We don’t know about you, but we love ourselves some thicc pornstars. Who wouldn’t love curvy pornstars? A good bit of meat to hold to while you are giving them the railing of their lives.

Now, the problem (probably not a major problem if you love your thicc girls) is the fact that the world of porn is becoming overwhelmed by women on the curvier side of things. This can make finding the hottest thicc pornstars bloody difficult. Luckily, you have us. We love you, and this means that we are going to share with you a list of who we genuinely believe are the twenty hottest babes in the biz.

Hottest Thick Curvy Pornstars:

Mary Jean

We are off to a proper good start for those that love their bubble butts. Mary Jean has one of the best damn bubble butts in the business. Porn in New York City, Mary Jean oozes that NYC charm and look. We are sure you know what we mean. She is Dominican, so she has that going for her too. One of the things that we love about Mary Jean (and we love a shit ton about her) is the fact that her videos are so mixed. You have solo bate. Cock videos (which she really loves) and a bit of lesbo action for when she is extra horny.

Skylar Snow

Skylar Snow hails from Puerto Rico, although you probably be able to tell by looking at her. This red-headed Goddess has lived in Los Angeles for most of her life. She rocks 34DDD 100% natural tits, so when we say that she is thicc, we genuinely mean that she is one of the thicc pornstars. The way her tits hang is the sort of thing bards should sing about they are that memorable. Check out her stuff for Sweet Sinner and Nuru Massage where those chunky tits are put to work.

Kagney Linn Karter

Kagney Linn Karter may be short, but man is this babe curvy. Born in 1987, the bulk of what Kagney does now is MILF porn, and fuck she does it incredibly well. Some of the best and hottest MILF shit that we have ever seen. Her sexy Texan accent brings her videos to life, and her personality really draws you into the action. Although, of course, it is the fuck action that this babe rocks that really makes her come to life. Fucking impeccable. 

Payton Preslee

Chicago-born Payton Preslee is an absolute stunner. She has tits that you just can’t your eyes off of. They may be fake, but you can’t help but think how fucking good it would be to motorboat them. Hell, we may have to take a break from writing here to imagine that ourselves. Alright. We are back. This lass doesn’t talk much about herself. Instead, it is up to her sex skills to tell the story…and damn do they tell a story. If you want to see this black-haired lass do her best work, then check out Blow Pass or Bang Gonzo. 

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Romi Rain

James Deen is a god of the porn world, and he only works with the best of the best. So, when we tell you that Romi Rain has performed multiple scenes with him, you probably know what you are getting with this thicc pornstar. This tattoo-laden bird rocks 34DDD tits. Fake, but damn do they look good. Her body has just right the amount of chunk and, believe us, if you were ever lucky enough to fuck her you would need it to hold on to. She likes to ride hard. 

Karlee Grey

If you looked at Karlee Grey from the front, you wouldn’t think that she is that curvy but, when she turns around? Oh boy. That ass is phat. This American babe started her porn career on OnlyFans, but it wasn’t long before the major porn companies (and tons of major pornstars) were gagging for her pussy. She was happy to oblige. Most of her stuff is self-produced amateur-style content. But, if you want to see this babe in a pro shoot, then you can explore a goldmine of content at Scam Angels, Lets Doe It, and Girlfriends Films.

Anissa Kate

All the lovely chubby pornstars that we have discussed so far come from the US, so shall we mix things up a little bit? Let’s introduce you to Anissa Kate. This French babe does it in European style. This is pretty much the same as the American style, but she has a cute accent when she does it. She has a cracking rack, and a tiny bit of hair on her pussy which you don’t see anywhere near enough nowadays. Some of her favorite scenes to film are anal. Have a look at her Anal 4K videos for proof.

Victoria Cakes

Ebony babes always have the best asses, and Victoria Cakes is no exception to that rule. Of course, it ain’t just about the ass with her. She has gone under the knife and come out rocking a pair of 38GG tits. You will be in awe when you watch this bitch fuck. She loves to do a ton of BDSM shit (often with other women) but you have a ton of work of hers to explore. We suggest that you check out Ass Parade. It offers the best showcase for that ass. 

Aryana Adin

Aryana Adin claims that she has the juiciest ass in porn, and who are we to argue with that? She has an ass, and it is pretty fucking juicy. Her ass is fucking huge, but that ain’t the highlight on this ebony babe. You think it would be, but nowhere near close. The highlight is her melons. These milkers are 34DDD and, get this, they are 100% au natural. Watch both her chunky parts on Brown Bunnies, All Black X, Lil Humpers, and way more sites.

Ava Addams

Turns out we have another French lass here, or perhaps British. She is billed as being from both France and Gibraltar, so who knows? All we know is that her hefty milkers keep us watching her for hours and hours on end. She has 32DDD tits. They are fake, but they must have been big before, because they hang so damn naturally when she is being pounded. This is a woman that knows how to milk a cock for all its worth, and you will regularly see her doing that in the content she stars in. She regularly films sex scenes for her OnlyFans, but she has a few pro shoots too.

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Mona Azar

Mona Azar offers something that you don’t really find that much in the porn world. A mix of Persian and Italian heritage. Creates a damn unique look. On her PornHub.com page, she lists one of her turn-offs as ‘small cocks’, which kinda gives you an idea about what she enjoys riding. Although, we doubt that you will be spending too much time looking at the cock buried deep inside her anyway. She has a massive natural rack. Don’t stare too close, though. The way they move is almost hypnotic. 

Julz Gotti

Thick Latinas. There just isn’t enough of them about. Luckily, Julz Gotti exists. Her body is 100% natural. She entered the porn business as soon as she was able to do so, and she has hung around ever since, fucking guy after guy on camera (with a couple of lesbian videos thrown in for good measure). We love Julz Gotti. She has an awesome personality, and a cute smile. Check her out at Reality Kings and a whole host of other sites.

Alina Belle

Alright. We know. Alina Belle may not be what is traditionally thought as ‘thicc’ but, let’s be honest, many pornstars are stick thin, so she is a nice break from the norm. Plus, whenever we have the opportunity to mention somebody like Alina Belle, you can bet your last fucking dollar that we are going to do so. This Latina babe has a cute ass (nice and bubbly), and a smile that could melt hearts. You will get to see a lot of that when you watch her fuck on sites like Reality Kings.

Natasha Nice

Yeah. That’s what we are talking about. Natasha Nice is proper fucking thicc. 36D natural knockers and a good bit of chunk on the belly. Can’t say better than that, can ya? Oh wait, you can. She has been active in the porn business for the last 15 years so you have a shit ton of opportunity to see this brunette in all her glory. She is American, but she speaks French too. This gives her some unique content. Check out Nuru Massage and MILFED for some great content. 

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby has always been one of our favorite MILFs, and once you watch this blondie fuck, you will quickly realize why. She does it damn well. She comes from Northern England, which means that she has a bloody awesome accent. Because she is British, she hasn’t really worked with any of the bigger porn companies, but don’t let that put you off. Her videos are still brilliant. Check out Skinz Erotica, for instance. 

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Tru Kait

Tru Kait has a skinny body, with the bulk of her curves being in those tits. This Latina boasts 34D tits. As a yoga instructor, she knows how to keep herself fit. So, you get the curves and the fitness. We doubt there are that many other women that you can get that from, right? She is a little over 5 feet in height, so you even get that cute small look. Tommy Wood offers some awesome content.

Maserati Xxx

Jamaican ebony Maserati Xxx has a huge rack. Like fucking huge. We couldn’t find out exactly how big they are, but we reckon that she fell off a boat, they would offer enough floatation. Fuck, somebody could even ride those tits they are that massive. They are natural too, which makes them even better! She loves her pussy licked, and she loves when people cum all over those epic tits. Check out ‘Love Ebony Pussy’ for some of her best content. 

Sahara Leone

There are some women that you fall in love with as soon as you see them on camera, and then you get disappointed when you can’t find out much more about them. Sahara Leone is one of those ladies. Awesome. Sexy. The works. Just not enough information out there about her. Still, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t include her. She is too amazing. If you can find out more about this bubble-butted Latina chick, you will be in heaven. 

Alix Lovell

Alix Lovell is one of our favorite pornstars ever. This Italian cutie looks superb. Her smile is more than enough to brighten up your day. Hell, she is brightening up our day just thinking about her. We love how she changes up her look quite a bit. One day, you may have her blond, and the next video you may see her with short hair and sucking a good cock. Her booty is her best feature. Look at the stuff that she did with Alex Legend for proof. 

Savannah Bond

Let’s wrap up with Savannah Bond. You may have heard of her. She is a feature in many of our lists. We just love our blondies, and we love Savannah Bond even more. This Australian babe has massive melons, and she wants you to look at them. She loves herself a good bit of BBC, so expect to see a ton of that when she is fucking on camera. Most of her stuff is on her OnlyFans, but you can also find this thicc pornstar working with the likes of Evil Angel. 


That wraps up our list of the hottest thicc pornstars. Honestly, we could have gone on forever if we had the opportunity. Alas, we have more of these lists to write. Maybe some other curvy bitches will appear on them? For now, we reckon we have provided you with enough wanking material for years to come.


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