In the porn business, most women have a shaven haven. Bit annoying if you fancy a bit of bush. Luckily, there are some women that have gone au natural (or at least close to it). If you are looking for hairy pornstars, then we got a ton of choices for you. Well, if by a ton, you naturally assume we have 20. In that case, we have twenty of them.

Let’s dive into the hairy bush pornstars. We are sure that you will love more than a couple of these. Or, we hope you do. We put a lot of effort into going through countless porn videos (it probably wasn’t torture) to put together this list.

Jessi Palmer

We’ve always loved ourselves a bit of Jessi Palmer. There is just something that is cute about her smile. Little buck teeth. Certainly not conventionally beautiful, but that’s cool. Stunning is stunning. We do love ourselves a redhead anyway, and there is no denying that her 34A tits look decent too. Jessi Palmer was in almost 200 scenes when she was active in the business. She has a properly bushy pussy too. Barely tamed, if you like that sort of thing. 

Willow Hayes

If the full bush that Jessi Palmer rocks is a bit too much for you, then perhaps you would enjoy the more tamed beast that dominates Willow Haye’s pussy? There is some bush, but it is clearly tended to. This brown-haired cutie was only in 50 scenes, but she caused a stir when she worked for Kickass Pictures. A lot of her scenes were bate and lesbian, but she does have a few creampies in there too. 

Nikki Daniels

Alright, so Nikki Daniels may be cheating a bit. She isn’t always one of the bushy pussy pornstars. Sometimes it is shaved and, when it does have a bit of hair, it is never a lot. However, we can’t leave her off this list. She is too sexy. If you are looking for a mighty fine, sexy lass with a tight asshole then she is the gal for you. In the 10 years that she was in the business, she scored almost 400 credits! Check out the stuff she did with Evil Angel for proof. 

Raven Rockette

Raven Rockette is another one of those hairy pornstars that flicked between what she did with her pussy. In one scene, she could be completely shaved. The next she would have the most epic natural bush, and that hair would even stretch all the way up to her asshole. Yeah. She was pretty confident in herself. You aren’t going to find any straight porn with her, though. Everything that she shot was either lesbian or bate-only porn.

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Beata Undine

Latvian babe Beata Undine doesn’t get her snatch out often but, when she does, it has an epic bit of bush on it. Like, an epic bit of bush. Since she is Eastern European, you already know that she is going to be sexy as shit. Very little of her stuff was full porn, with most of it lesbian and bate-only. However, it does mean that you get to explore more of her sexy, sexy body. Kick Ass Pictures has her best stuff.,

Christy Canyon

Christy Canyon was kicking around in the 80s so, as you can probably imagine, she had that full 80s bush on her. She kept that all the way from 1984 to 2019, when she finally left the business. She was properly natural too, and not just her bush. Her tits were massive (36DD) but they were also natural. Only 300 scenes to her name, most of it pre-internet, but we are sure that you can find some awesome stuff on Vivid. 

Emily Grey

Emily Grey spent more of her time doing camgirl stuff than she did full porn (just 50 scenes), but she certainly caused a stir whenever she starred in a scene. She is one of those women that seems to have eternally youthful looks, and people just went fucking gaga for her teen style. Just a little bit of bush on this one. Perhaps nothing more than some stubble, but we are sure you will love her sexiness anyway. 

Ryan Keely

We know some people are not fans of Ryan Keely. She has certainly gone through a few looks in her time, with her now rocking one of those ‘Karen’ hairstyles (we love it). Of course, you aren’t here to know too much about she looks like. You just want to know that she is one of those hairy bush pornstars, and she is indeed! If you love your BDSM stuff, then Ryan Keely has a ton of it in her history. 

Nickey Huntsman

Do you want your hairy bush pornstars with a bit of a nerdy, teen look to them? Well, say hello to Nickey Huntsman (she said hello back, we swear). With almost 400 credits to her name, Nickey Huntsman is nothing short of prolific. Her 32C tits have no doubt kept many excited during some lonely nights. Her anal scenes with True X are some of the best scenes we have ever seen! 

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Giselle Palmer

We have always loved our Texan girls, and we always try and squeeze Giselle Palmer on these lists because of it. We just can’t get enough of her accent. We love her beautiful blonde locks and fantastic tattoos too. Honestly, there isn’t much that we don’t love about Giselle. 250+ scenes to her name, with some awesome cum swap vids in there. Check out Evil Angel for some awesome anal videos. 

Dolly Leigh

Oh how we love Dolly Leigh. We love her so much. She is the perfect mix between cute and sexy. Her tits are small, which we know many people love. But, if you don’t, then we reckon that her young, naturally bushy pussy are going to more than make up for that. Well, that and the fact that she always has a beautiful smile on her face when she is getting shagged. Naughty America and Team Skeet offer her most awesome stuff. 

Gia Derza

Gia Derza comes from the US, but she has a bit of a tan to her skin. We can’t quite place her ethnicity. Not that it really matters. She is sexy, and that is probably all that counts to you. She has gone through a ton of different looks over the years. Like, a ton of them. Original Gia Derza looks nothing like the Gia Derza that we have now. She has over 500 scenes, so you can see yourself how she has changed. She has pretty much always retained that bush, though. 

Emma Evins

Emma Evins doesn’t always have a bit of bush on her pussy but, when she does, she really seems to go all out on the lack of shaving part. She sometimes sports some underarm hair, for instance. In the 6 years she was in the business, she wasn’t able to hit 100 scenes, but that cool with us. You see, this babe is fucking fit anyway. She did some good stuff while she was in the business. We love her Creampie scene with Juicy Entertainment. 

Quinn Wilde

Just a light bit of hair on this American beauty, but it certainly does make her cunt seem a lot more eye-catching. She has a great pair of fake tits. Perfectly round. Like, you can tell they are fake, but you just don’t care they are fake. They are that perfect. She spent a bit of time working with Blacked, so if you want to see her tight pussy get fucked by a huge cock then check that out. However, we loved her creampie scenes from Manipulative Media more. 

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Ember Snow

Filipina babe Ember Snow is nice and thick (she isn’t a BBW). Those hips…damn girl. 300 credits to her name, most of which feature her doing some amazing anal scenes. and offer some of our favorite content from this Asian beauty, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding Ember Snow anywhere. 

Chloe Cherry

Sometimes known as Chloe Couture. She was in over 700 scenes, and she was in the business for just 5 years. Crazy, right? We suppose that everybody wanted a bit of this blonde babe. She has worked with every major company (as you can probably imagine with that many scenes), but some of our favorite stuff was with Nubiles. 

Ariella Ferrera

Ariella Ferrera is our first Colombian on this list. We guess tha those South Americans aren’t fans of the bush. We suppose there is a reason why it is called the Brazilian…Around 700 credits to her name, some pre-surgery, some post-surgery. All awesome. She has dabbled in a bit of everything, with some awesome DP scenes where you can see her properly bushy pussy on show. 

Britney Amber

Britney Amber is another American pornstar that has changed up her look a little over the years. Actually, quite a bit. Sometimes she is shaved, and sometimes she has a proper bush. Some days she is slim, and others she is a bit on the thicker side. The only thing that has remained constant is how stunning she looks in every video. Check out Brazzers for some great cum shots. 

Keira Croft

This black-haired teen is a fan of the landing strip, although she hasn’t been afraid to make it a bit bushier sometimes. Around 300 credits to this American pornstar’s name. We love the stuff that she done with Evil Angel, though. Keira Croft is an expert when it comes to squirting, and Evil Angel seems to be the only company that makes squirting porn look amazing. 

Nadine Sage

If you love your massive, puffy nipples on huge tits, then Nadine Sage is your lass. When she was active in the business, she was famed for her young looks. This woman was a damn freak too, and we mean that in a good way. She done a lot of work for Some anal and creampie videos for Dogfart too.

So, which one of the bushy pussy pornstars did you like the most? Go through them all. We bet you love every one of them! 


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