Black male pornstars are on the rise. You have whole sites dedicated to them e.g. However, nobody ever really talks about the best male black pornstars, so we are going to buck that trend.

On this page, we are going to introduce you to the twenty hottest male black pornstars around. Some of these will be famous black male pornstars, while others may be people you haven’t heard of but really should be checking out. Let’s jump right in, because we have a lot to cover.

Joss Lescaf

Joss Lescaf is a black male pornstar that now works in sex coaching. We aren’t quite sure what that means, but it sounds pretty kinky. In the past, he was banging woman after woman on camera. Most of his videos were in French (which are still hot, even if you have to put up with the French-speaking) but, in our opinion, the best work that Joss Lescaf ever did was for He also did some great work with Mixed X. Most of the time he was working with black women, but there was the odd video where a white woman would be taking his dick raw.

Slim poke

You and I both know that Slim Poke is one of the best names for a porn star ever. In fact, many of the male black pornstars have some dandy names, which you will be seeing as you go through this page. For now, let’s talk about Slim Poke. This guy was a feature of Monsters of Cock so, as you can imagine, he has a pretty big dick (yeah, it isn’t a slim poke at all). This American lad has worked with all of the big porn networks including Dogfart, Evil Angel, and Brown Bunnies. 

Charlie Mac

Charlie Mac is one of the most popular male pornstars on, which is really saying something about what this guy brings to the table. Kicking around in the business since he was 23, this guy has been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest pornstars in the world. For example, he has worked with Mia Khalifa several times. Outside of this, he has worked with some of the smaller porn brands including Dark X. Oh, and he is another guy that has done Monsters of Cock owing to the fact that his cock is well…fucking massive. 

Rob Piper

Rob Piper didn’t enter the porn business until he was 30. He figured that he was going to become a model, but turns out people just wanted him to fuck on camera. Since he got to fuck all manner of pretty ladies, we are sure that he wasn’t complaining too much about that part. He has a massive 8-inch cock. Interestingly, a lot of Rob’s videos are POV from the point of a woman, which you don’t get that often. We suppose people just really want to see Rob lick their pussy. He has won countless awards for his work. 

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Louie Smalls

We can’t tell you a huge amount about Louis Smalls. This is because the guy really likes to keep what he does on the ‘down low’. Well, he doesn’t talk about himself. He is a central figure in a ton of pornos, though. He fucks amazingly well. A lot of his stuff does seem to be a bit more on the amateur side of things, so if you are into that, then Louie Smalls is going to be fantastic for you. His pornos just look so damn realistic. 


Dredd bills himself as having the biggest cock in the world. While we haven’t independently verified that, we can tell you that his dick is a fucking monster. Grr! As you can imagine, when somebody has a cock as fucking huge as Dredd’s dick, they are going to be snapped up by a variety of porn companies pretty damn quickly. Because of this, Dredd has fucked pretty much every major woman on camera. You can check out some of his awesome content with the likes of Jules Jordon and Violet Starr. 


We told you that all the black male pornstars have amazing names. It is just a massive shame that Stallion isn’t more well-known in the porn business, because damn this guy is a dreamboat. He has that typical sexy look to him. A lot of what he has starred in seems to be porn parodies. For example, 12 inches a slave, although he has also done a ton of work for Bang Productions too. Honestly, with hundreds of clips to watch, you will find something that you will enjoy. 

John Johnson

John Johnson is the first black lad on this page who also dabbles with a bit of gay porn too. He is bi. This means that you will often find him in threesomes with 2 guys and a gal…and he really gets stuck into the guys. His cock is huge. Like, if you looked at a picture of him (seriously, go do that), you will forget that there is more to him than that massive, hung dick. If you love your tattoos, then you will probably love this one of the male black pornstars even more. 

Moe Johnson

Moe Johnson is a vet in the porn business, so you may have heard about him before. While he isn’t fucking on camera so much nowadays, he has a huge body of porn to explore for the curious (believe us, you are gonna be curious). This muscle-bound lad has a ton of swagger. A few years back, he was a staple at parties, always rocking a cool pair of shades. Of course, you probably want to see him fuck. Check out his Moe the Monster shit for his self-produced fuck seshes. 

Justin Slayer

There aren’t that many black pornstars that pick up AVN awards. Justin Slayer is one of only a few, but damn did he deserve it. Born in the 1970s, Justin Slayer is one of the oldest people on this list. He has been in the business for a while, and he doesn’t really show any sign of slowing down. He runs his own porn company, which means that he really gets to choose who he works with…and damn has he made some good choices. He has managed to fuck the likes of Janet Mason and Esperanza Gomez. 

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Jason Brown

Spread oil over Jason Brown’s body (which seems to happen in every damn pic he is in), and you have one of the sexiest guys alive. His muscles just pop…and fuck does it look good. This is another guy that doesn’t seem to talk that much about himself. Instead, he lets that fuck action do the talking for him. Jason Brown does the bulk of his work for Dark X and Down For BBC. He is often involved in threesomes, just because a lass can never get enough BBC. 

Price Black

Price Black is the oldest pornstar on this list. He is in his 50s now, and he does look it. Although, we are not saying that is a bad thing. In fact, it isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes women want to enjoy an older man. One with experience and is willing to take control of the situation. He has won a lot of awards for the work that he puts in, so you know that you are in for a fucking great time if you see Price Black on camera.

Nat Turnher

All of the black male pornstars that we have discussed so far tend to be on the more muscular and heavier side. Many of them have massive cocks. So, let’s wind things back a little for Nat Turnher. Sometimes, people want somebody that is a bit more average in size. You know, realistically attainable, and Nat Turnher offers that. Don’t worry too much about him not getting any action, though. This guy is a stud and has starred in hundreds of scenes.

Lil D

You know, when we first heard the Lil D name, we figured that he was going to be much larger than average. We figured that calling himself Lil D was more a way to surprise people when he whipped that schlong out. Well, we were wrong. This guy isn’t exactly packing the biggest cock either but, thankfully, it is also not the smallest that you have ever seen. He is truly joyful when he fucks on camera. We like that. More pornstars need to look happy.

Isiah Maxwell

Standing at 6 feet tall, this man is large. We love it. We especially love it when Isiah Maxwell takes on a commanding role in the videos that he stars in. You just want to do everything that he asks you to. He is that good. While Isiah Maxwell has worked with a ton of hot birds over the years, although some of our favorite work of his has been when he has paired himself up with Alia Donovan. Turns out that a hot man and a hot woman make a damn good combo. 

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Jovan Jordan

Jovan Jordan was born in Gary, Indiana. Which, if you keep up to date with your internet memes, probably isn’t the most exciting place in the country. Luckily, Jovan Jordan escaped that place and went on to become a massive pornstar. Turns out that not everything that Gary produces is awful! He started his career in 2013, and has starred in hundreds of scenes since. Some of our favorite stuff is when he works at Anal Trixxx. 

Jax Slayher

Jax Slayher is one of the top 400 pornstars on This may not seem like a massively high number but, for a guy, it is. The rankings tend to be dominated by women. He has only been active in the business since 2015, but Jax Slayher has become popular enough to run his own porn production company. However, in our opinion, if you want to see some of his coolest shit, then you need to be looking at the likes of Blacked (especially under the Blacked RAW brand). 

Jon Jon

Finding Jon Jon’s porn is damn difficult. Like, really hard to track down. it is frustrating because when it comes to interracial porn, this guy is one of the best there is. If he switched up his name, we reckon that he would easily go down as one of the most famous pussy munchers of them all. Of course, you can still find his content online. Check out for some awesome shit.

Julio Gomez

If you want massive cocks, then Julio Gomez has it. A lot of people claim that he has the biggest cock in the business (a title that seems to be held by most guys). Whether he has the largest dick in the business probably doesn’t matter too much anyway. What matters is that it is big and he knows what to do with it. Far more than most other guys. Check out Julio Gomez at Blacked.

Shane Diesel

Born in the 1960s, Shane Diesel is well in this 50s now, but he barely looks like he is in his 30s. We guess black really doesn’t crack. This guy is a pro when it comes to interacial porn, and there is a ton of content out there. He fucks pretty much any woman under the sun, with some good MILF content and some hot teen porn content too. While he has his own company (Shane Diesel XXX), we believe his best content is with Monsters of Cock.


There you have it. A list of the best black pornstars out there. Who is your favorite? 


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