Everyone has their own favorite pornstars from different countries. Favorite American pornstar? Sorted. Asian? Done. So, what about Italian pornstars? 

Seeing that Mediterannean tan skin dominating/being dominated is like nothing else! Need to add to your map of favorite pornstars!

Although many of our italian pornstars are American born, their Italian heritage is undeniable and are waiting and ready to be discovered by fans. 

So, why keep on waiting? 

Jewels Jade

Jewels Jade started her porn career in 2001 at the age of 30. Using her Italian heritage, Jewels loves showing off her beautiful olive skin in every one of her 390+ credited films. 

Jewels is still going strong and is making her stamp as the go-to MILF for all of her fans, new and old. 

After undergoing multiple surgeries to enhance her boobs and butt, Jewels’s athletic body is sure to convince her young co-stars who’s in charge. 

Bella Bellz

Bella has the biggest butt around and deserves a mention on this list of hottest Italian pornstars! Her natural round ass is enhanced even more by her tiny waist. She is mixed-race, including Italian, which explains her sexy Mediterranean skin and hot curves. 

Bella started her porn career in 2014 but retired in 2019. Before retiring, she left behind 60 credited films and earned a couple of Best Ass nominations from AVN and Inked. 

Hopefully, she’ll return to us soon! 

Megan Rain

Appearing in many of her 580+ credited films with Adriana Chechik, Megan started her porn career at the age of 18 in 2014.

Although she’s American, it’s easy to see she has some Mediterranean Italian blood in her. Her dark features and gorgeous olive skin makes her the ultimate choice for many fans. 

During her career so far, she’s earned countless nominations and earned awards for Best Anal (AVN) and Countess of Contortionism (Spank Bank). 

Sofya Curly

Sofya started her porn career in 2018 at the age of 29. And, as far as our records show, she’s still going strong. She has a taste for all things porn (including lesbian), and most of her body of work involves getting her ass pounded!

Appearing in over 30+ credited films, Sofya loves showing off her body. 

Using her European features and natural D-cup tits, Sofya is ready to command the industry, especially as she enters MILF status!

Rebecca Volpetti

Hailing from Italy, Rebecca is the first generation of pornstars from Italy on this list. She started her career in 2016 and has hit the ground running, appearing in over 450 credited films. 

Rebecca has earned several nominations, especially those focusing on foreign or European pornstars. And one for Fun Szied spinner!

Using her slim frame and short height (5 ft 3), this Italian beauty is a natural fit for this list of hottest Italian pornstars. Here’s to even more sexy work!

Joseline Kelly

Another American-born pornstar, there’s no denying that there isn’t some Italian blood in Joseline! Her deep brown eyes and tan-looking skin is typical of all sexy Italian pornstars.

Joseline started her porn career in 2015 but unfortunately retired in 2021. 

But before she did retire, she left behind an impressive body of work (including bondage work!), appearing in over 350+ credited films. And, for her hard work, she’s earned dozens of nominations and won Spank Bank’s Most Underrated Slut award. 

Tory Lane

Tory started her porn career in 2004, and from her body of work, she’s obsessed with all things porn. Since her start, she appeared in over 900+ credited films, including lesbian and straight porn. And she loves bondage and bukkake action too. 

Tory is born of Italian and Polish descent, and it’s easy to see her Italian heritage with her dark Mediterranean features in all her films.

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She’s since retired in 2019, but she’s continuing her long-standing stripper career. 

Ivy Lebelle

Ivy is a gorgeous, thick pornstar and has her Italian heritage to thank. Ivy started her career in 2017 and has appeared in over 350 credited films. She’s earned numerous nominations and a few awards, including the Spank Bank Technical Award for Inked Rookie of the Year in 2018.

Ivy knows how to make the most of her assets and loves appearing in anal scenes. She loves sex, so there’s no chance she’s going to retire any time soon!

Karlee Grey

Another curvaceous siren to join this list of hottest Italian pornstars, Karlee started her porn career in 2014. Due to her Brazilian and Italian heritage, Karlee has an amazing hourglass figure with natural E-cup tits and a nice round ass.

Karlee has appeared in over 650 credited films since her start and has earned countless nominations, including AVN’s Lesbian Performer of the Year in 2022. There’s only a matter of time before she starts winning every nomination!

Juelz Ventura

Going by different alias, including Layna Laurel, Juelz started her career in 2006 and hit the ground running. Although she retired in 2021, Jeulz has left behind an amazing body of work, appearing in over 500 credited films.

Juelz’s body is incredible, and she has her Sicilian (Italian region) and South American heritage to thank for her curves and amazing tits. 

Before retiring, Juelz was nominated for dozens of awards, winning several, including AVN’s Most Outrageous Sex Scene in 2012. 

Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie arguably takes the mantle of hottest Italian pornstars with her sexy curves and piercing blue eyes. She can thank her Italian and Scottish heritage for that!

Phoenix started her career in 2007 and is still going strong, entering into more MILF porn. Perfect for those wanting a new favorite curvy MILF. 

Phoenix has appeared in over 1400 credited films. So, it’s only natural she has earned countless nominations and was inducted into Urban X’s Hall of Fame in 2017. 

Aria Giovanni

Also known as Kennedy, Aria decided to make the most of her amazing body, swapping a scientific career for a pornographic one.

Originally from California, she has Italian and other European heritage, which is obvious to see with her dark features. 

Starting her porn career in 2000, Aria appeared in over 100 credit films, exclusively appearing solo or in lesbian porn. And she’s no stranger to bondage too.

Although she retired in 2014, Aria leaves her fans always wanting more!

Arielle Faye

Another Californian-born beauty, Arielle comes from a sexy Italian and Latin heritage. And it’s easy to see those Mediterranean and Latin in her with her dark features and sexy body. She had a dangerous girl-next-door look and appeared in many schoolgirl films!

Even though Ariella’s porn career lasted a year, she deserved a mention on this list of hottest Italian pornstars. 

During her year-long career, she appeared in 50 credited films, enjoying both female and male co-stars! 

Veronica Rayne

It would be disrespectful to list the hottest Italian pornstars without mentioning Veronica Rayne. She credits her body and beauty to her Italian blood. And after being discovered by Ron Jeremy after a chance meeting, Veronica started her porn career in 2003.

Also known as Bunny Halifax, Veronica become famous for her anal and squirting performances during her 14-year porn career. 

Before she retired, Veronica appeared in 390+ credited films. She was no stranger to bondage and bukkake either! 

Mia Ryder

Born and bred in Italy, Mia started her short career in 2014. Being one of the few pornstars from Italy itself, Mia brought every inch of her curvy Italian body to all of her 20 credited films. 

There’s no record of why she retired after only two years, but before she left, she enjoyed making the most of lips by sucking the souls out of her co-star’s dicks. 

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And, of course, for her troubles, she regularly got facials too. 

Bonnie Rotten

Also known as Dixie, Bonnie is famous for her spider-web tattoo tits and her squirting ability. Her amazing dark features are thanks to her Italian, European, and Nigerian heritage. Even though she was worried she wouldn’t be successful because of her tattoos, her superior squirting talent helped her earn several Best Female Performer of Year awards across different award ceremonies!

Starting her career in 2012, Bonnie appeared in over 360 credited films (earning countless nominations) before retiring in 2020. 

Madelyn Marie

There’s no denying that Italian blood flows through this hottie. Madelyn started her career in 2008 and put her gorgeous body and luscious lips to work. Appearing in lesbian and straight porn, Madelyn got off on giving her co-stars the ultimate pleasure. Before she entered the industry, she enhanced her figure with breast implants and increased them to an E-cup during her career. 

Although she retired in 2013, Madelyn appeared in 208 credited films, earning herself 3 award nominations. 

Giorgia Roma

Joining Mia as one of the pornstars from Italy, Giorgia started her career in 2018. Even though she looked like the perfect pornstar for step-relation porn, Giorgia retired in 2022. During her career, she appeared in only 25 credited films, but she still earned a solid fanbase because of her love of facials and creampies. 

Hopefully, it’s only a temporary retirement, and the call of being pounded on camera will lure her back to please her loyal fans!

Valentina Bianco

Another first-generation Italian, Valentina joined the porn industry in 2013 and is making the most of her growing MILF status. 

Appearing in over 230 credited films, Valentina loves to show off her amazing Italian body no matter if she’s alone or with co-stars. 

Another fan of facials and creampies, Valentina also craves getting her ass dominated and taking control in lesbian porn too. 

With her innocent but sultry look, she’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression on the porn industry. 

Carmen Rae

Born in Ohio, Carmen’s tan body is thanks to her Italian heritage! Her cute face with dark features makes her a firm fan favorite of anyone. 

This unassuming beauty started her career in 2018 but, like many others on this list of Italian pornstars, she retired soon after. 

During her three-year career, Carmen only appeared in 60 credited films. But included in her small body of work, Carmen was flexible featuring in facial, footjob, and lesbian porn. 

Sofia Cucci

Also known as Margareta Maria Scorpie, Sofia comes from Italian parents with a hint of Romanian heritage too. 

Starting her career in 2006, Sofia put her gorgeous body to work, appearing in over 230 credited films. Even though she retired from mainstream porn in 2016, she appeared in lesbian and straight porn. And has special talents for bondage, watersports, and double penetration. 

For her loyal fans, she hosts live streams on her personal website, so not all is lost. 

Gia Dimarco

Gia DiMarco is one of the most amazing and kinkiest italian pornstars. Like many of her co-stars listed here, she’s got that Italian blood running through her veins.

Gia started her career in 2009 but had a 4 year hiatus in 2014 to look after her newborn. Lucky for her fans she came back in 2018 and is still going strong.

Also known as Haley Wilde, Gia has appeared in over 350 credited films, including fisting and watersports porn. 

Nikki Capone

Born from Italian and Irish heritage, Nikki brought her sexy curvy body to the porn industry in 2016. 

Nikki has become one of the most popular italian pornstars for some of her steamy scenes for Brazzers and Naughty America.

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Although she retired in 2018, Nikki managed to leave behind some amazing work, appearing around 36 credited films. Although that might not seem much, she does appear with female and male co-stars. Loving all aspects of both sexes!

Sara Bell

Joining the list of hottest pornstars from Italy, Sarah started her career in 2018. Even though she’s Italian born she has amazing Snow White features with porcelain skin and dark features. 

During her career so far, she’s appeared in over 100 credited films and has earned several nominations. Including Spank Bank’s awards for Indestructible Butthole Superstar and Miss Congeniality in 2020.

With awards like those, it only makes sense that she loves all things anal including double penetration and fisting. 

Amia Miley

Using her Italian and Hawaiian heritage, it only makes sense that Amia started out as an underwear model. Quickly she started getting into more hardcore stuuf, entering the porn industry in 2008.

Once she started, she’s been making herself well-known as a go-to Italian pornstar, appearing in over 300 credited films. And she’s earned some notable nominations so an award is only a matter of time!

Also known as Amia Moretti, Amia regularly appears in lesbian and straight porn. 

Lisa Ann

Probably the most iconic of Italian pornstars, Lisa Ann hit the porn industry in 1994 and has secured herself as one of the top choices for MILF porn fans! 

This small 5 ft 2 bombshell uses her Italian beauty to seduce and dominate all her co-stars, no matter the situation or gender.

Still going strong, Lisa Ann has appeared in over 900 credited films and has earned countless nominations, including wins for Best MILF Performer of the Year. 

Alana Cruise

Also known as Savannah Fyre, Alana comes from Italian and Celtic stock and definitely makes the most of her gorgeous looks. 

Alana started her career in 2014 and is still loving being in front of the screen 9 years later. During her career so far, she’s appeared in over 200 credited films and has been nominated for several Spank Bank awards in 2018 and 2019.

She loves all aspects of porn and is extremely talented in bondage, bukkake, and watersports!

Marica Chanelle

Another one of the few pornstars from Italy, Marica joined the porn industry in 2018. She is a younger sister of Tina Princess. So her fans are confident that Marica knows exactly how to make the most of her amazing body, fake tits and ass!

Since her start, she has appeared in over 70 credited films and loves getting her ass dominated by her male co-stars. It’s only a matter of time before she earns countless nominations and wins. 

Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson has to take the mantle of hottest Italian pornstars, as she was also an amazing dominatrix and fetish model along with being from Italian heritage. She loved bondage and watersports!

Alura started her porn career in 2012 and retired after a sexy 10 year career. During her decade stint, she appeared in over 550 credited films. And with her gorgeous looks and banging body, she’s earned numerous nominations and secured AVN’s Fan Award: Favorite BBW Star. 

Martina Smeraldi

Finishing off the list of hottest italian pornstars, Martina hails from Sardinia in Italy. Martina started her porn career in 2019 and is making waves in the industry. Her amazing petite 5 ft 3 athletic frame is perfect for throwing around!

Since her start, she’s appeared in over 100 credited films, earning herself several nominations already. 

Not only does she love anal and getting her holes filled, she loves getting off female co-stars in lesbian porn too! 


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