Be honest. There are fictional characters that you have dreamed of fucking, right? They could be a horse from My Little Pony. It could be a Star Wars character. It may even be some Dr. Who stunner. But, it is something that has entered everybody’s mind.

Sadly, those fictional characters won’t be releasing porn any time soon. Thankfully, the world of cosplay is pretty strong right now. There are people dressed up as your favorite characters getting smashed (or bating) for your enjoyment. 

On this page, we have thirty of the best cosplay pornstars out there. Some of them focus on specific characters, while others are a bit more general. Let’s dive in! 

AmieChan – Rainbow Dash

Did you know that more adults watch My Little Pony than anybody else? Yep. No idea why that is the case, but Rule 34 MLP porn has exploded recently. There are people who fall asleep at night dreaming of hooking up with one of those horses. AmieChan and her Rainbow Dash cosplay shenanigans are incredibly popular among the MLP, crowd. We aren’t even fans of MLP, but even we get turned on by AmieChan. She is one of the best cosplay pornstars. 

Hidori Rose – Kyoko Kirigiri

Anime characters are big in the world of cosplay porn. We suppose it is because those Japanese people love to make their characters as sexy as possible. Kyoko Kirigiri is one of the more famous of the anime characters. Her youthful look and that short skirt has had many people drooling over her. Hidori Rose has helped to make those dreams a reality by introducing her amazing Kyoko Kirigiri cosplay. This Japanese star also works as other characters oo.

Rei Ayanami – Neon Genesis Evangelio

Mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelio is packed to the brim with sexy characters (we told you, anime is just hot characters). Rei Ayanami is, of course, a character in the series. In the series he is a male. However, a woman has taken on the name in the porn world and she is using it to fuck all sorts of anime characters. You can check out most of the stuff on

Kira Thorn – Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is crazy as shit. Seriously. Crazy as shit. Ever since she was introduced to the Batman animated TV show in the 90s, people have gone absolutely gaga over her. Whenever she features in a movie, she is always dressed in real skimpy clothing. Pair the skimpy clothing with that batshit insanity and you have a woman that men and women drool over. There are a ton of Harley Quinn cosplays out there but, when it comes to cosplay pornstars, we reckon that Kira Thorn does it the best. 

Riley Steele – Tinkerbell & Vicki Chase – Tigerlily

Both Riley Steele and Vicki Chase are big pornstars in their own right. You check out their porn. If you want cosplay from them, the they do Peter Pan characters Tinkerbell and Tigerlily incredibly well. If you are lucky, you may even catch a lesbian porn scene from the two of them (seriously, that is fucking hot). 

Carter Cruise – Super Woman

We doubt there is a single person out there who hasn’t imagined ramming Super Woman. She always dresses in fantastic clothing and, oh by, those tits are amazing (yes, we know it is a drawing). Once again, there are a ton of cosplays out there. Super Woman is big in the porn world. Carter Cruise offers probably the best Super Woman cosplay, though. She has the attitude to match and she really embodies the character. 

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Jennifer White – Star Wars Parody

You are going to see a few Star Wars parodies on this list. This is because people have been fantasizing about doing Leia and those sexy aliens since…idk…the 70s? Jennifer White done a fucking amazing Leia parody in the Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody. She was fucked deep in the ass. You can find it kicking around at Wicked Pictures.

Juelz Ventura – Avatar Parody

Have you got a hankering to see blue people fuck each other? James Cameron couldn’t write porn this good (well, he probably could. porn parodies tend to be terribly written). Juelz Ventura starred in the Avatar porn parody ‘This Ain’t Avatar’ because, you know, there may have been some people that confused it with Avatar, we guess? You can watch her blue pussy get licked in that film. 

Mia Bandini – Overwatch

We swear that when Blizzard produce a character in a video game, their one goal is to make them as sexy as possible. The actual balancing of the game comes second. This is why the Overwatch community has fast come up with a ton of Rule 34 stuff. Cosplayers certainly seem to be on the sexier side of things too. You can often match Mia Bandini doing anal sex while dressed as D.Va. 

Dylann Vox – Enchantress

There are a few characters named ‘Enchantress’ in fiction. Dylann Vox plays Snow White’s wicked step-mom in a Wicked porn parody. Up until this point, we didn’t even know that the step-mom had a name. In this porn parody, the step-mom just fucks the prince. We suppose he didn’t need to wake Snow White up when he just had a dripping wet pussy ready to go, right?

Abigail Mac – Power Rangers Parody

People who grew up in the 90s will have fond memories of the Power Rangers. Based on a Japanese show (that was hastily recut to make sense in English), Power Rangers took the world by storm. We are sure plenty of people wished they could have fucked the yellow or the pink ranger. Abigail Mac stars in the porn parody ‘Power Bangers’ where she gets boned by an alien fella. 

Stella Cox – Star Wars Parody

Stella Cox stars in the Star Wars parody for DDF Productions. You can find it under ‘Sex Wars: The Lust Awakens’. This porn parody aims for the newer films, with Stella Cox playing the part of Rey. We must say, this porn parody is much better written than the most recent Star Wars film (yep, we are doing a bit of fan service there). She gets fucked by Stormtroopers. Pretty hard, in fact. 

Peta Jensen – Game of Thrones Parody

The Game of Thrones porn parody is surprisingly good. It makes use of cinematic shots of what we can only assume is an open field somewhere and some decent acting. Well, decent acting for porn. Peta Jensen basically sucks off a load of blokes in the wood while she is dressed as Daenerys Targaryen. If you thought that the Game of Thrones TV show was hot, well you ain’t seen anything yet. 

Victoria Summers – Dr. Who Parody

There has been a ton of Dr. Who porn parodies over the years. One of our favorites features Victoria Summers. She is dressed up as a sexy mutant (yep, she really is billed as a sexy mutant) and fucks the doctor. If you have ever had a thing for aliens, then this may be your jam. If you have ever been a fan of Doctor Who, then this may also be your jam. There is a replica of the TARDIS and everything. 

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Kleio Valentien – Star Wars Parody

Kleio Valentien stars in Digital Playground’s Star Wars porn parody. In this parody, she plays an alien. Since we haven’t seen much of the Star Wars expanded universe, we can only assume that she is playing a sexy version of Darth Maul. Although let’s be honest, that probably won’t matter to the bulk of you. All you really want to see is a red alien woman get fucked and that is exactly what you are going to be getting. 

Olive Glass – Witcher Parody

The Witcher has been a successful book series, a successful game, a successful TV show, and now a mildly successful porn parody. Anybody that has ever seen anything related to the Witcher will know that there are tits galore in it. They had to do something damn special to make a porn parody stand out. Well, they did. Olive Glass is one of the sexiest women in the world and one of the best porn cosplayers. She plays a busty witch who gets fucked hard. 

Romi Rain – The Wonder Woman

Romi Rain plays Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman: An XXX Parody. Despite the movie only being 30 minutes long, it is action-packed and Romi Rain goes in really hard on the cosplay. When you watch her scenes, you get to enjoy some fucking amazing bating. Some good sex, and even a dash of anal. She isn’t always going to be in her Wonder Woman costume (we can imagine it is quite restrictive) but you can still tell she is playing a character. 

Nicole Aniston – Mystique

Have you ever wanted to see the X-Men fuck? How about Mystique sucking off Wolverine? Nope? Well, you probably should try and get that thought into your head. Nicole Aniston makes a fantastic mystique (the blue girl, if you have no clue who that is) and after battling off a few villains, she likes to unwind by being fucked by the X-Men. We are not sure that the porn parody is Marvel canon-friendly, but who cares? Sex. 

Riley Reid – Harley Quinn

Riley Reid has fast become one of the top pornstars in the world, so it only made sense to bring her to the front and center of a porn parody. In The Nuthouse, she plays Harley Quinn in her early days. She is Joker’s nurse. Things start to get heated and, before you know it, she is fucking him good and proper in his padded cell. 

Leya Falcon

Leya Falcon is another Harley Quinn cosplayer. While it isn’t always obvious that this blonde cutie is actually playing Harley Quinn, we figured that she was still deserving of a place on this list. She fucks well, and her cosplay porn does tend to be a bit more experimental than some of the other people on this list. She loves her DP, particularly if one of the people she is paired up with is a woman with a strap-on. 

Cherry Acid

Cherry Acid is one of the top female cosplay pornstars right now. She doesn’t stick to one character. She knows what her viewers want, and she always tries to get a bit experimental. She does mostly stick to the anime characters, though. There are even a few furries thrown in for good measure (damn does she look good with cat ears). Even if you toss the cosplay to one side, Cherry Acid is one of the cutest pornstars around. 

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Arwen Datnoid

Arwen Datnoid is a fully-fledged pornstar and she has worked with some of the biggest porn companies in the business. This means that she has done a fair amount of porn cosplay in her life. There is one thing that we can’t shake, though. This is her Officer Jenny bate videos. If you have ever seen Pokemon, then you will know exactly what we mean. You probably dreamed of her (and Nurse Joy) in your much younger years, right?

Hidori Rose

Hidori Rose is another experimental porn cosplayer. This Asian girl loves to do anime characters. She even invents her on, from time to time. She has managed to gain quite a following on for the amount of effort that she pours into creating her costumes. We are sure many people have had a good wank or two (or maybe several hundred) over her. 


Alright. We admit it. Bryci doesn’t do a ton of cosplay, and what she does do is rather low effort. However, we would never have forgiven ourselves if we didn’t try to squeeze her into this list of the top porn cosplayers. This is because she has a cracking rack. She has done a Catwoman cosplay in the past where she is in the tightest latex imaginable and fucking hell does it look good. 

Cherry Crush

We don’t think Cherry Crush has ever been fucked on camera, at least we couldn’t find any videos of it. Instead, Cherry Crush is an ASMR cosplayer who makes highly sexual sounds. She has dressed up as bunny girls, Daphne from Scooby Doo, and plenty of others. You won’t see her naked, but you will fucking love the sounds that she makes. They will probably turn you on more than actual pornstars would.

Sia Siberia

Sia Siberia has cosplayed as a few different characters (and some cat girls), but one of our favorite cosplays of hers is Dark Phoenix from X-Men. Not only does she look fucking stunning as the Dark Phoenix character, but the fucking in that video is second-to-none. There’s a great cumshot at the end of it.

Miss Banana

Miss Banana uses her cosplay as a way to enhance her porn rather than be the central focus of it. She has dressed up as catgirls, anime characters, nerdy schoolgirls, and even Pikachu. The outfits are pretty light, but that’s cool with us. Swedish girl Miss Banana has long been one of our favorite pornstars, so the less clothing the better.

Kawaii Girl

Kawaii Girl is actually just an anime character. A quick search on sites like will introduce you to a shit ton of people that have really pulled off the look. We can’t even single out one of them they are all so damn good. 

Emanuelly Raquel

Emanuelly Raquel is easily one of the best cosplay pornstars in the business right now. She has done a fair number of cosplays in her time. Some of our favorites include her Harry Potter cosplays and cosplays of The Incredibles. She has even done a few anime characters. She is certainly one that is worth checking out.

Bet you didn’t realize that there were this many cosplay pornstars out there? The best part is that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of the wealth of cosplay pornstars. We reckon this list is a good place to start your journey, though. These are the best of the best. 


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