Sex dolls have always had a bit of a reputation for being well…ugly. It’s true. A few decades ago, a sex doll was nothing more than an inflatable. They had more in common with a toy than something that you would genuinely enjoy getting freaky with. Sex dolls nowadays? They look like real men/women. Some of them have even been crafted in the likeness of top pornstars. 

There are a lot of sex doll sites out there. Not all of them are great. That is why we have put the hard work in for you. On this page, we are going to introduce you to the absolute best sex doll sites in the world. 

These sites have received a ton of praise all over the internet. We have looked at real user reviews from the likes of Reddit and other discussion forums.

All of these sites are legit. Every one of them is pumping out some awesome sex dollars on a regular basis. No resellers here. You are buying only from legit sex doll manufacturers and companies that hold these products in stock. They are discreet too. Nobody is going to know that you have ordered from the best sex doll sites.

We are getting off to a cracking good start with Silicone Lovers. This site has a ton of different silicone sex dolls in stock. They have a look that suits just about everybody. These dolls are premium. They really feel like you are smashing a real woman. They have realistic moving parts, and their skin feels absolutely fantastic.

Sizes vary based on what you want, but all of the dolls at Silicone Lovers will be a real woman size (anywhere from 150cm to about 180cm), and you have full control over the size of their tits, ass, and much more. They come in at a bloody good price too. Worth checking out.

When it comes to beautiful sex dolls, Silicon Wives is in its own league. This is a company that produces sex dolls with realistic-looking features. If you squint a little bit, you could almost convince yourself that you are looking at a real person. That is how beautiful these dolls look.

While there are a ton of options in the Silicon Wives collection, our favorite products from them are the sex dolls produced to look like some of your favorite pornstars. If you have ever dreamed of fucking the likes of Eva Elfie, then you can pick up a realistic sex doll.

Don’t fancy a full sex doll? Well, they also have torsos. These run a whole lot cheaper, but still feature that great fuck action.

Alright. We know that we said that there wouldn’t be resellers here, but we have to make an exception for some of the companies. This is because many of these businesses are keeping the products in stock. This means that you aren’t going to get scammed. The website is one of them.

This is a company that has partnered with some of the biggest sex doll manufacturers in the world. This means that the site has a ton of premade sex dolls in stock, and damn have they done a brilliant job at producing some great prebuilds. However, if you want to build your own sex doll, then you have the opportunity to do so. Despite not being a manufacturer, the team at have a ton of options to help you to find your dream sex doll.

Want to get your hands on a great sex doll incredibly quickly? Well, you need to look at some of the great premades kicking about at Any of their premade dolls could be sitting on your doorstep, in discrete packaging, in under a week. We don’t think there is any other company on this best sex doll sites list that offers shipping anywhere near as fast.

Their sex dolls are available in a variety of materials including TPE, Latex, and Silicon. They also have a variety of designs available. This includes the standard blond, milf, white, and ebony sex dolls, plus some anime sex dolls if you fancy banging something with bunny ears.

While many of the top sex doll websites focus on female sex dolls, Rosemary Doll likes to squeeze a couple of prebuilt male sex dolls in there too. Some of these have been designed in the likeness of your favorite superheroes, which is kinda cool if you are into that sort of thing. The sex dolls that you find at are produced by some of the top sex doll manufacturers in the world. This means that there is an eclectic range of products to explore, and Rosemary Doll is always looking to add more awesome pieces to their collection.

The company specializes in prebuilt sex dolls, with products ready to shop from US and EU warehouses. However, if there is something that you are interested in, the company can work with their partners to produce some great-looking custom sex dolls too. knows that many people who want a sex doll are looking for a torso only. Sure, it is great to look at the head, but most people are going to be more interested in fucking the ass and the pussy. This is why Tantaly sex dolls are only torsos. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes including BBW and anime.

The Tantaly dolls are some of the most beautiful torsos we have ever seen, and they feel incredibly realistic when you are pinning them down to the bed and giving them the riding of your life. 

This is one of only a few companies to produce trans sex dolls.

When runs its sex doll sales, you can be sure that you are going to be enjoying some of the best prices in the sex doll business. It is incredibly common to be able to nabe yourself a realistic sex doll for under $1,000.

This is a company that works with all of the big manufacturers. This means that they have sex dolls of all shapes and sizes in stock. If you don’t want anything that they have prebuilt, then you can drop your specifications and they can create your dream woman.

Sex dolls weigh up to around 39kg (but you can control the size), with tit sizes all the way up to M cup. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed by anything on offer here.

Real Doll is often touted as one of the best sex doll manufacturers in the world. We can see where these accolades come from. When you want something that really does feel like the real thing, then the Real Doll products can’t be beaten.

Real Doll offers hyperrealistic male and female sex dolls. They have plenty of options that are ready to ship, but we recommend that you tailor the sex doll to your specifications. If you are going to spend a ton of cash on a Real Doll, then you should do it right. You get a ton of customization options too. Far more than with other manufacturers. For example, Real Doll allows you to control the makeup on the face. How cool is that?

These sex dolls ain’t cheap, but they are worth every damn cent.

‘Sadly, My Robot Doll doesn’t actually offer robot dolls. However, don’t let that put you off. They have a ton of amazing dolls produced at their own manufacturing facilities. They do anime/cartoon-style dolls incredibly well.

The real highlight of My Robot Doll is the lengths that they go to in order to please the customer. For example, they can create a doll in the likeness that you want. No. We don’t just mean that you can control a couple of options. If you have a specific look that you want to replicate, then you can send in a photo and the team of artists will sculpt a silicone head that looks just like it. 

Their sex dolls are life-size, but you can also pick up some torso-only dolls if you want.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls (yes, that name is a bit of a mouthful) doesn’t manufacture sex dolls, but they are an authorized reseller for all of the major sex doll companies. This means that they have a ton of products in stock. While the pre-builts here are fantastic, if you fancy something a little bit different then you have plenty of options to craft your own sex doll.

One of the things that we really love about this site is that you can pay in installments using Klarna. We know that sex dolls can be expensive as an upfront cost, so it is nice to split the payment over a few months.

Realistic Love Doll produces some great sex dolls. Pretty standard fare, really. We have included only the best sex doll manufacturers on this list, after all.

The real highlight of Realistic Love Doll is their mini sex dolls. Although, don’t worry. They aren’t too mini. They come in at 100cm. So, you get something that feels decent in size, but you don’t have the whopping great price tag with it.

Their mini-sex dolls are available in a variety of different styles. Sadly, you don’t have as much customization over them.

They may be called Sex Doll Canada, but this site can ship their products around the world, with products ready to ship in the United States and the European Union.

If you are looking for well-priced sex dolls, then this is the place to be. There is pretty much always going to be a sale on the go. They work with some top sex doll manufacturers.

The only downside is that with Sex Doll Canada, you can only buy pre-built sex dolls. There are no customization options in place. Although, we suppose this won’t matter too much. They have a ton of accessories, including clothing, that you can use to kit out your new sex partner.

Mail Love Doll has a lot of options available. We mean a lot. You will find sex doll types here that you may struggle to find elsewhere. Their dolls are produced with a variety of different materials in a whole host of different sizes.

This is very much a company that likes to cater to the more niche side of the market. While they have your typical sex dolls on offer, you can also find more unique offerings such as aliens and furries. This includes a new range of products that seems to be based on James Cameron’s Avatar movies. You can even buy pregnant sex dolls if that is your kink. 

We urge you to explore the Mail Love Doll range because there is so much we aren’t talking about here.

The Silver Doll sex dolls stand up to a whopping 170cm in height, so if you are looking for something with realistic proportions, then this company may have them in stock. They offer their products in a wide range of different materials. Good stuff.

Some of our favorite products available at The Silver Doll are those that go for more unique proportions. For example, if you love your tits, then you will almost certainly want to look at their torso range which boasts sex dolls with some of the largest tits you will ever see. They feel fucking great in the hands too.

All of their products are in stock and can ship within the United States within 5 days.

Fine Love Dolls is a company that you may have heard of. This is a big brand and it has been featured on all the major porn sites.

Fine Love Dolls are good. Really good. This isn’t just a piece of rubber. They are designed to be as lifelike as possible. Each and every one of their sex dolls have been built on a fully posable skeleton. This means that you can get your sex doll in any position that you want. Because the skeleton is metal, it will stay in place too.

The big highlight is the realistic skin. Slap the ass of your sex doll and it will feel and react like you are slapping a real ass. 

We don’t think there are many sex dolls on the market more realistic than these. It is just a shame that the price is so high, but we suppose that you are paying for quality here.

Sexy Sex Doll has worked hard to develop relationships with all of the big sex doll manufacturers. This means that when you shop here, you can be sure that you are only getting genuine products.

Sexy Sex Doll has a ton of pre-built products ready to ship (they can arrive in the US in just a few days) but, if you want something more unique, then you can create your own sex doll. Shipping will take a couple of weeks, but it is probably the best way to get your hands on something that really feels like your own.

We know that the website isn’t much to look at, but we can assure you that this site is reputable. Plenty of people at sites like Reddit have ordered from and would happily recommend it. We will too.

The sex dolls sold at are either TPE or silicone models (depending on which route you want to go down). Almost all of them have a stainless steel skeleton inside, allowing you to pose your doll exactly how you want.

Their sex dolls come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest coming in at 100cm and going up to around 170cm, depending on which products they have in stock at the time.

When it comes to realistic faces, Star Pery is easily one of our favorite companies. Their attention to detail is unrivaled. If you are looking for realistic MILF faces, then we don’t think there is a company better than Star Pery.

They produce all their own sex dolls, with dozens of options in stock at all times. However, if you are looking for something a bit different then you can also place a custom order and get something tremendous.

Real Love Sex Dolls only offers TPE sex dolls in lifesize sizes. No minis here. Just real, genuine-sized women. 

There are tons of options available for those who want to create their own sex doll. You have a lot of skin colors to choose from, and dozens and dozens of heads. You can choose how realistic you want that pussy and mouth, and even have a bit of control over the makeup. You can even choose the shoulder pose (standard or shrugging).

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of choosing your sex doll options, there are some premades too.

Sexy Sex Doll has a lot of premade options and a few custom options in stock. However, if you fancy something much more realistic, then you can send in the dimensions of your loved ones. They can then create a sex doll to your exact specifications. We aren’t talking just about a replica of the face here either. They can also nail the breast size and body shape. Perfect, although we can imagine that you may want to get the permission of somebody before you turn them into a sex doll. May be creepy otherwise!

Doll Studio works with multiple sex doll manufacturers, and they have over 300 base models to choose from, as well as a ton of torsos and mini sex dolls. Their dolls are normally made from TPE and come in sizes starting from 110cm all the way up to over 170cm. The weight can vary depending on the sex doll that you pick up, with the heaviest weighing roughly 40kg.

You can also find some male sex dolls and, every so often, there are some hermaphrodite dolls in stock too.

The Doll Channel works with a ton of different sex doll manufacturers, and they have listed some rather unique options over the years. This includes Donald Trump sex dolls for some baffling reason.

The Doll Channel has ready access to hundreds of premades, but also offers some customization if you are after something specific. Because the company works with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, thier sex doll range covers a lot of different sizes, features, and weights. 

We promise you, check out any one of these 22 best sex doll sites and you can be sure that you are picking up a great new sex partner. All of these sites are well-reviewed and offer discreet packaging. You can trust them. 


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