There is just something about the Irish that get us going every damn time. It could be the accent. It may be the cute smile. It may be the fact that we just bloody love our redheads. We don’t know. We can’t get enough of them. This is why we are more than happy to introduce you to the best Irish pornstars.

Most of these top Irish pornstars come from Ireland (obviously), but since everybody in their mom in the US seems to have a bit of Irish blood in them, we have taken a few liberties and squished a couple of Irish Americans in there too. Once you see how hot these Irish pornstars are, we are sure you won’t mind.

Shannon Reid

We are going to kick-off this list of the hottest Irish pornstars with a name that you may not have heard of. Say hello to Shannon Reid. She was in the business for just a couple of years, and she didn’t even get around to finishing 20 scenes. All of them were DDF. She only done bate and lesbian content too. However, don’t let that put you off. She is a real fucking minx and, if you do have a DDF sub, then you can enjoy all her glorious content. We just wish that she was in the business longer. 

Lilith Addams

When most people think of Irish pornstars, they think of redheaded cuties. We have a couple of this list, and Lilith Addams is going right at the top. Again, not many scenes. This filthy slut only managed to bang out 15 of them. However, that content was a damn lot more varied than Shannon Reid. Lilith Addams filmed some great scenes, but one of our favorites is her anal scene with Evil Angel. It was *chefs kiss*.

Addison O’riley

This blonde Irish American boasts an epic rack. Like, really epic. 34D babies. She loved to whip them out on camera too, and she was not afraid of getting really kinky for the viewers. She did some lesbian porn, bate porn, but our favorite is always going to be the anal creampie. She has such a tight little asshole, and it is always a treat to see it dripping with cum. You can check her out on various sites including MOFOs and Kick Ass Pictures.

Bailey O’Dare

It’s no wonder Bailey O’Dare is a redhead. Not only does she have some Irish in her, but she also has Scottish blood. You probably won’t be staring at her hair all that much, though. Not when her 34DD titties are on show. She was in the business for a few years, so she did a little bit of everything. All of it is great, but nothing comes close to the DP scene she did for White Ghetto. it ends with one of the best creampies ever. 

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Tilly Mcreese

Tilly Mcreese is a real cutie. She has been in the business for ten years now (and she is still active), but she isn’t filming a whopping number of scenes. Instead, she is doing mostly self-produced stuff. All of this is nonsex, bate, or lesbian. She has yet to enjoy the pleasures of the cock on camera. Still, at least you get to see her pussy up close and personal…just the way we like it. 

Emily Eve

Emily Eve was only in the business for two years, but what a whirlwind two years that was. While this cute Irish American redhead didn’t produce a whopping number of scenes, what she did produce was amazing. Even her handjob videos over at Tug Pass were epic. However, we will forever have a soft spot (or perhaps we should say hard spot?) for the stuff that she did for Bang Bros. 

Tessa Lane

Tessa Lane has always reminded us of Mila Kunis. it isn’t quite the perfect comparison, but it is close enough that if you squint you can probably imagine that it is Mila. Not that we recommend doing that. You would miss out on the raw beauty of Tess Lane. There is a reason why this woman kept being nominated for Porn Star of the Year at multiple award shows. Check out any of her content. She worked with all the big guns in the biz. 

Chloe Carter

Pure Irish people are great and all, but we always love pornstars with a mixture of ethnicities. We don’t know about you, but we tend to find that it makes them look so much more beautiful. Chloe Carter is one of these. She is half-Irish, half-Native American. Quite a combo! She was nominated for an award for the best newcomer in porn and nominated for an award for her anal scenes (she dressed up as a goth). Burning Angel is where you need to head to track down most of this sexy woman’s content. Fakehub has a good anal creampie too.

Carmen Valentina

Irish and Bulgarian? Can we just say; drool! So fucking sexy. Seriously. Look at her. Hot as fuck. We are glad that she starred in close to 400 scenes, because it means that there is a shit ton of her content to watch. Most of her stuff has been lesbian only (for VNA Network) or non-sex. However, every so often, you can find her riding a good cock or two. No anal scenes, sadly. She is still active, so they may pop up eventually! 

Kendra Cole

We have reached the halfway point, and what better way to celebrate than with one of the cutest redheads around? Kendra Cole, and her 32B tits, have graced our scenes in close to 200 porn flicks, and that number is going to keep rising. She fucking loves her anal and creampies. Dogfart Network offers a great selection of her content, but she gets around a lot. A quick search for Kendra Cole will introduce you to a treasure trove of the stuff. 

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Jessica Ryan

Almost 500 scenes to Jessica Ryan’s name, and the number is climbing constantly. This is a woman that just loves to get fucked for money. Although, to be honest, we would probably love the be fucked for money too. She rocks 32C tits, and she has some great squirting action (she did this for Blow Pass). However, if there is something that you want, it is probably there in Jessica Ryan’s filmography. This includes great cum swap and anal scenes. 

Kali Roses

Kali Roses is a big deal in the porn scene. Why wouldn’t she be? She is gorgeous, filmed a ton of scenes, and even picked up some great award nominations along the way. This includes several nominations for having the best ass. Like many of the hottest Irish pornstars with an extensive film history, there is something for everybody. Our personal favorite is the anal creampie videos that she shot for Mr Strokes XXX. 

Staci Carr

More mixed ethnicity goodness for you here. Staci Carr is a mix of Irish and Norwegian. It just makes this blonde so incredibly cute. Irish and Scandinavian blood? Sign us the hell up! Her on-screen talents have earned her nominations for the best pornstar for fans, performer of the year, and next ‘It’ Girl, to name but a few. Oddly, almost all of her stuff is lesbian and nonsex. If you want to see cock scenes, then you will need to hunt around (hint: check Twistys and Mofos), but damn is it worth the effort. 


This woman has been active in the business for 30 years now, both as a performer and as a director. She is still going strong too. There is a whopping 731 credits to her name but, by the time that you read this, we would imagine it may be creeping up to 750-800. Most of her stuff nowadays is MILF, but she has a whole back catalog of goodness to explore. We recommend that you look at Girlfriend Films for some awesome lesbian scenes. 

Brett Rossi

Bit of Irish and German in this babe! So, you have the Irish charm, plus the German need to be as kinky as possible when doing anything related to sex (Germans will rarely admit that part, though!). While this beautiful blondie has filmed tons of scenes in her time, most of it is bate or lesbian content. Still kinky, but maybe not what some of you are after. This is why we suggest that you head on over to Bang Productions and see what they offer. They have some great Brett Rossi stuff. 

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Celeste Star

Oh boy, are you going to have a hoot browsing through the almost 700 scenes that Celeste Star has filmed! With her supermodel-good looks, you will struggle to take your eyes off of her. The only downside to her content is that she really doesn’t seem to love cock. Almost every single one of her videos is lesbian or bate. Still, don’t let that put you off., There is a reason why we included her on this list of the hottest Irish pornstars. 

Lauren Phillips

Almost 800 scenes to this beautiful Irish woman’s name, and there is little that she hasn’t done. Seriously, whether you are looking for a good cum swap scene, creampies, lesbian, or a good dicking, then Lauren Phillips has it all (and then some). While she has worked with pretty much every content producer that you can imagine, our favorite stuff comes from There is just something so fucking special about it. 

Noelle Easton

38DD tits and some of the most perfect skin in the business are among the things that await you when you check out Noelle Easton. She even got nominated for the cutest newcomer award (seriously, look how damn cute she is!). Naughty America is some of her best content, with one of the most awesome cum swap scenes out there.

Jada Stevens

This babe has a hint of native American in her. She has filmed almost 700 scenes, and she is still pumping out tremendous content. Like, amazing content (she has even dabbled with directing). We prefer when this blondie is in front of the camera, though. We can’t help it. We just really fucking love her shaved pussy. Naughty America offers her best content, but most porn companies should have something. 

Serena Blair

And finally, we have Serena Blair. She is a mix of Mexican, Scottish, and Irish. Cool, right? We love her darker hair and that slightly tanned skin. Perfection! This babe has pretty much only ever done lesbian content, but she has done some great anal play scenes too. She even did some real anal for She even threw a bit of squirting in there too, but she probably won’t do it again.

So, how did we do? Love our list of the hottest Irish pornstars? We bet you did!


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