add some lesbian sex scenes in there too. 


Good lord! This woman’s ass is so big it could have its own gravitational field! When you subscribe to Nixlynka on OnlyFans, you can enjoy daily nudes posted to her profile. She also films a lot of sex scenes, including hardcore lesbian sex scenes with some of her friends on OnlyFans. Yeah, you’ll have to pay for them, but once you see the quality that they boast, we’re sure you won’t mind too much about that! 

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Littlelaine is a PornHub.com veteran who figured she could make a bit of extra cash on OnlyFans, and she has been massively successful. While she is best known for her queefing (yes, seriously), she is a pro pornstar, so she is no stranger to doing a good mix of content and always making it look bloody tremendous. Subscribe and get access to hundreds of videos (no PPV), including full sex scenes, squirting content, and so much more! 


Most of Sarablonde’s sex scenes are with a guy, but every so often she throws up some proper hardcore lesbian sex content and you could swear that she is constantly craving the muff. She is worth checking out if you’re a fan of big asses, squirting, and the odd cream pie. Most of her content is included with your sub. 


We love how Veronicavansing doesn’t beat around the bush. On her profile, she claims to be a proper slut. We have seen her content. We 100% agree with this statement! Like most of the lesbian OnlyFans profiles, she dabbles in almost everything. However, this may be the only woman on this list that has filmed an outdoor sex scene. So, if you’re into that, check her out. You’ll have almost 200 other videos to discover too! 


Codivore is one of the most popular women on OnlyFans, and it isn’t hard to see why. Pretty much everybody loves a cute blondie. As a pro pornstar, she adds a lot of content t her wall. You’ll get mostly nude photos, the odd bate video, and some lesbian sex content. If you’re lucky, you may even catch one of her live shows! 


This Mexican babe has produced some of our favorite lesbian sex videos on OnlyFans, but that’s probably because we’re really into our Mexicans. She doesn’t speak much English, but we doubt you will care. Herpussy and tits are pretty much a universal language. It just means ‘hot’. Check her out today!

There you have it. 20 of the best lesbian OnlyFans. Check out all of them. You’ll have enough content to last you years! 

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