There are thousands and thousands of people working in the porn business. With the likes of OnlyFans, more people are entering the business every single year. It should come as no surprise that a good number of those working in the porn business pass away each year. Often, these people get a lot of attention because they have so many fans.

On this page, we have a list of dead pornstars from the last few years. While we are sure that there are many other dead pornstars out there (as we said, this business is packed with people), these are the ones that have the biggest ripple in the business. So, we apologize in advance if we didn’t include your favorites or even your family member.

Where possible, we are going to try not to talk about any cause of death here. Sometimes it is important, but a lot of the time it would be disrespectful. We just want you to enjoy the wealth of content that these people left behind. 

Wednesday Nyte

Wednesday Nyte may not be a pornstar that you have heard of. When she passed away in 2022, she was just starting out in her career. She had a bit of success with OnlyFans, and she was just about to hit the mainstream. She had starred in a couple of amazing scenes at that time. This tattooed beauty not only looked stunning, but she had a tremendous personality that was much-loved by her thousands of followers.

Logan Long

Logan Long is a male pornstar that passed away in 2022. He was one of the more prolific male pornstars in the business, and you may have stumbled across him. He started in the business in 2016 and he starred in over 1,000 scenes. Women were queuing up to work with him. When he died in May 2022, there certainly was no shortage of people queuing up to pay tribute to him.

Raven Alexis

Raven Alexis was one of the key women working at Digital Playground, and she had kept her health issues secret. In fact, her passing in 2022 was a complete surprise, likely for Raven Alexis too. Her husband was the one that announced her death to the world, and you could see how much he loved and cared about her. It wasn’t long before her millions of fans joined in with the tributes. Much of her content can still be found on Digital Playground. 

Charlotte Angle

Charlotte Angle had one of the foulest deaths on this list, but we promised to celebrate the beauty of these pornstars and thus we we won’t talk about it. This Italian beauty was mostly known for the content that she starred in on OnlyFans, although she did also film a little over 35 scenes for Legal Porno. Charlotte Angle was still at the start of her porn career. This is a woman that had a huge career in front of her, but unfortunately, it was cut short and she joins our list of dead pornstars. 

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Candy Manson

Not much is known about the death of Candy Manson other than the fact that she passed away in early 2022. It wasn’t really announced to the world, with most people assuming that it happened when the tributes from her co-workers started to pour in. This blonde beauty had over 300 scenes to her name, but she had long since quit the industry. 

Alicia Rio

Anybody that has watched the AVN Awards will have heard of Alicia Rio. This 55-year-old babe was famous enough to get into the illustrious AVN Hall of Fame. One of the most shocking things about her death was the talk that her ex-husband gave. He learned of her death much later than he should have learned of it. He was the one that announced it to the world. However, you could tell just how much he still loved here and how much he cared for her deeply. You will rarely find exes talking about people like this, and it is clear that Alicia Rio had a massive impact on everybody that she met. She is going to be truly missed. 

August Ames

August Ames’s death was, unfortunately, the result of cyberbullying via social media. We know that we said that we wouldn’t talk about how the pornstars died, however, we feel that it had to be said when it comes to August Ames. This is because we know that many people online do not treat pornstars like people. They treat them just like a piece of meat. This means that some pretty foul stuff gets thrown in their direction. While we doubt August Ames was a complete saint, this AVN award-winning lady still deserves to be alive. 

Olivia Lua

Olivia Lua’s death shows the toll that working in the adult industry can have on one person. If an actor or actress didn’t have support, then they could end up in the same position that Olivia Lua found herself in. While this Reality Kings babe had struggled with her life for a long time, she always put on a fantastic show every time she was on camera. She was rapidly becoming one of the most successful pornstars in the business. 

Olivia Nova

Olivia Nova had a very short career in the porn business. She didn’t even manage a year before her life was tragically cut short. She really managed to carve a name out for herself in that year too, with an AVN Award nomination on her resume. Who knows what she could have been in the business. We reckon that she could have easily become one of the top pornstars around. Based on what we saw of hers, she certainly would have found her way into the AVN Hall of Fame at some point. 

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Yurizan Beltran

When we first saw Yurizan Beltran on camera, we just knew that she was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Look at her pictures now. Even today, you could reasonably argue that many working pornstars do not have her beaten in the looks department. Sadly, she was battling a lot of personal demons and they eventually caught up to her in 2018. She has left behind over 300 movies for people to enjoy. 

Dana Plato

We know that some people will argue that Dana Plato was not a true pornstar, and we suppose she wasn’t. She was perhaps more famous for her mainstream acting work than the stuff that she did in adult entertainment. However, near the end of her life, she transitioned into adult entertainment as a way to feed her addiction. She needed money, and as a teen idol this seemed to be the only way that she could get it. Unfortunately, this ended up indirectly triggering her death in 1999. 

Shyla Stylez

Passing away in 2021, Shyla Stylez had won countless awards in the porn business, and she was an AVN Hall of Famer. She is perhaps best known for her anal sex scenes, many of which would quickly gain millions and millions of views. She wasn’t active in the porn business at the time of her death. She had been out of it for about 7 years. However, she had shot 400 films in her time, so there certainly is no shortage of content to view.

Karen Lancaume

Karen Lancaume was a French porn actress. She wasn’t really all that famous in the American porn world which means that there are very few references to her passing in 2005. When she was active in the porn business, there was very little that she wouldn’t do on camera. She put together some of our favorite porn scenes of all time, working with many major European porn directors. It is just a shame that she never had success in the US. This could have saved her life. 

Haley Paige

Mexican pornstar Haley Paige didn’t have the easiest of lives, and there is still a lot of speculation surrounding her death. So, we won’t speculate. Instead, we want you to go out there and enjoy the amazing porn scenes that she shot in her relatively short career. She was filming all the way up to her death, and we really think that she would enjoy people getting horny to her content. 

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith is one of the more famous pornstars that passed away. She was not only a top Playboy model, but she had achieved a huge amount of mainstream success. Her downfall was covered in the media and it was an immensely sad story. This was a woman that went from always having a beautiful smile on her face to being a drug-addicted mess. Thankfully, there is a lot of stuff out there that shows this beauty in her heyday. Go out and enjoy it. She would like that.

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Sexy Cora

Sexy Cora was a German pornstar. She didn’t have success in the US, but she was certainly on the brink of it. Her life in porn directly contributed to her death. She had recently starred in the German version of BIg Brother, and she was really starting to heat up in the porn world. As with most pornstars that start to gain a bit of traction, she opted to get a breast enlargement. Unfortunately, the doctor was negligent and she passed away on the operating table. 

Riley Evans

Cancer snatched away Riley Evans when she was at the height of her career. Her illness wasn’t something that she discussed on camera, and many people were left speculating about her illness as they noticed it during her acting sessions. She passed away in 2019 having shot over 400 scenes.

Natasha Vega

When she first entered the business as a fresh-faced teen, it was clear that Natasha Vega had the potential to really go places. She had worked with some of the biggest companies in the business. This included Reality Kings, Evil Angel, and New Sensations. Unfortunately, she passed away just 5 years into what would have no doubt been a long and amazing career. 

Nicole Clitman

Nicole Clitman was one of the most beautiful women to grace the world of porn and, even today, her videos are still racking up millions and millions of views. She was supposedly highly intelligent and fun in real life too. In fact, many of the tributes that poured in didn’t mention her adult career. Instead, they mentioned how fantastic she was as a person. You should read some of the tributes sometime. The amount of love that she received will blow your mind. 

Alana Ferreira

Last up on our list of dead pornstars, we have Alana Ferreira. She was a trans pornstar. She hadn’t had a wealth of success in the business (she was barely scraping a few thousand followers at the time). However, when this Brazilian star was beaten to death in Brazil simply for being trans, it caused ripples across social media. She became a heavy topic of discussion. Sadly, there is very little content out there for us to enjoy. Well, at least outside of a couple of pictures and videos on her socials. 


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