We are going to make you feel really old here…but let’s take you back to the early 2000s. Internet porn was still in very much its infancy. Getting into the porn business was a matter of being good at what you do. It wasn’t just about whether you were willing to whip your tits out for the camera. The 2000s is, without a doubt, one of our favorite eras of porn. We watch 2000s pornstars pretty damn frequently.

On this page, we want to introduce you to the 19 best pornstars of the 2000s. Some of these names you may have heard of (a lot of the 2000s pornstars went on to mainstream success). Others may be new to you. All are great.

Best pornstars of the 2000s:

Tera Patrick

Half-Asian babe Tera Patrick got started in porn in 1999, which meant she got to ride the wave of 2000s pornography all the way through to her eventual retirement in 2018. Right from the get-go, it was clear that she was going to become one of the best 2000s pornstars. She was freaky on camera, and her acting was amazing. Those 36D tits really helped too, we reckon. Her earliest stuff was with Devil’s Film, but she worked with Evil Angel, Odyssey, Digital Playground, and way more. 

Sylvia Saint

People loved their cute blonds back in the early 2000s, so it is no surprise that Sylvia Saint was such a hit. She did get started in the business in 1997, but by the early 2000s she was really starting to hit her stride. She started working with some of the smaller indie porn companies that are no longer around doing some anal scenes. She really had it made by 1997 when Elegant Angel took her on board. People were queuing up to work with her after that. She finally quit in 2017, but not after doing a few MILF scenes for Wicked Pictures.

Alexa Rae

Alexa Rae is a woman that we still have dreams about. She was stunning. Fuck it. She still is stunning (please come back to porn, Alexa?). This American babe was well known for her anal scenes. While we don’t think that she won any awards for them, it is fair to say that each one of them deserving of an award. They were great. Perfectly shot, and she really knew how to take a dick. Sin City and Wicked Pictures offer some of her best content. 

Nikita Denise

Romani babe Nikita Denise isn’t exactly what you would call conventionally attractive (although,that is just our opinion). However, she knew how to perform well on camera, and that meant people wanted to work with her. She has 100s of credits over the years, many of them from 2000 onwards when she worked with Jill Kelly. Her anal scenes with Sin City were some of the best we saw. 

Jewel Denyle

Wicked Pictures snapped Jewel DeNyle up in 2000, and she quickly bounced on over to New Sensations. She got right in at the start of the internet porn boom, and she was lucky enough to work with the companies that would go on to dominate the porn world. This is another one of the 2000s pornstars with hundreds of credits to her name. She done anal. She done a ton of lesbian scenes. She done the good old pop shot. It is hard to pick a favorite video, but if you are heading to any major porn site we reckon you can easily find her stuff. 

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Jeanie Rivers

In 1999, Jeanie Rivers was a fresh-faced 19-year-old. She wanted to make a bit of extra cash to live her life. Little did she know that she would still be in the porn business 6 years later, but she would then go on to be one of the most-remembered of the pornstars of the 2000s. This Latina babe never did anal during her time in porn, although we reckon a ton of people begged her to do it. instead, her porn career was dominated by lesbian scenes and facials. 

Gwen Summers

When it comes to BJs, Gwen Summers was one of the best performers in the 2000s. In fact, her early career very much focused on her talents for sucking (and we mean the good type of sucking here!). She started her career in 1996, but her 2000s career started with one of her first anal scenes (for Anal Babes 7 at Metro) and she enjoyed well over 100 credits after this. We reckon that she must have got very rich in porn. 

Briana Banks

Briana Banks has also gone by the name Mirage and Spark. This blonde German stands at almost 6 feet tall. She was muscular as fuck. You know. A proper German. One who you absolutely wouldn’t have minded pinning you down to the bed. A lot of men throughout the 2000s were lucky enough to get that with her. Her 34DD tits saw a ton of anal, lesbian, and BJ scenes. She worked with all the big 2000s studios including Legend Video and Notorious. 

Jessica Drake

If there is one hairstyle that reminds us of the early 2000s, it has to be Jessica Drake. If you look at a video of her, you will know which one we mean. The blond curls. Bit of frizz. Yeah. We get it. You won’t be paying attention to her hair too much. Not when she has those 34C tits on show. While she worked for a ton of companies, our favorite scenes of hers come with Adam & Eve where she worked extensively on anal shoots.


We suppose Temptress Bluso (also known as Temptress) was way too tired of people staring at her awesome tits in public, so she did what she had to do. She needed to jump into porn and show them off to the world. She fast became one of the most popular of 2000s pornstars. She filmed 1000s of scenes before 2000 even hit (and she had only been in the business for a few years). By 2000, Vivid wanted to work with her. Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve quickly followed suit. Anal was a rarity for Temptress, but she did love the facials. 

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Jill Kelly

You may have seen us mention Jill Kelly in a few of our old porn lists. This is because she now runs a highly successful porn production company. Back in the 2000s, she was in the business proper. By 2000, she had already been in porn for 7 years so her blonde good looks and those 37DD tits had already gained quite a bit of popularity. In the 2000s, she was branching into starting her own porn production company. This is when she got real experimental with her porn and Jill Kelly Productions is up there with some of the best stuff to come out of the 2000s. 

April Summers aka April Flowers

April Summers went by several names over the course of her porn career. She was instantly recognizable in any of her shoots, though. You just needed to keep an eye out for the beautiful blonde that sucked cock well and you were set. Elegant Angel and New Sensations double-teamed her into the 2000s and her porn career took off from there. She loved doing those great creampies back then, and she was one of the first 2000s pornstars to do a bit of pee porn. 

Julie Meadows

Performing in 299 scenes, we are sure that Julie Meadows was up there with one of the most watched pornstars of the 2000s. People loved the Texan blondes back then. Fuck it. They still love them. Even though she is no longer in the business, we have no doubt that people are still wanking to her content today. You may even want to do that once you hit the end of this page (you will want to wank over every lady). Nearly every scene that Julie Meadows featured in had a good anal and facial scene. 

Ava Vincent 

All-American cutie Ava Vincent was known for her DP, anal, and BJ scenes. There was barely a type of mainstream porn that she wasn’t afraid to touch. Her 2000 porn career started with a fantastic lesbian orgy with Vivid Productions, and the quality of her work only went up from there. By the mid-2000s she was pegging men on camera. Sinister TV and Wicked Pictures offer some of our favorite content, but she worked with all the big guns in the business. 

Taylor St. Claire

Taylor St. Claire started her adventures in the porn business in 1996. However, pretty much all of her early scenes (and there are dozens and dozens of them) were either bate, non-sex, or lesbian scenes. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that she started to experiment with men. She went all-in on that front too. She done some cracking anal scenes. Vivid Productions still has those anal scenes. You can also check out the lesbian work she did with Jill Kelly. 

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Evasive Angles picked up Gauge in 2000 when she launched herself straight into some fucking amazing anal scenes. This set the scene for the rest of her 2000s career. Gauge always tried to work on the more extreme end of things and, at the start of the 2000s, she was doing a dash of pee porn for Hustler. Her videos only got crazier after that with some of the hottest anal scenes we have ever seen. She seemed so innocent until she took that cock deep inside of her.

Kylie Ireland

Redhead Kylie Ireland remains a firm favorite of ours when it comes to 2000s pornstars. She got started in the business in 1994, but she really hit her extreme stride in the 2000s when she was really taking a ton of dicks in her ass. Lots of fisting and lesbian scenes too. By 2001, she was even dabbling in a bit of squirting porn for Coast to Coast.

Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera is another of the 2000s pornstars that you may remember. She has had a bit of mainstream success too. She is German and Japanese, so a good mix of ethnicities there. It made her stand out in the porn world. Her 36C tits probably helped a bit too. While she worked with pretty much every big company (and the smaller ones) during the 2000s, some of our favorite content is when she teamed up with Elegant Angels. There are some great anal scenes there.

Rita Faltoyano

The 2000s was a great time to get into porn because it meant a ton of Eastern Europeans were coming over to the states and, as everybody knows, the Eastern Europeans are hot as shit. Hungarian Rita Faltoyano was one of these ladies. Evil Angel picked her up in 2001 due to her 36D tits. The rest of her career is peppered with a ton of anal and DP scenes. These are scenes that we still dream about to this day.

Mandy Bright

While Hungarian Mandy Bright probably isn’t as beautiful as Rita Faltoyano, she was arguably much filthier. She loved her cum swaps, DPs, anal, facial, and fisting scenes. Evil Angel showcased some of her best A2M scenes, although look at any of the big ‘dirty’ porn companies from the 2000s and you will probably find Mandy Bright listed there somewhere.

There you have it. If you were not around in the 2000s, then you pretty much have the definitive list of the best 2000s pornstars. Now you can look at porn history. These are the women that helped to craft the world of internet porn that we know and love today. Pretty sexy ladies too. 


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